Whimsical, Wondrous WTF Abounds in New Atari Hotel Las Vegas Renderings

The project has been light on details, but that’s not stopping Atari Hotels from showering us with some glorious renderings of the possibly-happening Las Vegas project.

If you’re a fan of “Blade Runner,” gird your loins!

Atari Hotel Las Vegas

So many lofty Las Vegas projects are like tears in the rain. Let’s hope this isn’t that.

The history of Las Vegas projects that never get beyond the rendering phase is girthy, to say the least.

That doesn’t make them any less fun!

Atari hasn’t yet shared where the Atari Hotel will be located in Las Vegas, or how it will be paid for, but let’s not get bogged down in details.

There are more renderings, several of which depict buildings in the background that don’t actually exist in Las Vegas.

It’s really important you stop obsessing over such quibbles and just get ready to see how effectively Atari is “infusing synthetic reality into every aspect of the hotel.”

Atari hotel Las Vegas

The Strat’s eyeing the Transamerica Pyramid thinking, “Oh, hell, no, you did not move up on me like this.”

Atari Hotel Las Vegas is one of several planned across the country.

Other, less interesting, Atari Hotel locations include Phoenix Austin, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle.

Here’s an overview of what they’re going for: “Atari Hotels perfectly blends the past, present and future of video games and entertainment for a destination that offers guests a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience, complete with state of the art amenities for esports fans and content creators.”

We don’t entirely know what to make of that, so let’s hear more from Atari.

The news release says, “Guests can enjoy the latest in video games, experience cutting-edge immersive entertainment, purchase exclusive Atari Hotels merchandise, and play the night away in retro-style gaming arcades. A speakeasy and fully-equipped nightclub will be available for adult guests, as well as themed restaurants and bars. Atari Hotels delightfully plays with the themes of retro-futurism, pop culture, and nostalgia–offering fun for the whole family.”

How dare you question a business plan that “delightfully plays” with “retro-futurism”?

Oh, look, another sweet rendering!

Atari Las Vegas

If you have an iconic logo, you’d better damn well use it in your hotel design.

We sort of see where Atari’s going, but it remains to be seen of the project comes to fruition, and if it does, whether gamers are up for it.

A popular misconception is gamers are teens with little disposable income. The average gamer in the U.S. is 35. Just a third of gamers are younger than 18.

Tellingly, the Atari news release includes this item, “Analyst firm Newzoo estimates that the world’s more than 2.5 billion global video gamers will spend roughly $160 billion in 2020 and anticipate the video game industry to grow to an impressive 2.7 billion gamers generating over $200 billion in revenue by the year 2023.”

Will those numbers translate into a successful Las Vegas resort? And have you noticed when we don’t know the answer to something we ask it in the form of a question to cover our ass?

As with most ambitious Las Vegas projects, we’re rooting for it to happen, especially because we’re a huge fan of dirigibles.

Atari hotel Vegas

Nothing screams Las Vegas like rain and umbrellas!

As mentioned, there have been few details shared about financing, location or timelines for Atari Hotel Las Vegas, but there is a fancy Atari Hotels Web site, so that’s something.

We have so many fond memories of playing Atari games, we’d love to get the opportunity to see them brought to life in a Las Vegas resort.

Atari changed the world with its games, so we’re curious if it can change the game in Las Vegas.

One thought on “Whimsical, Wondrous WTF Abounds in New Atari Hotel Las Vegas Renderings

  1. Vegas Regular

    Atari should stick to “Pong” and let the pros who know how to make Las Vegas hotels work, work, you know, hookers, cleaned-up gangsters, ex mob lawyers and failed land developer schemers from Arizona. Do we really need a gaming company that believes Vegas looks like a backdrop for Replicant hunters who eat their sushi under umbrellas. or do we need more casinos built and run and by guys who look like they could crush you with a stare or at the very least quickly shut down a hot craps table (without argument) simply because of a five-minute hot streak? Call me sentimental but I choose the latter. C’mon, Atari, stay in your lane. But just in case anyone is looking for a gaming-themed hotel design I have some renderings for my own “Scrabble World” Resort.


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