Wynn’s Popeye Statue to Set Sail for Encore Boston Harbor

A famous statue of Popeye at Wynn Las Vegas is about to set sail for Encore Boston Harbor, so catch it while you can, matey.

Or whatever.

The Popeye statue, made by renowned sculptor Jeff Koons, will reportedly be packed up in the early morning hours of June 4, 2019.

Wynn Popeye statue

Sun’s out, guns out, or whatever the kids are saying now.

The statue will be in place at Encore Boston Harbor in time for its opening on June 23, if all goes according to plan.

The Popeye stands in front of the Wynn Theater, not far from the self-parking garage, which is free again, so you have no excuse to not visit the resort before Popeye’s departure.

Wynn Popeye

Popeye is incarnated with Brancusian reflectivity in the artist’s signature material: Stainless steel. Which we totally didn’t steal from the Sotheby’s Web site.

The Popeye statue has a long and storied history we didn’t have time to research.

We do know it was purchased for $28,165,000 in 2014. It’s rumored Wynn Resorts turned down an offer of $60 million for the statue at one point.

If you’re an art person, don’t fret that Popeye won’t be at Wynn much longer. You can pop into the Wynn Plaza and snap a selfie with another impressive piece of art, Smiling King Bear by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel.

Wynn Plaza

Our photography is occasionally fleek.

Please take care of our Popeye statue, Encore Boston Harbor. We sort of want it back, eventually.

9 thoughts on “Wynn’s Popeye Statue to Set Sail for Encore Boston Harbor

  1. Allan Clauser

    The valuation is so high because the piece is by the artist Jeff Koons, and not his hack nemesis Jeff Coons.

      1. Allan Clauser

        I must say how impressed we are at your devotion to “the Captain.” I was lucky to get a good room rate at Wynn several years ago and Steve Wynn, who loves words almost as much as you, referred to the shopping “esplanade” in his in room TV welcome to the property video. I would assume that those videos are no longer shown. Thanks for all you do in all your states. You make our Vegas trips funner.

  2. Ben

    As silly as it seems, kinda glad I got to see this before it was moved. It’s moving to Boston, though, which is on a list of places the wife and I plan to visit. So maybe we’ll get to see it again.

  3. mike wilson

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