“What’s On” Las Vegas Magazine Folds

Longtime Las Vegas tourist guide “What’s On” magazine has folded.

According to the magazine’s Facebook page, the publication has been a “Sin City resource for 60 years.”

What's On magazine

The realm of Las Vegas tourist publications is a dog-eat-dog world, a cliche nobody actually knows the meaning of, least of all dogs.

The plug has been unceremoniously pulled on the magazine’s Web site, and posts have stopped on the publication’s Facebook page (most recent post was Feb. 3) and Twitter account (most recent post was Mar. 13, 2016).

The company behind “What’s On” hasn’t disappeared entirely, as the firm produces an in-house publication for Westgate Las Vegas.

There are rumors the next iteration of “What’s On” will be an online-only effort, but we’ve yet to hear anything official from representatives of “What’s On.”

7 thoughts on ““What’s On” Las Vegas Magazine Folds

  1. Funkhouser_1

    Perhaps they should focus on being an Adult Vegas resource called “Get It On”. They could cover the strip clubs, best hook up joints, girls straight to your rooms. Plus distribution is guaranteed via those niffty paper boxes they have all over the strip. This could be the re-branding they need.

  2. Oscar

    Well that’s sad. I’ve collected a few over the years and found them to be a kind of moment in time captured on paper.

  3. Bouldersteve

    Never heard or seen it. Maybe that is one of the reasons its history.Was it one of those magazines that they put in hotel rooms. Never saw it at a hotel I have stayed at.

  4. RustyHammer

    I found my interest in these publications waned over the years. I know what I want to see, and do, and I read up about everything in Sin City before I get there. Back when I first went to Vegas the Internet was still in diapers…. hell it was barely out of the womb. So getting a recent copy of one of the tourist mags from a co-worker upon her return from Vegas, a month before my trip, was a huge deal. My how times have changed.

    My reading of such mags in recent years, what few remained, was pretty much limited to the in-room copy at my hotel, and that was read mostly while I sat on the toilet.

    There were tons of ads in those things, it was impressive, but the Internet kills another publication. I’m guessing they didn’t stop publishing a profitable magazine.

  5. Anthony

    I am shocked it didn’t fold earlier. The magazine has always been shoddy and never had good enough information to compete with the big guns in Vegas throughout the years.

    It will not be missed.


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