World’s Biggest Hooters Opens First Phase Poolside at Palms Las Vegas

First, welcome to anyone who discovered this award-winning Las Vegas blog by Googling the phrase “world’s biggest hooters.”

However, those aren’t the hooters we’re talking about. We’re talking about Hooters. The “breastaurant” empire. What will eventually be the world’s largest Hooters has opened its first phase at Palms Las Vegas.

Hooters at Palms

Let the Hooters trivia begin! The Hooters name was inspired by a Steve Martin monologue on “Saturday Night Live.” No, really.

For now, the Hooters at Palms features a good-sized dining area inside, with a focus on a poolside patio and bar.

Hooters at Palms

More Hooters trivia: Hooters girls can’t wear their hair in ponytails.

When the entire restaurant opens, it’ll be a zaftig 15,200-square-feet and will seat 500 people. Below is what’s on view inside the Palms (where our significant other works, by the way).

Hooters Palms

The new restaurant takes over space formerly occupied by Heraea restaurant, a name with far too many vowels for its own good.

We’re happy to report the Hooters uniform has been refined a bit since our last visit to the chain famous for its wings and winsome servers.

Hooters at Palms Vegas

Gone are the silky, shiny shorts. Hooters executives finally caved after our years of whining.

The young women we chatted up, purely for blog research purposes, of course, were friendly and helpful. They emphasized the restaurant is currently in a “soft opening” mode. Which we immediately didn’t make a joke about because we’re mature like that.

Hooters at Palms Las Vegas

The owl in the company’s logo is named Hootie. And, yes, we’re aware we may know far, far too much Hooters trivia.

A news release says Hooters at Palms will have “fresh entree salads, a great lineup of hand-formed burgers, fan-favorite fried pickles and delicious seafood dishes, as well as an impressive raw bar.”

It will also feature “signature sauces and rubs.” We inquired with several servers about the “signature rubs,” and look forward to learning more about these “restraining orders” we learned about during our visit.

Hooters at Palms

Everything is ruined.

When fully decked-out, the new Hooters will also have about 50 televisions. (In Las Vegas, it’s the law.)

Hooters at Palms

Hooters describes itself as “delightfully tacky yet unrefined.” We didn’t see any of that on the day we visited, but it could be part of phase two.

The three biggest Hooters are in Singapore, Tokyo, and São Paulo. Enjoy the distinction while you can, suckers. Everything’s bigger in Vegas, and we’re bringing the title of world’s biggest Hooters back to America!

Hooters at Palms

The biggest challenge of a poolside Hooters has to be deciding which direction your chair should face, oglewise.

One final bit of Hooters trivia. Hooters, Inc. was incorporated on April 1, 1983. The founders of the company picked that date because they assumed their business venture would go bust.

No word yet on when the Hooters at Palms will open in its entirety, but this blog doesn’t have a problem with a little tease. It’s Vegas, after all.

4 thoughts on “World’s Biggest Hooters Opens First Phase Poolside at Palms Las Vegas

  1. boulder steve

    Hooters is good. Who can complain about cold beer..wings and pretty girls? The only problem they have is the business model is dated. Every sports bar does the same thing now.

  2. Troy Swezey

    “First, welcome to anyone who discovered this award-winning Las Vegas blog by Googling the phrase “world’s biggest hooters.””
    Well played Sir.
    I wrote an article about “breastaurants” at for which you let me use one of your pictures. Thanks for that as you generally have very good pictures on this site.


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