World’s Best Restaurant, Pizza Rock, Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

The world’s best restaurant, Pizza Rock, opened in Las Vegas on Oct. 19, 2013.

We loved Pizza Rock when it opened and our love continues to grow four years later.

Pizza Rock

Pizza Rock is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and the other six suck by comparison.

To celebrate their fourth anniversary, we decided to challenge the pizza wizards at Pizza Rock to make a pie they’ve never made before.

We requested an “all-crust pizza.” That’s right. We invented a new food group.

Tony Gemignani

Tony Gemignani, the man behind Pizza Rock, is a 12-time World Pizza Champion. He is also a demigod. We interviewed him on our podcast.

Why an “all-crust” pizza? Well, while we order pizza at Pizza Rock on a nearly daily basis, we were in the mood for their meatballs.

Pizza Rock’s meatballs are, quite simply (wait for it), the best meatballs in the world. We frequently have an order of meatballs and a side of focaccia as a meal.

This time, though, focaccia and the restaurant’s excellent garlic bread wouldn’t do. No, we wanted bread, but a specific kind. The pizza crust kind.

Pizza Rock’s geniuses made it happen, so we had the perfect fourth anniversary meal: The world’s best meatballs drenched in the world’s best marinara sauce, which doubled as a dip for the world’s best pizza crust.

Pizza Rock

Behold the first all-crust pizza ever ordered at Pizza Rock. Yes, we have issues, but they’re happy issues.

In Italian, by the way, the sauce left on your plate after you eat, suitable for dipping bread into, is called “scarpetta.”

Now,  you know.

Pizza Rock meatballs

Fairy tales do come true.

We’ll be back to our happy hour personal cheese pizza (see below) for our next visit, but a big shout-out to the Pizza Rock crew for accommodating our special anniversary request and indulging in our culinary eccentricities.

While we are pizza purist, rest assured there’s a pizza at Pizza Rock for any and every palate. Pizza Rock boasts a wide variety of styles (from New York-style and Sicilian to Pizza Napoletana and classic Italian). Here’s the expansive Pizza Rock menu.

Pizza Rock classic cheese pizza

Oh, like we were going to write a Pizza Rock story without sharing a photo of pizza. Do you know this blog at all?

Pizza Rock has three locations in Las Vegas, but the one near Downtown Grand (a block from Fremont Street) is our favorite.

Frivolity aside, Pizza Rock has helped the last four years some of the most memorable of our life. Great pizza transports us to our happy place, and Pizza Rock delivers amazing pizza every single time.

Comforting pizza. Mind-blowing pizza. Transcendent pizza.

Happy birthday, Pizza Rock.

17 thoughts on “World’s Best Restaurant, Pizza Rock, Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

  1. Kevin Rackley

    I’ll second the greatness of the meatballs. In fact, last month was the first time that I actually had the pizza, lol.

  2. Bouldersteve

    My favorite is the Tony Two Times personal pizza. Just wish they offered it during lunch time..not just happy hour.

  3. Matt

    4 years is a good start. We’re I come some of the pizza shops have been open for generations. I haven’t been to Pizza Rock yet. But when I do it’s gonna be tough to figure out which cheese pizza to get. That’s how I determine if it’s good pizza order it just cheese the way they make it. One style of pizza they don’t have a PR is Old Forge style.

  4. Manybar Goatfish

    I’m thrilled to learn of this place. We don’t always make it downtown, but PR could change that. Who wouldn’t enthusiastically make the journey for a dish of that fare if they knew it was there? I certainly would. Those pictures deserve a frame. The menu is very inviting, and the prices are perfect! That’s the kind of food you crave on a Football Sunday, and the days before and after.

      1. Manybar Goatfish

        That might summon some long-haul memories that remind me how much it sucks to work for a living, but if they had a mock-up SpaceX rocket I could eat my meatballs in, I’d put my name on that waiting list for sure.

  5. JasonGhiselin

    Mmm…haven’t been over to Tony’s of North Beach, the ever so slightly “fancier” version of PR at the Native American casino near me…maybe brunch tomorrow?!?

  6. Misslaydj

    world best…ummm. I tried this place off a review posted here last year and didn’t get the pizza but got the meatballs.


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