You Decide: Showgirl Sexy or Showgirl Awkward?

Sometimes, Las Vegas presents us with situations that inspire mixed feelings. This would be a case of that.

Super sexy, or super awkward?

Some buskers at the Fremont Street Experience work much, much harder than others.

Some buskers at the Fremont Street Experience work much, much harder than others for their paltry tip.

Now, before you answer, let’s take a moment to consider these young women estimate they do this leg lift 300-400 times every night when they’re on the Fremont Street Experience. We’re not sure that makes it any more sexy, or any less awkward, but it’s impressive.

This duo is apparently part of a group called Showgirls Across America. After a careful review of their Web site, we are confident in saying we still have no idea what they actually do.

We love you, Las Vegas, in all your sexy, awkward glory.

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  • Misnomer

    The guy on the left is pretty good.

    • vitalvegas


  • Steven Brown

    Creepy and awkward. If they were to remake “Showgirls”, I wonder if Nomi would be hustling for photos on Fremont Street dressed as a showgirl when she wasn’t dancing at Cheetah’s?

    • vitalvegas

      Yeah, typically, we don’t mind women doing the splits or whatever, but this was sort of an “eee” moment.

  • JeffinOKC

    Is that razor burn on the lady on the right?

    • vitalvegas

      Now, there you go, making something awkward REALLY awkward. Two thumbs up!