World Series of Poker 2020 to Take Place Online

The best-known poker tournament series in the world, the World Series of Poker (WSOP), will happen entirely online this year due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The World Series of Poker, which typically happens at Rio Las Vegas, may have been postponed, but now players will have a chance to pursue a coveted WSOP bracelet from home for the first time.

The online WSOP will take place over two months, starting July 1, 2020. There will be 85 WSOP bracelets up for grabs.

WSOP’s biggest event, the No Limit Hold’em Championship, starts July 31.

WSOP chips

It won’t be the same this year, but how many things are?

WSOP predicts this will be “the largest online tournament series of all time” with the “chance to win gold bracelet glory across two distinct gaming platforms, and GGPoker.”

The initial phase of the tournament will include one bracelet event per day during July on

Caveat: allows play from customers geo-located in Nevada and New Jersey.

WSOP dogs

Yes, we took this photo of dogs playing poker at the World Series of Poker. Herding cats is easier.

On July 19, 2020, bracelet tournaments will take place on GGPoker Network. This is the first time players outside the U.S. have been able to complete for an official WSOP bracelet online. (U.S. players can’t take part in the GGPoker tournaments.) The international series runs through September 6, 2020.

According to the WSOP, GGPoker just wrapped up its WSOP Online Circuit Event, with a total series prize pool of more than $134 million.

Clearly, poker’s still a thing.

Find out more about the World Series of Poker Online tournament at the WSOP’s official Web site.

It’s going to be a strange summer in Las Vegas, but it would’ve been even stranger without the World Series of Poker.

13 thoughts on “World Series of Poker 2020 to Take Place Online

  1. End Game

    Just cancel it.

    There’s a human element you can’t replace when you play from computers. Giving somebody the Main Event bracelet and saying they accomplished the same thing their predecessors did the last several years is laughable.

    End of story.

    1. Kris

      Yeah. And let’s not overlook the buy-in for the “main event” is just 1k and is for US players only (unless someone wants to violate the travel ban and fly to NV/NJ to post up in a hotel somewhere on the laptop)… which means someone will get a main event bracelet for 1/10th the traditional buy-in and play a fraction of the talent that the world offers.

    2. george p barnett

      Guess there will be a lot of “fantastic” hands and 1 or 2 outers on the river…..Just like Full Tilt Poker…..All computer gambling programs are rigged, it’s just too hard for them to resist. Final table will be Ivey, Negreanu, Hellmuth…..You get the picture…

  2. Mike Alexakis

    This is way better than nothing for a lot of people, we are miles and miles away from ten people sitting indoors together at a table safely… Poker will be the very last casino game to get back to normal.

  3. Paul

    The possibility of a live WSOP in the fall still exists, at least officially. Fair to opine that it won’t happen, but that hasn’t been announced.

  4. George

    It’s not the same to look at your opponent and feel him out to make your decision I live in Vegas and it’s slow we need people to come back but I understand to be save but still it’s not fun…


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