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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 73: The Latest in Vegas WTF

Despite a quarter million downloads under our belt, we’re still not sure you should listen to our podcast. Fair warning.

If you do, you’ll hear news and opinions and quite possibly things that will get us sued. The things we do for you.

In this episode, we share our experiences at three new downtown restaurants: Eureka on Fremont East (pictured below), Flock & Fowl at the Ogden and Good Pie at Pawn Plaza.


Eureka’s management informed us we couldn’t take photos inside the restaurant. Eureka’s management can suck it.

We round up all the latest scoop about Steve Wynn and his mind-boggling fall from grace in recent weeks, including news about what Wynn Resorts projects are likely to move forward (Wynn Paradise Park, but without a hotel) and which could be shelved.

We’ve also got exclusives about Lucky Dragon and SLS Las Vegas. Somebody has to. Have exclusives. In case that wasn’t clear.

This lowly podcast has all the skinny you need to stay in the loop about what’s opening when (The Drew Las Vegas), who’s building what (MSG Sphere) and what else is coming down the pike (upgrades to the Fremont Street Experience).

MSG Sphere

Mark our words, the MSG Sphere is going to put somebody’s eye out.

The Vital Vegas Podcast has “vital” right in the title, so kick back, push the play button and long for a simpler time when broadcasters had to actually know something about broadcasting.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 72: The One About Wynn, Mostly

We’re under the weather, but that won’t stop us from bringing you the 11th best podcast in Las Vegas!

In this week’s episode, we break down the Steve Wynn sexual harassment scandal, chat about our first Vegas Golden Knights puckball game and ramble incoherently about adopting a child in India.

We also share a new Lego product featuring the Las Vegas skyline.

Lego Las Vegas architecture

Mandalay Bay and Encore? It would be hard to make this more awkward. We’re getting one, anyway.

There’s also some talk of the bleak outlook for Lucky Dragon, plus the new attraction coming to Las Vegas, Wreck Room.

Join us for a podcast like the ones back when the mob ran Las Vegas. Or something.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 71: Final Episode of Season One, Probably

Look, we’re as sick of this podcast as you are, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen, anyway.

In this week’s show, we blather on about Hard Rock being sold, Britney Spears getting a new Vegas gig, shark fin soup being banned and all the other Sin City news you need to get the most out of your visit.

Imagine Dragons memorabilia

Hard Rock’s memorabilia are expected to go away under new ownership, so check it out while you can.

Las Vegas moves fast, so we’re here to help you keep up.

We talk Lucky Dragon misfortune, SLS cost-saving measures, CES and robot strippers, Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, “Inferno,” a new “Saw”-themed escape room, Spago’s relocation to Bellagio, a recent rash of casino robberies and more.

Spago Forum Shops

Arrivederci, Spago. Don’t freak out, it’s moving to the Olives space at Ballagio.

The “Listicle of the Week” will blow your mind, so break out that dental damn!

This week’s listicle delves into the realm of Las Vegas hotel housekeeping, and we’d wager a Bitcoin you’ll learn something new about this vital and sometimes mysterious aspect of the Las Vegas experience.

Hotel facial tissues

How do Vegas hotel housekeepers know when your box of facial tissues is running low? The tissues change color! Now, you know.

Did you know a housekeeping cart weighs 500 pounds? Neither did we!

Join us for news, rumors and speculation and lots of special guests, at least some of whom have had fistfights with slot machines.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 70: Brand New Year, Same Old Drivel

Our first podcast episode of 2018 is a stunning departure from our typical episode, mainly because we’re trying to dupe you into listening.

Don’t waste a minute of the new year scrambling around for Las Vegas news, we’ve spent upwards of 10 minutes gathering it for you.

Get all the latest Vegas scoop, including stories about Good Pie coming to Pawn Plaza, Olives closing at Bellagio, “Illusion Mental” opening at Planet Hollywood, Fizz lounge closing and opening again at Caesars Palace, Alize closing at Palms and more.

New Year's fireworks

Adios 2017, or whatever year we took this photo.

But wait, there’s more.

There’s “Renegades” coming to Cleopatra’s Barge at Caesars, “World’s Greatest Rock Show” is closing at Stratosphere, Criss Angel’s show is closing at Luxor (in a year, so don’t have a mind freak), Alexxa’s Bar is coming to Paris, Emeril Lagasse’s Table 10 has closed at Palazzo, Black Tap has opened at Venetian and Country Club steakhouse is about to call it quits at Wynn.

Table 10 cocktail

Adios, Cactus Rose at Table 10.

It’s a cavalcade of things there’s a remote chance you care about, so take a listen to this, our final episode of the first season of the Vital Vegas Podcast.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 69: Lyft Skinny, “Magic Mike” Moistness, Roulette Gems and a Metric Ass-Ton of News

Welcome to the only Las Vegas podcast that’s in the Gaming Control Board’s “Black Book.” It’s also the podcast not particularly invested in “facts” or “reality,” obviously.

This week’s “Listicle of the Week” is “12 Weird, Wonderful Facts About Roulette.” Learn about “mucking,” left and right-hand roulette tables, dealer “signatures,” “section shooting” and why you can’t cash roulette chips at the cage.

Bonus fun fact: That little silver bump is called a “canoe.” It helps ensure roulette spins stay random.

In this week’s episode, we chat up an official from Lyft Las Vegas, one of the rideshare services that’s made Sin City a better, more affordable and convenient place to make poor life decisions.

In this episode, you’ll get all the latest scoop about your favorite vacation destination.

There’s news about Wynn Resorts purchasing the Alon site, Lotus of Siam’s new location, Barry Manilow’s residency at Westgate, McGregor vs. Pacquaio, virtual reality coming to the roller coaster at New York-New York, Diablo’s Cantina (past tense), Hell’s Kitchen (future tense), SpeedVegas’ bankruptcy and more.

Diablo's Cantina

Let’s just say Diablo’s Cantina at Monte Carlo has changed a little since your last visit.

We’ve also got a tipsy review of “Magic Mike” at Hard Rock.

The Vital Vegas Podcast is the most fun you can have without a casino VIP host, so take a listen and get your Las Vegas fix!

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 68: “Twilight Zone” Mini Golf, Bad Vegas Behavior and Two Fine Irishmen

It’s another blather-packed episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast!

Included in this week’s festivities is an interview with the founder of Monster Mini Golf, Christina Vitagliano. Vitagliano talks about Kiss Mini Golf at Rio and shares insights about the new “Twilight Zone” Mini Golf at Bally’s Las Vegas.

Twilight Zone Mini Golf Las Vegas

“Twilight Zone” Mini Golf at Bally’s features lots of nods to episodes of the iconic series, including these adorable aliens from “The Invaders.”

We share some Las Vegas adventures including craps at Four Queens, roulette at The D and all the inside Las Vegas scoop you can carry.

There’s also news about Bellagio’s latest Conservatory display, as well as details about one of the best happy hours in Las Vegas, 107 SkyLounge at Stratosphere.

Stratosphere cocktail

Oh, yes, we did. Twice.

In the “Listicle of the Week,” we cover “10 Examples of Bad Behavior in Las Vegas.” You know who you are.

We also take part in a lovely chat with two Las Vegas visitors from Ireland, a whole other country from what we hear.

Pour yourself a Captain and diet, slip into your best latex bondage sack, oil up those earbuds and shove some Sin City into your Eustachian tubes, whatever those might actually be.