Zippy’s Pauses Plans for Las Vegas Outpost

Zippy’s Restaurants recently announced it’s temporarily shelving plans for a Las Vegas location due to the COVID-19 shutdown.

The Las Vegas Zippy’s would’ve been the company’s first location outside Hawaii. The plan was originally for the restaurant to open in late 2020.

Zippy's Las Vegas

Just looking at their logo makes us hungry.

Zippy’s has a lot of die-hard fans in Las Vegas, many of them Hawaii transplants. Las Vegas is sometimes referred to as the “ninth island.” Because Hawaii has eight islands, if you don’t count the atolls, islets and seamounts.

Calling Las Vegas the “ninth seamount” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Another fun fact: Hawaii was originally called the Sandwich Islands. In an amazing twist, Zippy’s serves sandwiches. Ah, the circularity of the universe.

When we first heard the Zippy’s news, we assumed the plug was being pulled entirely, but the president of the company said, “We have already made a substantial real estate investment in Las Vegas, so we are definitely coming to the market.”

Zippy's is out

Zippy’s is down, but not out.

This will come as a great relief to those of us who hunger for a Zippy’s plate lunch. (We grew up in Hawaii. We are just full of fun facts today.)

When it finally arrives, Zippy’s will be located at the corner of Badura Ave. and Montessouri St., wherever that might be. It’s actually in southwest Las Vegas, just off the I-215, just off Rainbow Blvd.

Zippy’s will be a 7,000-square-foot restaurant, take-out and retail bakery. There will be an addition 12,000-square-foot central kitchen and bakery.

Here’s more about the Zippy’s news on the company’s official Web site.

No new opening date for Zippy’s has been announced, but that pretty much goes for everything in Las Vegas at the moment. COVID-19 can suck it.

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      1. Nice Try

        By many you mean more than one. Sure, I’d agree with that.

        Many people do agree, it’s not important.

        Claiming many is baseless. Ten comments of interest can be considered many, but neither you nor I know how many people are on one side or the other, and our definition of many isn’t going to be the same.

        Nice try, though.

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          Geometry plays a big part in all “many” equations, and we can all agree that no way is one ever going to amount to many. One is a freaking point, and nothing more. Two could represent a line, three a triangle, and four a rectangle. When you get to five, that could be either a pentagon or a circle jerk. You’d be right at the minimum limits for a circle jerk.

          Does that help?

  1. Clock be Melting

    Zippy’s is the perfect name for a Sin City hidey-hole! Hot ‘n Fresh Malasadas? Can you spell big O?

    1. Metamorphosis of Narcissus

      I like my Spam cooked in an Imu, over burning hot rocks and covered by layers of banana leaves. I didn’t grow up in Hawaii, but I was raised on Spam.


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