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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 51: Palm Restaurant, “X Burlesque” and, Yes, We Went to a Dayclub

We’re back and more rambly than ever!

In this week’s episode, we chat with Larry Close, General Manager of Palm Restaurant. Palm restaurant at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace was recently renovated, and is not to be confused with Palms resort or Palm Mortuary. Don’t laugh, they get that a lot.

Palm restaurant chicken parm

Palm restaurant is home to one of the best chicken parms in Las Vegas and, thus, the world.

Also on the show, we share our enlightening experience at Drai’s Beachclub. No, you’re not being punked. We actually went to a dayclub. Voluntarily, for the most part.

Our further adventures include checking out the expanded footprint at the Neon Museum, celebrating the 15th anniversary of “X Burlesque” (see below) and a stay at Flamingo.

X Burlesque

What, we were going to show you a neon sign when we could share side boob?

In this week’s perfunctory Las Vegas news round-up, we’ve got the latest about the man suing Planet Hollywood for being startled by a mannequin, Resorts World, free downtown shuttles, restaurants opening and closing, Wynn Paradise Park, changes at the World Series of Poker and some thoughts about the guy who jumped into the safety net at the High Roller Ferris wheel.

Wynn Golf Club

We hope you’re not emotionally attached to the Wynn Golf Club, because it’s being swapped out for a water park.

You won’t want to miss our “Listicle of the Week,” as it features Las Vegas things we’d like to have in our house.

We’ve also got a ton of suggestions from Twitter about how to change up your luck in a Las Vegas casino.

It’s so much Las Vegas, you’ll need to loosen your belt a little. Take a listen.

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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 50: Interview With a Las Vegas Escort and More

For our 50th episode, we go deep into the world of Las Vegas escorts. Our guest is Nikki, who tells all about the business, culture and lingo of being a sex worker in Sin City.

Nikki breaks down how hooking up with a Las Vegas escort works, from first contact to happy ending and everything in between.

Wax your back and break out your W-2, we’re in for a wild ride.

Las Vegas sex harness

Sin City has “sin” right there in the name, so stop blushing, already.

We’ve also got a metric ass-ton of news, history and pointless rambling that definitely suffers by comparison to learning about “strap-on action.” We soldier on, anyway.

This week’s listicle is “12 of the Best Things at 12 Las Vegas Resorts.”

Cleo at SLS Las Vegas

Topping our list is Cleo restaurant, our favorite thing at SLS Las Vegas. Besides the go-go dancers. Because we’re evolved like that.

We’ll also share some epic iTunes reviews, because as far as we’re concerned, there can never be too much us.

This week’s episode is the final episode of our first season (subject to change without notice), so don’t miss it.

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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 49: Ellis Island, Derek Stevens and O’Sheas Memories

Get your Vegas fix with the latest, and possibly longest, installment of the Vital Vegas Podcast.

This week, we chat with Christina Ellis, Director of Marketing at Ellis Island. We’ve got all the scoop you won’t hear anywhere else, including details about the Front Yard construction project, the casino’s recent hotel acquisition and room renovations, changes inside Ellis Island’s casino and more.

Ellis Island casino

For a little casino, Ellis Island has a lot going on.

Also on the show, we’ve got an interview with Derek Stevens, owner of several downtown casinos as well as our heart. Stevens talks about the demolition of the Las Vegas Club, expansion at Golden Gate and how the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center is now, unquestionably, a thing.

But wait, there’s more. Possibly too much more.

Hear our review of the Impossible Burger, a new burger at Andrea’s inside Encore that uses zero percent cow.

Impossible Burger Andrea's

The Impossible Burger at Andrea’s inside Encore is pretty good for a burger, but it’s spectacular for a veggie burger. Some assembly required.

We also provide some buzzed bloviating about the latest Las Vegas news: Palms will lose its Hooters, Gordon Ramsay’s bringing Hell’s Kitchen to Caesars, The Commissary at Downtown Grand has closed, the Raiders paid $77.5 million for a stadium site in Vegas, Giada may take Payard’s space at Caesars, Tao Nightclub offers a VIP “tablesharing” service, Fontainebleau is getting a wrap (see below), Wynn Paradise is approved and much more.

Fontainebleau wrap

There’s been talk of a Fontainebleau wrap for two years. This time it’s different, because rendering.

Don’t miss our “Listicle of the Week,” specifically, “10 Places in Las Vegas Where We’ll Probably Never Go Again.”

We’ll also share a slew of O’Sheas memories (the original O’Sheas Casino closed five years ago) and obviously forged iTunes reviews.

The Vital Vegas Podcast is just the thing to distract you from the nagging sense the universe is empty and meaningless. It is, of course, but let’s not get bogged down in details.

Listen until your ears hemorrhage! Medical science will make you new ones.

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Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 48: Circus Circus Makes a Splash, Dean Martin Croons

Are you ready for some Vegas? Oh, you will be.

In this week’s dog and pony show, we share what gets us in the mood for Sin City, including one of the most Vegas songs, ever. Thanks, Dean Martin.

We also share an update from the Circus Circus pool expansion site, including details about a five-story-tall water slide that almost makes us want to step outside. Almost.

Circus Circus pool expansion

The 50-foot tall water slide being built at Circus Circus is three slides in one. They’re going to have to pay gravity some serious O.T.

This week’s news includes stories about the Las Rageous “music” festival, All Net Resort, cornhole and darts tournaments at major Las Vegas casinos, “Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Straight Man” coming to Paris Las Vegas and rumblings Amazon might pull the plug on Zappos.

Zappos headquarters

Not going to lie, downtown’s Zappos headquarters is a little on edge right now.

This week’s history segment covers Elvis Presley’s first stint in Las Vegas, in 1956, considered by many to be an unmitigated flop.

We’ve also got a listicle, “10 Things Infinitely More Entertaining and Profitable Than eSports.”

Help your earbuds fulfill their destiny and take a listen to the Las Vegas podcast your mother would’ve warned you about were it not for the fact she has a life and doesn’t have time to listen to podcasts.

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Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 47: Las Vegas Tricks, Ellis Island and “Casino”

It’s one of our most rambly podcast episodes, ever, so gird your loins. It’s not like you’re using them for anything else.

For starters, we learn a trick to avoid disappointment when interacting with a Las Vegas prostitute, and it’s all downhill from there.

We also talk about changes at Ellis Island, Monte Carlo’s evolution, progress at the Neon Museum expansion, The Dome at Downtown Container Park, casino credit lines and other awful ideas.

Ellis Island casino

This parking area at Ellis Island casino will soon be The Front Yard. The good news is you don’t have to mow it.

Even in our intoxicated stupor, we share all the latest Sin City news, including stories about paid parking at Cosmopolitan (paid self-park starts May 16), LAX nightclub will become an eSports arena, roulette is making a comeback, “Men of the Strip” is coming to Tropicana and Plaza has finally laid its Beer Garden to rest.

Plaza Beer Garden closed

Plaza’s Beer Garden was a noble experiment, much like the time we purchased Spanx.

In this week’s episode, there’s also history (Riviera opened April 20, 1955) and a listicle about “Casino,” one of the best movies ever made in relation to whacking.

In a world starving for fun, the Vital Vegas Podcast is an all-you-can-listen buffet of succulent Las Vegas sustenance. Or, alternatively, something that makes sense.

Listen, anyway!

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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 46: The Good, The Evel, The Pappy

It’s another ribald installment of the Vital Vegas Podcast, and by “ribald,” of course, we mean blitzed.

We’ve got all the Vegas low-down you can stomach, including our thoughts about the new skill-based slot machines at Planet Hollywood, the first of such machines in Las Vegas.

Skill-based slot machines

Behold the future of slot machines. Ish. Future-ish.

In this edition of the podcast, you’ll hear from Vincent Rotolo, General Manager and Pizza Gandhi (probably not his real title) at Evel Pie.

Evel Pie is located on Fremont East, and gives guests a throwback experience with its ’70s-era vibe and massive collection of Evel Knievel collectibles. Rotolo’s enthusiasm for pizza is nearly as great as our own, and that’s saying something.

Evel Pie

Evel Pie is more than just a pizza joint. It’s a time machine. Which also has great pizza, of course.

Beyond some disruptions courtesy of our de facto mascot, Pappy the prospector, we’ve got a slew of the latest Las Vegas news, as well as a hastily slapped-together “Listicle of the Week” and some Las Vegas history (the Tropicana recently turned 60).

Learn more about the Raiders coming to Vegas, paid parking at Caesars Entertainment resorts, the latest Chick-fil-A opening, the fate of the famed Blue Angel statue, drama at Du-par’s and how a receipt went viral when it appeared a Strip lounge was charging $3 for ice in cocktails.

Blue Angel statue

The Blue Angel statue was a fixture downtown before it was taken down for a refresh. They say she’ll be back.

But wait, there’s more, including Ellis Island’s new Front Yard bar and restaurant, free concerts at Fremont Street Experience, Atomic Kitchen, a shake-up at Grand Bazaar Shops, opens, closings and a spectacular cavalcade of rumors and speculation.

The Vital Vegas Podcast isn’t just any Las Vegas podcast, it’s a rambling, poorly-researched, exercise in futility of a Las Vegas podcast, so listen before your earholes realize what they’ve gotten themselves into.

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