Watch for a Celine Dion Residency at Resorts World

Brace yourself for our latest bombshell! We’ve long suspected Celine Dion wasn’t done with Vegas, now we’ve gotten exclusive scoop she’s signed for a new residency at Resorts World.

That sound you hear is your brain exploding. Same.

While details related to this juicy rumor are scant, we hear Celine will get a custom theater built to her specifications at Resorts World, just as she did at Caesars Palace (at a cost of $108 million back in 2003).

Celine Dion Resorts World

Has to be true. It’s on the Internet.

Celine’s run at Caesars Palace, of course, is the stuff of Las Vegas legend.

Her final show at Caesars was June 8, 2019, after two residences (“A New Day” from 2003 to 2007 and “Celine” from 2011 to 2019), 16 years and 1,141 shows.

Celine Dion’s residences reaped a record-crushing $681 million in ticket sales. That’s a mind-boggling 4.6 million tickets.

When her Caesars Palace residency ended, there was a lot of speculation about what Celine might do next. At the time, other top names were being snagged by lucrative offers at Park MGM.

Then came a mysterious errant Tweet from the LVCVA (Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority), listing Celine among Park Theater’s roster of divas. The LVCVA said it was a mistake, but the stage was set for Celine’s return.

Around that time, we heard Celine had begun construction of a new home in Las Vegas, and knew she’d take a little time off and tour (artists are often contractually prevented from changing venues before a year has passed) before lining up another, even more profitable, gig in Las Vegas.

This might help put “profitable” into perspective: She made about $500,000 per show during her most recent Caesars Palace residency. It’s rumored Lady Gaga makes a million a show at Park MGM.

If the rumor proves true, Celine’s choice of Resorts World as her new home is huge for both the reigning queen of Las Vegas residencies and Resorts World, slated to open in summer 2021 following numerous delays.

Resorts World Las Vegas

Word is this will be Celine’s new stomping grounds on the Las Vegas Strip.

For Resorts World, Celine would add an immediate stamp of legitimacy, and would bode well for the resort’s bottom line.

Celine’s appeal to a casino isn’t as much about ticket sales as it is other revenue. She appeals to a casino’s ideal customer. They not only buy expensive show tickets, but also spend money in the casino and on non-gambling amenities like restaurants, shopping and nightlife venues.

Celine’s residency at Caesars Palace was a windfall, and Resorts World no doubt would love to have that scenario unfold all over again.

The tricky part, of course, is a lot of people have seen Celine. Also, Resorts World will be an unknown quantity, and it remains to be seen if Celine’s star power will be enough to lure fans to a stand-alone resort on the north end of The Strip.

At the very least, a Celine Dion residency could cement Resorts World as a major player in Las Vegas, and would get the new resort on the radar of other A-list performers seeking a big payday.

Celine Dion

Yes, that’s Celine. Your insolence is duly noted.

Competition for entertainment dollars is already cutthroat in Las Vegas, and even more seats are coming online with the MSG Sphere and Raiders stadium.

Questions abound about who’s filling all those seats, as visitation in Las Vegas has been flat for two years and a number of shows have tanked in a big way recently, including “Blanc de Blanc” at Sahara and “R.U.N.” at Luxor (to the tune of $60 million).

It would be great to see Celine Dion back where she belongs, on the Las Vegas Strip.

She paved the way for other Vegas residencies including Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and innumerable others.

The Celine Dion residency at Resorts World hasn’t been officially announced or confirmed, but our sources are awesome, official announcements are boring and dropping scoop first is just how we roll.

Update (4/22/21): It took a minute, but Resorts World has confirmed Celine Dion’s residency, along with several others.

27 thoughts on “Watch for a Celine Dion Residency at Resorts World

        1. Mr. Low Standard

          Your standards are low.

          We have no idea how much Caesars was willing to pay. What if they paid her $1 million per gig for all those years. Now they only want to pay her $500K to bring her back. Or they want something different altogether, . But Resorts World is willing to pay $750K per gig to be able to use her in promotion of their new property as a major player on the strip. Wow, what a coup!

          Paying more than anyone else on the open market is not a coup. If Harrah’s Laughlin booked her, then I might be impressed.

          1. alex

            No, my standards are not low. I just understand the value of an established business relationship.

            It’s a shame that instead of simply disagreeing with me and other posters, you had to start your comment with an insult. So, I’m returning in kind:

            You’re absolutely right that we don’t know anything about the negotiations that took place. As such, your numbers are nothing but fiction. That makes your argument useless.

          2. Capt. Obvious

            Numbers were for illustrative purposes. Thanks for pointing out what we already know, sergeant.

  1. John Frid

    Resorts World? The complex that has been “under construction” since before Nevada was a state? Save this for April Fools Day.

    Next you’ll be trying to tell us that Elton John will be taking up residency at The Drew next year…

  2. Boulder Steve

    Why did she leave Caesars? I”m sure if all she wanted was some time off they would have given it to her. She had a great deal.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      She and her management wanted more, but Caesars didn’t bite. It wasn’t a happy parting of the ways.

  3. Diana

    Personally I had hoped to go to Vegas to see her. I would still do so even with her tour that I’m going to now. What would determine if I go is how high the ticket prices get. Honestly they are getting to high. I Know Celine is priceless but how many millions do you need in a lifeTime. When I need to watch the pennies So that would be what would cancel out seeing her for me. Time for reality check when is a ticket cost for a 2 show

    1. Gordy B.

      Brilliant strategy. Demand more from the ticket buying public so that you can take satisfaction in bleeding your fans more than the woman down the street. That’s something to be proud of.

  4. Roger Wright

    Celine Dion is a tremendous entertainer and is a true lady. I will be extremely happy to see her again and she deserves the opportunity to be the best in Vegas again. Best wishes to you Celine. You go girl!!!!

  5. Cibella

    Visitation has been going down and will continue until they start getting rid of all the outrageous fee, such as resorts fees, parking fees, concession fees, fees for buying show tickets. Enough is enough. Not only are u paying a tremendous amount of money for rooms, but all the hidden fees get u.

    1. James

      As one who would go to Vegas 4 to 6 times a year I could not agree with you more. The last time I went about 5 years ago I said NO more. I truly miss the days of yester years.

    1. alex

      Good lord people will complain about anything. No one is forcing you to buy tickets to see her show. And, it’s not like she’s displacing someone you would have liked to see instead of her.

  6. Pamela Thomsen

    Hello Scott and team,
    I spent my first week in Vegas since March 16 2020.
    It was sad to see the undesirelable element (spell check, )on the strip.
    I smoked week the entire time and I didn’t have to purchase it.
    Walking and in the casinos.
    Full of families and this was going on.
    Lets get tough and get back our beautiful city.
    I still think Vegas was and can be the greatest city in the world.
    I am excited to see this Resorts World. They are going to raise the bar, which at this moment is really needed.
    I also think I would like to see live entertainment there.
    I look forward to my July visit.

    Thanks again for keeping us informed about our beloved vegas.


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