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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 68: “Twilight Zone” Mini Golf, Bad Vegas Behavior and Two Fine Irishmen

It’s another blather-packed episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast!

Included in this week’s festivities is an interview with the founder of Monster Mini Golf, Christina Vitagliano. Vitagliano talks about Kiss Mini Golf at Rio and shares insights about the new “Twilight Zone” Mini Golf at Bally’s Las Vegas.

Twilight Zone Mini Golf Las Vegas

“Twilight Zone” Mini Golf at Bally’s features lots of nods to episodes of the iconic series, including these adorable aliens from “The Invaders.”

We share some Las Vegas adventures including craps at Four Queens, roulette at The D and all the inside Las Vegas scoop you can carry.

There’s also news about Bellagio’s latest Conservatory display, as well as details about one of the best happy hours in Las Vegas, 107 SkyLounge at Stratosphere.

Stratosphere cocktail

Oh, yes, we did. Twice.

In the “Listicle of the Week,” we cover “10 Examples of Bad Behavior in Las Vegas.” You know who you are.

We also take part in a lovely chat with two Las Vegas visitors from Ireland, a whole other country from what we hear.

Pour yourself a Captain and diet, slip into your best latex bondage sack, oil up those earbuds and shove some Sin City into your Eustachian tubes, whatever those might actually be.

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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 67: Hand Pays, Restaurant Scoop and So Many Seats to Fill

In this installment of the 11th best Las Vegas podcast out there, we’ve got a slew of exclusives and insider scoop to help get the most from your next Sin City visit.

From thoughts about MGM Resorts severing ties with celebrity chef Todd English due to sexual harassment accusations to rumors about Barry Manilow’s return to Las Vegas and the location of the Raider’s new training facility, we’re driving P.R. departments crazy and couldn’t be prouder.

Barry Manilow

Rumor has it Barry Manilow will be back for another Las Vegas residency, this time at Westgate, in 2018.

This week’s listicle is a recap of all the biggest sports and entertainment venues in town and their capacities. In fact, here’s the listicle now!

11 Top Las Vegas Sports and Entertainment Venues and Their Seat Counts

  1. Orleans Arena – 9,500
  2. MGM Grand Garden Arena – 16,800
  3. Mandalay Bay Events Center – 12,000
  4. Thomas & Mack Center – 18,000
  5. T-Mobile Arena – 20,000 (see below)
  6. Colosseum Caesars Palace – 4,300
  7. Axis at Planet Hollywood – 7,000
  8. Park Theater – 5,200
  9. Planned All Net Resort and Arena – 22,000
  10. Planned Sands Concert Venue – 18,500
  11. Planned Las Vegas (Raiders) Stadium – 65,000

The point: With all those seats (nearly 200,000), Las Vegas may be looking at a severe shortage of keisters, or whatever the kids are calling them these days.

T-Mobile Arena

Think of this as a sonogram of the T-Mobile Arena, taken back in Oct. 2014.

As always, there’s a slew of Las Vegas news, perfunctory as it may be: Casino Royale has ended its 15-year $1 beer promotion, Pizza Lotto’s calling it quits at El Cortez, Troy Liquor Bar has opened at Golden Nugget, Salute’s set to close at Red Rock (we know its replacement) and more.

We’ve got closings, openings and a metric hell-ton of drunken rambling, so don’t miss out on the only Las Vegas podcast you can afford to miss.

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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 66: Palms Plans, Casino Sale Rumors and Three Times an M Resort Robber

This blog contains a mere trickle of Las Vegas news, but this week’s podcast is a gusher!

In our latest installment of the Vital Vegas Podcast, we dive with reckless abandon into the Las Vegas WTF with scoop about the just-announced Fly Linq ziplines, progress at the Las Vegas Club demolition, O.J. Simpson’s well-deserved ban at Cosmopolitan and more.

We also go deep into all the newness coming to Palms, and there’s a metric ass-ton of it.


Virtually everything’s changing at Palms, including the marquee.

We’ve also got the latest about a Las Vegas pastor who attempted to rob the M Resort three times. With a fake gun.

You won’t want to miss what we’re hearing about MGM Resorts looking to buy the Cosmo, and what’s holding up the sale of SLS Las Vegas.

We’ve got three interviews in this episode: One with a representative of the self-driving shuttle company that made worldwide news in Vegas this week (for all the wrong reasons), another with the beverage manager of The D and Golden Gate, and a third with a fascinating couple who claim to listen to this podcast. Yes, voluntarily.

Driverless shuttle accident

They’re going to make beautiful babies together.

There’s also the usual cavalcade of news, as well as a fully-engorged discussion about the Love Store, a chain of shops in Las Vegas with stimulating contraptions galore.

It’s all that and a virtual limitless supply of “Don’t you have a million things better to do than listen to a podcast?” Enjoy.

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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 65: Wynn Paradise Park’s Thrust, Monte Carlo Transitions to Park MGM and More

Of all the podcasts about all the towns in all the world, you have sadly stumbled upon this one. It’s time for another lackluster installment of the Vital Vegas Podcast!

In this episode, we tackle all the Las Vegas scoop you need to keep you in the know, including the latest about Wynn Paradise Park.

Casino tycoon Steve Wynn recently revealed new details about his waterpark, and we’ve got all the glorious WTF. The Wynn Golf Club closes Dec. 22, 2017 and construction of Wynn Paradise Park begins Jan. 3, 2018.

Wynn Paradise Park will have a carnival theme, and will feature a white sand lagoon, a 47-story hotel tower, bumper cars, fireworks, a carousel, float parade and ziplines.

We are not making this up.

Steve Wynn SlotZilla

Steve Wynn is so serious about having ziplines at his Wynn Paradise Park, he rode one downtown. No, really.

Also in this episode, we get granular about the transition of Monte Carlo to Park MGM.

The “Listicle of the Week” includes 10 venues that have closed at Monte Carlo, as well as our incoherent memories of each. For example, we hung out with Wang Chung for hours at The Pub. And, yes, everybody had fun.

Here’s a look at the facade of Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo Park MGM facade

There’s still time to say goodbye, but not much.

We’ve got a metric hell-ton of perfunctory Las Vegas news, of course.

Lowlights include Caesars Entertainment charging Nevada residents for self-parking, Charles Barnard (designer of the Stratosphere and Vegas Vickie) has died, David Copperfield and Tao Asian Bistro are raking in the bucks, Emeril Lagasse’s Table 10 closes at the end of 2017 and other juicy tidbits.

Get your ears in gear and get your Vegas fix with the Vital Vegas Podcast!

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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 64: You Say Drunken Rambling Like It’s a Bad Thing

As if to prove things are beginning to normalize in Las Vegas, it’s another drivel-fueled episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast!

On this week’s show, we have lots of surprises in store, the majority of which we can’t entirely recall because rum.

A highlight of the show is a completely random conversation with Coolio. Yes, that Coolion.


Our chat with Coolio is proof just because a podcast has “Vegas” in the title doesn’t mean it’s about Vegas.

We also drop some major skinny about a variety of Las Vegas topics including the cardless slot system being rolled out by Station Casinos, Gold Diggers closing at Golden Nugget and far too much sports-related scoop involving the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the 51s, the Las Vegas Lights, the Raiders and the WNBA’s San Antonio Stars.

Station Casinos app

Loyalty cards, schmoyalty schmards. Go cardless.

As is our way, we round up a metric hell-ton of Las Vegas news, and plow through the listicle of the week: “10 Reasons the North End of the Las Vegas Strip is About to Explode.” That’s right, we’re suddenly bullish on projects like Resorts World, All Net Resort Arena, Wynn Paradise Park and a slew of others.

Join us as our Las Vegas pendulum swings its way toward maximum optimism!

Wrangle a squat, push “play” and luxuriate in a bubbling hot tub teeming with so much Las Vegas you’ll need a salve. Or something.

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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 62: “Tape Face,” Vanishing Fountains, Resorts World and a Tipsy Bronto

We’re pretty much┬ádespondent about the recent tragedy here in Las Vegas. So, we have a couple of options. We can wallow, or snark on. Guess which one we’re going to do.

This week’s episode of the podcast went live a mere hour or two before the horrendous shooting that left hundreds injured and dead on Oct. 1, 2017. At the time the show was recorded, Las Vegas was fun and carefree. It will be that again.

In the meantime, we’re going to write what we write and podcast what we podcast, although now it all seems absurdly trivial.

But, you know what? Life and Las Vegas are, it turns out, absurdly trivial. It’s all trivial. So, hug your kids, pour yourself a drink and revel in the triviality. Because we’re all lucky to be here, triviality and all.

In this week’s trainwreck of a show, we share the inside scoop on everything you need to know about the most exciting city in the world, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We also talk about Vegas a little.

We cover all the drama around a Samsung Galaxy Studio opening on the Caesars Palace fountains, rumors of a zipline at Linq promenade, Kaaboo coming to Vegas, “Tape Face” at Flamingo and the latest from Resorts World and more.

Tape Face

Based upon how much fun we had at his show, expect Tape Face to soon be a staple on The Strip.

Also on the show, we give you the juicy about a mishap with Bronto, the high reach excavator at the Las Vegas Club demolition.

There’s also news about Carbone at Aria, Surrender nightclub, downtown’s Carson Kitchen, Wynn Plaza’s reveal, a Culinary Road Trip at Downtown Grand and double murderer O.J. Simpson’s release from the big house.


Carbone at Aria isn’t just a restaurant, it’s foreplay.

Beyond the news, we’ve got a listicle that spells out “10 Things You Miss When You Leave Las Vegas.”

Shove some Vegas in your ears! There’s nothing else going on in there.

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