World’s Largest Hooters to Close at Palms Resort

Rumors we’d heard back in January 2017 appear to be true. The world’s largest Hooters restaurant is set to close at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas.

Hooters restaurant opened at Palms Las Vegas in June 2015, and is expected to close May 14, 2017.

At 15,200-square-feet, the Palms location was touted as the world’s largest.

Hooters at Palms

Don’t freak out. Las Vegas still has a good number of Hooters.

Hooters management and employees were given a 30-day notification of the restaurant’s closure around April 11, 2017.

Following this story, representatives of Palms confirmed the restaurant will close, stating “Hooters will be closing in the coming weeks to make way for exciting new enhancements we are planning for The Palms.”

The closure of Hooters doesn’t come as a huge surprise, and not just because of rumors it was struggling.

Hooters at Palms Vegas

Any excuse to share a photo of Hooters girls works for us.

In May 2016, Palms was purchased by Station Casinos (Red Rock Resorts, Inc.) for $312.5 million, and a number of restaurant and venue rebrands are in the works at the resort.

There’s no word on what will replace the world’s biggest Hooters, possibly the best sentence we’ve ever written, to be honest.

Thanks to Jeff G. for the tip on this scoop.

29 thoughts on “World’s Largest Hooters to Close at Palms Resort

  1. Bouldersteve

    The Hooters business model was unique 30 years ago.. hot chicks serving beer chicken wings and drinks in skimpy outfits. Now every sports bar does the same thing.Hard to believe that when it first started it was considered risque and banned in some cities

    1. Blonde4ever

      I protested the Hooters when it opened in my city years ago and threatened to open a restaurant named “Peckers”. I even wrote a Letter to the Editor of our paper informing them of my intent. (SMH)

      1. Rooster

        There used to be a restaurant here in Dallas called “Tallywhackers”. Similar concept. Didn’t make it though. Evidently, all the beefcake in the world can’t make up for bad food…

  2. Photoncounter

    The food at Hooters is mediocre. Scenery is nice but better at Twin Peaks or Tilted Kilt. Practice makes pervert!

    If this was a Bord property they’d be stuffing in a wretched Fridays (the ones at Orleans and Gold Coast are simply awful) but I bet they’ll turn it into two or three smaller places, one of which will certainly serve deep dish casserole.

    1. Bouldersteve

      TGIF is another restaurant that is past its prime. The only one that does decent business is the Orleans location.

      1. Photoncounter

        All Friday stores are staffed with minimum wage morons who operate microwaves and turbo chefs. No real cooks. Everything arrives pre-cooked and frozen, except the salads. Reheating takes no skill. The chain has gone way downhill over the past 15 years. All corporate portion controlled. I had major issues with the Orleans store, taking a group of 25 there. They screwed me bad. $$$$

  3. Wally Marshall

    At least that one was clean. The one next to the Tropicana is a friggen disgusting and scary. It amazes me that it is still open. That is my opinion.

    1. LVBigBear

      They’re in the process of renovating the one on Trop. I think Vital Vegas did a piece on that not too long ago.

  4. EnuffBull

    Just when you think you’ve seen some sad cases of humanity, then there are the sad, leering, dysfunctional patrons/customers of Hooters.

    1. RustyHammer

      Not sure what Hooters you go to, but the Hooters I went to last summer was rather quiet on a weeknight, and the only peolple sitting near me were families with children. It’s a wholesome, family restaurant, clearly.

      1. EnuffBull

        It’s those sad, leering, dysfunctional friends of mine that always want to go to Hooters. Don’t know about the family crowds, but cue Garth Brooks, because “I’ve got friends in low places.”

  5. RustyHammer

    Where’s the rube asking why you would eat at a chain restaurant in Vegas? There’s one in Every crowd.

  6. Troy Swezey

    The business model in this city is simply no big deal. I remember the one on Sahara that is now Capos.
    Maybe in Lincoln Nebraska some people might care about usually dim-witted girls who could care less about their job…oh yeah and the girls double up on the push-up bras but in this town that is dime a dozen.


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