Zydeco Po-Boys to Close in Downtown Las Vegas

Mere weeks ago, a downtown favorite, Glutton restaurant, closed its doors. Now, its neighbor, Zydeco Po-Boys has announced it, too, will shutter.

Zydeco Po-Boys closes on March 3, 2017.

Zydeco Po-Boys opened mid-2015, a partnership between its owner Brandon Trahan and Zappos CEO Tony’s Hsieh’s Downtown Project. The restaurant is located a block south of Fremont Street, on Carson Ave.

Zydeco Po-Boys

How do you say “This sucks” in that funky Cajun French talk?

The restaurant announced it will close in a Facebook post. The post read, “It’s with a heavy heart that I announce Zydeco Po-Boys will be closing its doors on March 3rd.”

The post from owner Brandon Trahan continues, “On behalf of my staff and I, we wish to thank Tony and the staff of Downtown Project for the opportunity to be part of the downtown revitalization. We wish to thank all of our loyal supporters who came out over the last year and a half to dine with us. It has been a pleasure to share my Cajun heritage and cooking with y’all. We wish the continued success of our friends and downtown neighbors and to all of the projects efforts.”

Zydeco Po-Boys closed

For awhile, Downtown Project dumped a ton of cash into businesses losing money. Now, not so much.

Zydeco Po-Boys served casual, reasonably-priced southwest Louisiana gumbo and po-boy sandwiches.

Trahan opened Zydeco Po-Boys after losing his home and business to Hurricane Rita in 2005.

Downtown has experienced a restaurant boom in recent years, but even a boom has casualties. Beyond Glutton and Zydeco Po-Boys, other downtown casualties include Itsy Bitsy Ramen & Whiskey (at The Ogden), Inna Gadda di Pizza and Smoke’s Poutinerie at Pawn Plaza and F. Pigalle on Fremont Street.

When it comes to Las Vegas restaurants, it’s dog eat dog, which, if you think about it, is a truly inane cliche. The original phrase was “Dog does not eat dog,” which makes a good deal more sense. We blame it on the millennials.

8 thoughts on “Zydeco Po-Boys to Close in Downtown Las Vegas

  1. chemicle

    Sorry to hear of any place closing or people losing their jobs. The other poster said it perfectly. Out of sight out of mind.

  2. RustyHammer

    Not a shock. As noted, there’s a lot of competition, and that means there will be casualties. I feel like most businesses end up over-saturated in the free market. Walgreens is doing well then CVS wants a cut of the action in the trade district. If there’s money to be made in the e-cigarette biz, then more than one entrepreneur will try to cash in. Business is booming at a rub-and-tug joint on Tropicana, east of the strip: another one will pop up. #rimshot

    I never tried this Cajun joint, but I’m not a big fan of the Louisiana flavor. Poboys do nothing for me. Nonetheless, it’s a shame to see something so distinct in the Vegas area go by the wayside. Namaste.

  3. Top Rating SEO

    I hate to say it so bluntly but ‘out with the old’ in with the new. Your favorite restaurant today will be replaced by a new one tomorrow. That is the nature of this industry. This one was very fortunate to have a run that was much, mush longer than average.

    New blood is always required for an area to stay fresh and vital. However, I love the old hole in the wall places that have history so I do cheer for them to hang on.

  4. Diamond Mike

    When Glutton closed a short time ago they said it was because of inconsistent traffic from weekdays to weekends, high crime in the area, and rat-like homeless all over the place, stating “No one wants to see homeless people digging through garbage cans while they’re eating lunch.” Tru dat. Please, no homeless advocates allowed. I’m simply quoting the owners, which are found with a few seconds research.


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