With Downtown Grand’s “Casino” Sign, Three Time’s a Charm

When Downtown Grand opened in downtown Las Vegas in October 2013, its “Casino” sign stood as a testament to renewal and high hopes.

A company called CIM Group bought the former Lady Luck for $100 million and invested another $100 million in renovating the resort.

Downtown Grand

Downtown Grand’s first “Casino” sign, in 2013. Neon over LEDs for the win.

The casino’s second sign was a variation of the first, with tweaked colors.

To us, the sign was a symbol of the reality check Downtown Grand and its management, Fifth Street Gaming, faced as the resort struggled to find success.

Downtown Grand

Like the hotel-itself, Downtown Grand’s sign was a work in progress.

Recently, Downtown Grand replaced its “Casino” sign yet again.

This time, the sign better reflects the resort’s branding and we’ve decided to take the latest change as a sign the resort is going to find its groove, continue to improve its offerings and meet its potential as a stand-out Las Vegas destination.

Downtown Grand Las Vegas

Now, we’re getting somewhere.

We’ve poked some fun at Downtown Grand in the past, but ultimately, we’ve come around to the idea we’d rather have a Las Vegas casino rather than not-a-casino, any day. So, we’re going to try some cheerleading for awhile.

In the meantime, we’re going to visit more often (geography helps, as we work at Fremont Street Experience), imbibe more often (no-brainer) and play more often (there’s a revamped player’s club, too) at Downtown Grand.

Because it’s a great resort, because taking jabs doesn’t help keep dealers dealing, bartenders tending and chefs cheffing, and maybe if we play there more, if we all try to, we can help keep Downtown Grand’s neon neoning.

9 thoughts on “With Downtown Grand’s “Casino” Sign, Three Time’s a Charm

  1. Bill B

    After being one of the many detractors of DG, we decided to give the place one last try. It was a really pleasant surprise.

    We played the slots & actually won on each visit. The waitresses were quick & nice, the drinks good & we really enjoyed ourselves,
    Not sure about the tables being hid away in an alcove but a huge improvement. Will visit again

  2. Mike L

    Downtown Grand is failing because of their own self-created shortcomings. I had stayed there 4 times since they opened and when I went to book an offer that was sent to me, they simply said they are no longer honoring it. I called a host, was promised a call back and it was never returned. I filed a BBB complaint, they ignored them, and as a result they now have an F with the BBB. Tried calling again, was promised another callback, nope. Wrote a tripadvisor review and they posted some BS response about how I was having trouble getting in touch with them, again no attempt to actually remedy the situation. 4 attempts at getting in touch with them resulted in essentially a big middle finger from management. If they want to grow their business, they need to focus on keeping their loyal gamblers and customers first.

    1. Scott Roeben

      Great points. It’s not only the location, it’s some short-sighted decisions and an inability to decide what it wants to be. Appreciate your thoughts, and we have high hopes for the future of the place.

  3. boulder steve

    Love Vital Vegas but why is Downtown Grand a great resort? Is this more sarcasm which you do so well and keeps me returning to this site? Going to have to change more than the sign and players club to make it.I love downtown and will check it out again on my next visit hoping to find a pulse.

    1. Scott Roeben

      I like the space and the casino bar. The gambling is laid back and the pool deck has a lot of potential. Agreed they need to turn things around, and I continue to have the feeling they’re not grasping they have a problem.

      1. boulder steve

        Agree the DG does have potential. Other properties downtown even the ones off FSE seem to be doing good business. Thats what is so frustrating about the Grand.

  4. Wally Marshall

    HA! The operators down there at the downtown grand are excellent at spending money and demoralizing the staff, but horrible at generating visitation and actually managing the operations. I have had friends who had short work stints there in a managerial level and above. I think that this is almost a perfect example of everything you should not do when renovating and managing a casino (resort,ha). I think they have lost their opportunity to be successful. there was a window but they put all their eggs in the management basket that did??? There is absolutely nothing that would drive me there, nothing. Nothing compelling at all to entice us to go there, actually many attributes that keep us away. The super loud modern music. Its funny, you walk around that casino and you have 50+ year olds smoking and drinking at 9am and the music is blasting super loud rap music or modern music only millennials are familiar with. No parking. No visible security outside the property offering a safe feeling, none that i saw, no decent food that we are aware of, etc, etc, etc. Hate to bash but it is like they are asking for it. Changing a sign out will only be more money spent with zero return. That is my opinion and observations.

    1. Scott Roeben

      They’ve made some adjustments, and the music at least has gotten much better! Parking continues to be a challenge, and I’ve always felt safe in that area. Unless I’m being bullhorned by the bartender at Hogs & Heifers. “)


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