Wynn Resorts Buys Former Alon Site

It appears Steve Wynn didn’t like the idea of a competing resort opening up across the street from his Wynn and Encore casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Word is Wynn Resorts has purchased the former Alon site for an undisclosed amount. The asking price was $400 million, but it’s highly unlikely the seller, Australian bajillionaire James Packer, got that amount.

Alon Las Vegas

Not much to look at, but hard to beat the location.

Packer paid $280 million for the land in 2014. His planned Alon project fell apart when financing failed to materialize.

The 34.6-acre site, just north of the Fashion Show mall, has been vacant since it was the New Frontier. The New Frontier was imploded at midnight on July 16, 2007.

At this point, it’s unknown what plans are in store for the Alon site, but a source says development appears likely.

It’s been suggested by a source familiar with the sale Wynn is likely to build a new casino resort on the Alon site, including extensive upscale shopping. Wynn Las Vegas sold a 49.9% stake in its retail operations for a hefty $472 million in late 2016, and the company could see another opportunity in its upcoming development on the Alon land.

Wynn Encore

Wynn Paradise Park may not be Steve Wynn’s last hurrah after all.

While the sale dashes our hopes for a new Las Vegas casino on the site, the move is likely to spark other activity on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. Other projects in the area include Wynn Paradise Park, Resorts World and an expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Expect an official announcement of the Alon site sale soon, but you heard it here first.

Updated (12/14/19): Our scoop is confirmed.

Update (1/22/18): Wynn Resorts says it will build Wynn West on the Alon site. The Wynn West tower is expected to have 2,000 to 3,000 rooms.

Update (5/13/18): The Wynn West project set for the former is indefinitely shelved, along with cancellation of Wynn Paradise Park.

13 thoughts on “Wynn Resorts Buys Former Alon Site

  1. Steven Brown

    You have to wonder what sort of screwball idea Steve Wynn will come up with for the site? To me, tearing out the golf course at Wynn Las Vegas and building Paradise Park on it is a screwball idea and sounds like something that Wynn would have built 25 years ago. The concept just does not fit the luxury status that Wynn and Encore convey. I could see basing it on something like the French Riviera or maybe even Cape Cod, but this is more like Coney Island. Scrap building Paradise Park on the golf course and build it across the street.

  2. Brian Fey

    WOW! That would be interesting for sure! I can’t imagine he’d pay a crazy amount. But I’m sure he’d love to control his view!

  3. Steve Covington

    Wynn Palace – Las Vegas. Dueling fountain shows bisected by the main driveway, an X shaped hotel tower, casino, a signature night club and you’re good. Or, he puts an arena there.

  4. Photoncounter

    Very few people played the golf course, it was beautiful but expensive. He’ll get lots of revenue from Paradise Park.

    One odd, frightening thought… NBA Franchise and arena? After the All Star Game & Hoodrat Rally, Clark County will have to double the jail space.

  5. Scooter

    More upscale shopping? Wow there must be a lot of people in the world that have a heck of a lot more money than me to support all of the “upscale shopping” on the strip.

    All I can afford to do is walk by all of these empty shops and look at the salespeople that are clearly bored out of their mind.

  6. Coop

    WOW the North End of the strip sounds like it may be on the rise. If only someone would have pointed that out sooner. 🙂 Thanks Scott!

  7. Jay Bukartek

    Fashion Show Mall is surrounded by Wynn, pretty much a Wynn area on that side of the Strip. My suggestion: a brand new version of the New Frontier hotel with a Steve Wynn twist. There’s so much more things happening at the North end of the Strip, like Resorts World and All Net Arena-Resort. Fontainbleau just got sold, and rumor has that Marriott will take over the hotel portion. If there are people visiting Vegas, go to the area between Wynn and Stratosphere

  8. Manybar Goatfish

    “His planned Alon project fell apart when financing failed to materialize.”

    The guy must be a real amateur. A couple calls to Russia would’ve fixed that.

  9. The Vegas Voice

    It may be high end shopping for you. But when the dollar drops against a foreign currency, it’s like Wal-Mart to others.


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