Wynn Las Vegas Reveals Wynn Plaza Shopping Complex

It’s been months in the making, but it seems Wynn Las Vegas is now prepared to show off its snazzy new Wynn Plaza shopping complex.

Wynn Plaza was built at a cost of $54 million and provides 75,518-square-feet of additional luxury retail space to the resort, making the most of some previously unused land in front of Wynn.

Here’s a look at the facade of Wynn Plaza.

Wynn Plaza’s design was inspired by inspired by Avenue Matignon in Paris, wherever that might be.

Wynn Plaza is expected to open soon.

If you like construction photos of fancy new Las Vegas buildings, we’ve got you covered.

We’d have stopped to take more photos, but shopping.

14 thoughts on “Wynn Las Vegas Reveals Wynn Plaza Shopping Complex

  1. Manybar Goatfish

    $54 million is pretty cheap. Seriously, that’s all? I don’t even want to go there if that’s all they spent. I don’t buy my $350 shirts in redneck retail facilities.

  2. Bouldersteve

    Don’t understand the big expansion of retail on the strip. I doubt locals shop there and can’t the tourists get the same things on Amazon or at the hometown mall. I guess its appeals mostly to foreign customers.

    1. Jonesy55

      My thoughts exactly. I never see anyone shopping in these places. I guess if they sell one item a day they make a profit. Not my money though ????????

      1. Bouldersteve

        Most retail works on volume. Not these places. The average customers drops thousands..not hundreds. One or two customers a day pays the rent.


    Cool. Another high-end mall on the strip that I can’t afford a keychain in. It might actually make sense though. Even if luxury retailers don’t earn a dime in sales from putting a store on the strip (walk through Crystals, you’ll know what I mean), just getting the brand recognition and association w/Wynn is worth it for them.

  4. William Wingo

    I’ve been inside the Wynn exactly once–back when the Encore was still on the drawing board. Somehow I don’t think that this is going to entice me back.

  5. ron0429

    Most likely the most expensive of venues in Las Vegas ! Please, everyone knows that the reason Steve Wynn has money is because he makes money off of people. Go ahead, and be attracted by the newniss of this venture; but, surely, bring your money because you all know that this place will be the most expensive place you will ever go to . . . I will surely not give ” a dime ” to Mr. Steve Wynn, ever !!!

  6. ron0429

    Even Downtown Summerlin is way too expensive for most people who live and struggle to exist here. At least I am able to go there and watch all of the beautiful and classy-looking chicks who have pussy-whipped men supporting their lavish spending habits !!!

  7. Photoncounter

    Funny. People lamenting that these stores are overpriced (true) and cater to only the wealthy (very true). Yet many (I suspect none here) willingly pound away their Social Security check at the Keno Parlor a couple bucks at a time knowing that the odds are about the worst in the house. If only I can hit 10/10 for a $106,554 jackpot or whatever my financial worries will be over! Nope, that will be gone in two months.

    At least with a Rolex you still have a watch that tells time and may increase in value. Piss away $45K on slots, Keno, etc and at the end of the year they reward you with a snowflake candy dish.

    Whether it’s $850 shoes or a $2400 leather jacket there’s a product and a buyer out there, the stores wouldn’t be built if there wasn’t. I lament the day JC Penney goes out of business (soon) as their sales are my wardrobe.

    1. Funkhouser_1

      The value of something is created by the perception of it’s exclusiveness and the limited ability of someone to own it. Wynn sells a lot of luxury items that are overpriced and not always higher quality, because someone has created the perception of exclusiveness. Unless you can melt the Rolex down and sell it for its raw metal value, its value is only measurable to those willing to pay that amount for it. As for the new shops, I much preferred the beautiful green-spaces around the outside of his resort. Just more of the monetization of every square inch of land in Vegas. I suspect if The Steve sill owned Mirage, the lagoon in front would be scrapped for a bottle service nightclub that looked out on the strip.

  8. Bouldersteve

    Even if I could afford it I would not stay at the Wynn. I find the place sterile and boring. A place a Jewish princess would appreciate.


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