Worst Las Vegas Hotels for Bed Bugs Named

A pest control Web site has named the Las Vegas hotels with the worst bed bug problems, and we’re itching to dive into the cringe-inducing results.

Based upon online reviews, the Las Vegas hotels with the highest risks of bed bugs in 2021 include Excalibur, Bally’s Las Vegas and Flamingo.

In the category of “Distinctions You Don’t Want to Hold,” Bally’s is the only top-ranking hotel that received more bed bug complaints in 2020 than 2019.

Las Vegas Strip

Bed bugs are insects from the genus Cimex, which was once a popular computer trade show held in Las Vegas.

The top 10 Las Vegas resorts with the worst bed bug problems (bad to less bad):

  1. Excalibur
  2. Bally’s
  3. Flamingo
  4. MGM Grand
  5. Luxor
  6. Planet Hollywood
  7. Venetian
  8. Rio
  9. Paris
  10. Caesars Palace

Six of the top 10 Las Vegas hotels with bed bug issues are owned or operated by Caesars Entertainment.

It’s worth noting, “Bedbugs can be found worldwide, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and are not a reflection on the cleanliness of any accommodation (so, yes, even a five-star hotel can have bedbugs).” Learn more.

On the bright side, if there is one, the report from Pest Strategies is based upon 673 online bed bug complaints between 2008 and 2020. Which doesn’t sound like a lot given Las Vegas has more than 150,000 hotel rooms, but for someone discovering bed bugs, once is too often.

About 41% of the total bed bug complaints happened between 2010 and 2012.

The reviews were gathered from Web sites like Tripadvisor, Bed Bug Reports and Bed Bug Registry. Yes, there are Web sites devoted to bed bug complaints.

There are about 47 bed bug complaints a year at Las Vegas hotels, according to the pest control company that compiled the data, PestStrategies.com. (Yes, we know such reports are a Search Engine Optimization strategy, but that doesn’t make the information any less useful or interesting.)

If you’re unfamiliar with bed bugs, they’re insects that feed on human blood. So sexy.

Bed bugs cling to clothing or hide in belongings (like luggage), and can live up to 16 months.

Thankfully, reports of bed bug problems is trending downward over time. The height of bed bug activity in Las Vegas peaked in 2011.

Thanks for bringing fewer of your bugs to Las Vegas.

Given the number of people who visit Las Vegas (more than 40 million in a typical year), bed bug complaints are relatively rare.

Often, guests think they see a bed bug, but it’s actually a silverfish, gnat or ant.

Silverfish are actually adorable once you get to know them.

Yes, we took this photo of a silverfish. Adorable.

If you think your room has a bed bug issue, notify hotel staff immediately (be nice).

The hotel will move you to another room, and get busy addressing the problem.

As mentioned, bed bugs are brought to hotels by guests, so resorts are faced with endlessly managing and mitigating the problem, and the investment of resources to detect and prevent bed bugs and other pests is substantial.

Some Las Vegas hotels even use bed bug sniffing dogs to help avoid infestations.

Other Las Vegas hotels have redesigned their rooms to minimize the number of places bed bugs can hide. Read more.

As an overall preventative measure, guests should keep their luggage zipped and off the floor, away from walls and furniture.

We’ve stayed at dozens of Las Vegas hotels (including those listed in the top 10 with the most bed bug reports) and never encountered any sort of pest, bed bug or otherwise.

Know before you go, but also understand the odds of having a bed bug issue are small, the critters aren’t dangerous and they don’t eat much.

43 thoughts on “Worst Las Vegas Hotels for Bed Bugs Named

    1. Kathy ash


  1. Mike Alexakis

    Online reviews are of very little value, people have axes to grind, they are untrustworthy, many are bungholes to begin with. Online reviews about pests aggregated by pest removal companies are not something Scooby and the gang approve of, basic Scooby sense tells you to be wary. I trust you Scott on chicken parm, you have that tasty dish wired, two weeks ago my first solid food I was allowed in the hospital was chicken parm, it stuck to the plate, you would have hated it. Some online reviews are better than others, maybe you should create a chicken parm registry, I promise to click on it if you build it…

  2. Jeff

    Curious how I would keep my luggage off the floor and away from walls and furniture. Hang it from a light fixture?

    Seriously though when visiting Las Vegas I am already hoping to defy the odds so bedbugs aren’t too high on my list of concerns.

    1. Cindi

      I was thinking the same thing! I guess keep them on bed in middle of room, then when you’re ready for bed stick them in the bathroom on the counter.

  3. Gregm

    The link provided in this peice lists the Riviera and Hotel San Remo as being problematic for bed bugs. Considering that the Riv closed in 2015 and the Sam Remo ceased existence in 2006, I would say that this resource is pretty worthless.

    1. Marc

      No Circus Circus? The strat is just for the rides, don’t stay there. And what about the Fremont hotels? I think if CC, the Strat and Freemont were on the study, the Venetian would get bumped.

  4. Chudley645

    The writer of this article obviously has never had a bed bug infestation in their home. It is the worst thing ,next to watching a loved one die, that you can experience. The shear amount of PTSD afterwards is insane. Basically saying “it’s not so bad” is a great disservice. I would not sow this on even my most hated enemy.

    1. Joseph

      You are absolutely correct! What I found most disturbing about this article was how lackadaisical the writer was about bed bugs being a serious issue. They are the one of the worst things in the world to have to experience and it infuriates me when someone says “They aren’t dangerous”…what the hell difference does that make!? Ive had many sleepless nights with just the thought of them being around. Also, the nerve of this clown to end his column with “They don’t eat much”! Makes me want to slap the crap outta him!

  5. WC

    And this is a surprise? This is what happens when you lower the prices below Motel 6 rates and expect the clientele to be clean and hygienic. This city was overloaded with pig people and the only ones to blame are the hotels themselves.

  6. Luci W

    Sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth, vacuuming, and steaming everything is a great way to get rid of those disgusting creatures!! Steam everything every day, even curtains!! Bedbugs are the creatures horror movies are made from!! They cause PTSD!! They attack when people are at their most vulnerable state…Sleeping. If you stay in a hotel, keep your luggage in the bathtub. Bedbugs can’t climb up the porcelain/fiberglass. If you get bitten by bedbugs, hot showers help relieve the itching and your primary care doctor can prescribe medication to apply on the bites. Bedbugs are horrific!!

    1. Michael Alexakis

      PTSD from a bug bite? I’m no fan boy of blood sucking bugs, I don’t mean to belittle your fears, but try out the colonoscopy prep, that induces PTSD… You have to buy an entire bottle of nuclear laxative and mix it with gallon of Gatorade, down it with a funnel, and then the fun begins. After the first few trips of squirting out my innards I could barely climb up the porcelain myself. Then the morning of the procedure the nurse asks you “Are you clean?”… They give you enough laxative to give The Jolly Green Giant spray gun squirts, yet they ask me, a 150 pound fella, if it was enough… Yes I told her, I shat my brains clean out, my booty is not clean in the sense of having a picnic on it, but for the context of my doctor’s pinpoint study I am a champ…

  7. Coco Colione

    I was just at the Vdara spa at the Aria and found a bedbug in our bed it bit my husband on the inner thigh took pics and even smashed bug and gave to management…they returned the favor by saying after testing they find no evidence of bed bugs but if giving you the bug isn’t evidence enough..I don’t know what is….

  8. Schoener

    I work at a strip property and have completed several bed bug reports. What I do not see mentioned is the number of complaints were after an investigation actually found bedbugs in the room.
    I’ve been involved with about 25 over the last five years. Out of those less than10% actually involved bedbugs.
    We follow up, with an exterminator and I can only remember 5 cases where any bugs were found. In two of those reports the only bedbugs found were in the guests clothes. In other words they brought them to the property themselves.
    Most of these reports started with the guest developing a rash. The rash may be caused by thedetergent used. Or food, or from the chlorine in the pool. What usually happens is, a guest finds a rash on his body and assumes (maybe because they recently read an article like this one, or a familymember,or friend did) it’s bed bugs. In all the cases not one guest followed up with a doctor.
    Others cases reported as bedbugs, were, in fact not bed bugs.The guest would find an insects in the room, anyhing from dead crickets to spiders. And again it would be reported as bedbugs, and rooms were compted.
    Finally the remaining complaints were completely unfounded, no rash, no bugs,(per the followup visits by an exterminator) nothing remotely connected to bed bugs. The guest states the saw a bug in the room. The bug isveither hone, or flushed. In this case a bedbug report was filed and rooms were compted.
    I would be interested in a follow-up article exploring actual bedbugs discovered in relation to reports filed.

  9. project design

    our dear benevolent host (Scott Roeben) is sardonic…..the complainers are newby’s<¬¬¬clearly!

  10. Juan

    I’m glad to see others here wrote about how bad bedbugs really are. Besides the mental annoyance and the bites, they are hard to find and kill, and the pest treatment can be very expensive, often requiring a canine inspection. Also it is necessary to empty drawers, closets, etc. and launder all clothes and fabrics. Then cleaning up the pest control spray and getting everything back in order. Bedbugs are nothing to be taken lightly.

  11. DaninMCI

    I didn’t dive into the details of this but as someone who travels to LV on business, On and Off-Strip and this list should be “Big Las Vegas Strip Hotels with most “Reports” of bedbugs”. There are plenty of crappy hotels in Las Vegas and even just random limited-service hotels there that likely have many more bedbugs than the big resorts.

  12. Mark

    Unless you have had direct experience with bed bugs you don’t know how much mental angst can be caused by it. I was staying at a motel in Kansas and subsequently had bite marks appear the next day. I called the motel to report my condition and was told that after checking the room there were no bed bugs found. I called the Kansas Health Department immediately and reported it and was told they would follow up with the motel. Later that day I received a phone call from an inspector who made a trip to the motel to inspect it. He said he found 12 bedbugs on the mattress by the headboard. He also spent about 20 minutes discussing the subject. He mentioned to ALWAYS pull back the sheets and look for evidence of bed bugs on the mattress. This would be the bugs themselves and reddish brown splotches which is their excrement. He also said to NEVER put anything (bags, luggage, clothes) on the ground or bed and to put it on a high shelf or preferably in the bathtub. He said to wash all of the clothes in hot water and dry them for an extended period of time and to put luggage or bags in large plastic bags and seal them. He indicated that they have found bed bugs in ALL motels and hotels including the nicest and most expensive ones. Also, it’s not just beds they live on but also movie theater chairs, bus seats, anything with fabric.
    The bites will heal but the biggest problem is you don’t know if the bud bugs have gotten into something and traveled back to your house. That’s when it becomes a tremendous MENTAL DRAG wondering if you have an infestation. You don’t want to have company visit and have it spread to them or spread it yourself to other people. IT’S A F”N DRAG. Unless you have experienced it you won’t understand it. If you think that is funny then I hope you get them so you can deal with the MIND F**K that it entails.
    The motel’s insurance company contacted me later to offer payment (I only asked them to have someone come check my house but they said no) and they eventually sent me a check for $700.
    I followed all of the protocols (BIG PAIN IN THE A$$) regarding dealing with them in case I had brought them home which wasn’t the case thankfully. I was getting bite marks on my arms periodically for weeks after staying at the motel and was thinking it was the bed bugs. Finally saw a story on the news that oak mites were really thick that year and I ride my bike in areas with oak tress so that was the cause for the subsequent bites.
    If you never have an experience with bed bugs consider yourself luck and be happy. If you do have one I wish you luck and hopefully they don’t end up in your house.

  13. Ken A

    When flying to Las Vegas, some airlines have bedbugs on the plane. I am waiting for your report to declare an airline the winner of the coveted “golden bedbug” award.

  14. project design

    Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite, if they do, spit in your shoe, stir it up and give it to you!

  15. Catherin Ramirez

    They don’t eat much. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, you’ve obviously have never had to deal with these little bastard. It takes a huge amount of time money and commitment. They make you question yourself and am I a clean person why did they pick me these little fuckers will break their not a little critter their a soul sucking bloodsucking bug that bring havoc and caos to your life and home


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