White Castle Opens at Casino Royale on Jan. 27, Let the Mixed Emotions Begin

The much-anticipated White Castle Las Vegas opens Jan. 27, 2015, at 2:00 p.m., inside Casino Royale.

Depending upon your relationship to White Castle, opening day will be cause for joy or dread. Either way, it’s here, and we stopped by for a look.

White Castle Las Vegas

Once open, White Castle will be accessible from Las Vegas Boulevard (through the entrance pictured) or the casino floor of Casino Royale. Most importantly, locate the restrooms.

On the day of our visit, all the White Castle team members were on hand for last-minute training, and their friends and family were being treated to White Castle’s famous square sliders.

White Castle Las Vegas

They know the word “sack” has a different connotation than it did when the first White Castle opened in 1921, right?

Access was being strictly monitored by restaurant management during the training period, so to get a peek at the counter area, we had to whip out a Vital Vegas-certified security breach. Welcome to Vegas, White Castle.

White Castle Las Vegas

The White Castle counter area is separated from the Casino Royale’s casino by a 10-foot-tall wall and a long row of slot machines, not exactly making it a smoke-free zone.

We must have looked really excited about White Castle opening because one of the restaurant guests gave us a bag (sorry, sack) of four White Castle sliders.

There’s been so much buzz about White Castle, there’s no way the burgers could possibly live up to the hype. They were just like the burgers we remember from a few years ago, wherever we were at the time.

White Castle burgers definitely don’t deserve their “dog food on a bun” reputation. Mainly because we have yet to try dog food.

White Castle Las Vegas

Which camp are you in? The “I have the drunchies, gimme” camp or the “Not on your life” camp?

Have to say, our White Castle burger lived up to the less-than-flattering reputation perpetuated by the restaurant’s detractors. Approximately 15 minutes after having eaten a portion of one burger, we experienced the kind of intestinal distress usually reserved for travelers dining at food carts in Mumbai. Good times.

White Castle Las Vegas

Let’s look at a pretty photo of the exterior of Casino Royale to distract us from intestinal distress, shall we? Damnit, how did Denny’s get in there?

“Cravers,” fans of White Castle (we’ll wait until we get to try the crinkle-cut fries before deciding we’re not one), will be thrilled to hear White Castle on the Las Vegas Strip will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Casino Royale, by the way, is located between the Venetian and Harrah’s Las Vegas, across from The Mirage.

White Castle Las Vegas

Decorative touches include vintage photos of people at other White Castles, many of whom are dead. No connection, probably.

There are about 400 White Castles across the country. Vegas die-hards know that while this is the first proper White Castle restaurant in Nevada, the company’s mini-burgers are also available at Mermaid’s casino in downtown Las Vegas.

White Castle Las Vegas

Love them or hate them, White Castle burgers are here to stay. The nearby Denny’s is the most profitable in the world, so its neighbor is likely to do record-breaking business, too.

If nothing else, we give White Castle credit for having the sack to bring a burger chain to Las Vegas where incredible burger options abound. The best burgers in Las Vegas are downtown, at El Cortez and Binion’s, with the best Strip burger joint being BurGR at Planet Hollywood. We’re also a big fan of In-N-Out, which could beat White Castle in a cage match even if it were in restraints like Hannibal Lecter’s. Or something.

The most overrated burgers in Las Vegas, if you’re keeping track at home, are at the newly-opened Shake Shack at New York-New York, Bobby’s Burger Palace in the Shops at Crystals and B&B Burgers and Beer at the Venetian.

So, let’s hear it. Are you a “Craver” or a “Staver”? Which we’re pretty sure isn’t a thing. But given our first Las Vegas White Castle burger experience, give it time.

17 thoughts on “White Castle Opens at Casino Royale on Jan. 27, Let the Mixed Emotions Begin

  1. Gilby

    My favorite is still the BLT burger at BLT Burger in The Mirage. It gets bonus points from being across from Rhumbar.

  2. David M.

    I can’t believe you will take In N Out over White Castle. What are you smoking? I grew up in New York City and believe me White Castle was a big deal back there. White Castle is more about an experience then simply having some sliders. I have tried In N Out being in Vegas for over twenty years. They are okay and more healthy then the sliders are. So What. For me, White Castle is burger heaven. Period.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      If we were smoking something, it’s possible we’d like White Castle more! We’ll agree to disagree about how wrong you are about this one. “)

    1. Misslaydj

      they should come in more than 1. small and a sack i believe like it does in ny but then again its vegas so who knows

  3. Misslaydj

    I live in Brooklyn NY and I love my WC. I try not to eat n e thing on vaca that I can have at home but staying at casino royale for the 1st time in july. tear at mirage!!! staying at royale for no resort fee. hope it doesnt let me down

  4. abernat

    “the best Strip burger joint being BurGR at Planet Hollywood” – agreed. Strange as this may sound, their “Farm Burger” was so f***ing delicious that I didn’t want to swallow it … lest the taste went away.

  5. Mike Leyshon

    We used to buy them in Columbus for .12 cents in the fifties. Now we pay .68 ea and seniors get 10% off and we thought that was high, but $1.19 each?? (According to the sackful of ten pricing)

    And a single burger without a combo meal is not listed? You can buy them that way -just ask or tell them how many they want.
    Get them with extra onions and get them if you can after they have been on the grill for a longer time and the onions have caramelized on the edge of the bun
    Then they are really good!!!
    Get the Craver card for good deals too!!
    No I’m not nuts – just a Columbus Craver for 65 years.


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