Wynn and Encore Announce Free Parking, All Over Again

It’s a surreal headline if you think about it. For decades, parking was free in Las Vegas. Now, paid parking is the norm.

Thankfully, the folks at Wynn Las Vegas have come to their senses and self-parking is once again free.

The new policy went into effect on May 1, 2019.

Wynn Las Vegas

Free parking, a thing again.

The truth is, parking has been free at Wynn for some time, but there was a condition: Guests had to spend $50 inside Wynn or Encore to get their parking ticket validated. Now that annoyance has been kicked to the curb.

Valet parking is still free, but the $50 spend requirement and validation process remains in place. Valet parking is free for registered guests of Wynn and Encore. Valet fees can be found on the Wynn Web site.

Why the sudden change of heart at Wynn? Well, there was the typical public relations horseshittery in the announcement about free parking: “Creating a seamless experience is a cornerstone of the five-star service we provide.”

Chances are Wynn decided their validation system was annoying guests and their staff members, plain and simple.

It’s also Wynn Resorts saw the impact of paid parking with decreased visitation to the resort, including to its new shopping complex, Wynn Plaza.

Wynn Plaza

We hear Wynn Plaza could use some additional foot traffic. Free parking could help.

With free parking, Wynn is removing an obstacle to visiting and gambling and shopping and dining and liquoring.

The announcement of free parking was also a strategic diversion, as it happened just days before news the company would be fined $35 million by gaming regulators in Massachusetts. The fine was the result of sexual misconduct allegations that brought down a Vegas titan, Steve Wynn. The CEO of Wynn, Matt Maddox, was fined $500,000.

Regardless of the timing or motives, the move by Wynn Resorts to roll back paid parking is a pretty big deal.

Wynn parking

The best paid marking machines are former paid parking machines. And we do feel more welcome, thanks.

The hope would be others, like Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts, will follow the company’s lead, although it doesn’t appear they will at the moment.

That could change if Las Vegas visitation remains flat or goes down. Some casinos have already started hotel promotions waiving resort fees.

There are several Las Vegas Strip casinos with free parking:
Planet Hollywood
TI (Treasure Island)
Casino Royale
Circus Circus
The Strat (Stratosphere)
Wynn and Encore

It’s so great having Wynn and Encore on that list again!

A return to free parking would go a long way toward reminding visitors Las Vegas is intent upon making them feel welcome and appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Wynn and Encore Announce Free Parking, All Over Again

  1. Boulder Steve

    As they say what goes around comes around. Free parking is back. I think the fact that two nearby hotels the Venitain and Treasure island never instituted pay to park was a factor.

  2. Tom

    That’s a great start? That’s like me not shitting on your new, white carpet then telling you what a fantastic job I did house-sitting. Drop the resort fees, THAT would be a great start and then I MIGHT stay someday.

  3. Dennis G.

    The ones who deserve the most credit are TI, Venetian, Planet Hollywood, and all the others that never charged for parking in the first place. Time for Caesars and MGM to wake up and smell the tea leaves.

  4. TheMultiplex

    As others have noted, one of the biggest factors is the fact that all their neighbors (TI, Palazzo/Venetian, and Fashion Show Mall) have free parking as well. Which made anyone coming to that end of the strip way more likely to skip a Wynn visit altogether. If the Palazzo had suddenly started charging or validating, then this definitely wouldn’t have happened.

  5. Skeptical Steve

    Resort fees ain’t going away…they’re vital to the profit margin. We all know that. When do we stop complaining about them.

    The room is $200 a night, regardless of whether it’s $200 or $155 plus a $45 resort fee. We all know that commissions are less on $200.

    If the big 2 roll back parking fees, you can knock me over with a feather.

    1. alex

      No, resort fees are not vital to profits. Hotels somehow managed to be profitable for DECADES without them.

      Also, you aren’t the arbiter of what is an appropriate topic for complaints. Expecting people to bend to your will is asinine.

    2. da bear

      booking.com is starting to charge commissions on resort fees. They hadn’t before, which is what gave rise to this resort fee BS to avoid an expense to third party websites. If the other aggregate sites follow booking.com and do the same, you will see the ‘resort fee’ thing go by the wayside.

  6. j

    Wait? PH has free parking? No way? I’m booked for Aug but wanna go back to Vdara for my parents 1st time visit.


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