How to Tell It’s Winter in Las Vegas

When temperatures hit bone-chilling winter lows in Las Vegas, it’s easy to tell.

Here’s a photo taken during our blizzard conditions expected to continue through mid-January .

Winter showgirl

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The cold snap has seen temps dip below 70-degrees in some parts of Las Vegas, but it feels even colder if you figure in the wind chill factor.

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  • Photoncounter

    I’m surprised you were able to take a picture in those chilly conditions, you must have been shaking!

    Or was that due to the delirium tremens?

    • Yes?

    • Manybar Goatfish

      How do you know it’s not Scott in the picture? A man has to stay warm somehow.

      • Photoncounter

        How do we know it’s not you? Everybody has their secrets…

        • Manybar Goatfish

          That getup doesn’t even qualify as a fashion risk in my book, let alone a secret. You’ve lived a sheltered life.

          • Photoncounter

            Sheltered? No way. I have over a dozen eight track tapes for the Vega. Anyone with that amount of available music cannot be accused of being sheltered, isolated or being disconnected with reality, as my Doctor sometimes mentions.

  • Adam

    It can get cold rocking out to Spandex Nation late at night, this time of year.

  • Ha!


    It’s been a few years but I remember being in Vegas when there was actually snow on the ground.

    • William Wingo

      I remember one Valentine’s Day when the fountains at the old Frontier hotel froze almost solid. Another time we were headed to Vegas and got just North of Kingman, AZ only to hear on the radio that both highways 93 and 95 were closed–either showed in or with wrecks due to the snow. McCarran airport was closed too. We ended up in Laughlin and never got to Vegas that trip.

  • Frank Weston

    Our outbound flight got cancelled because of snow one December and we were “stuck” in Las Vegas for 2 nights before we could get a return flight home.

    • Manybar Goatfish

      I wouldn’t even bother trying to sell a story like that to my boss.

      “You won’t believe why I’m two days late returning to work!”

  • Scooter

    A girls gotta stay warm!