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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 83: Gondolas, Joe’s Seafood, Exclusive News and Glorious Drama

It’s another action-packed episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast, and we can’t apologize enough.

In this episode, we take in one of the quintessential Las Vegas experiences, the gondolas at Venetian.

Venetian Las Vegas gondola

Behold, one of the best aphrodisiacs in Las Vegas.

We’ve got all the latest on some glorious drama, the demise and investigation of “Divas Las Vegas” at Linq. It’s juicy.

There’s also a slew of news you won’t find anywhere else, including a bungee jump coming to Stratosphere, the general counsel of Wynn Resorts getting the boot, a casino expansion at Golden Gate, plus lots of news and rumors about restaurants opening, closing and filling our gullet with untold delights.

Don’t miss our review of Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab at Forum Shops.

Joe's Seafood Las Vegas

It’s Joe’s. It’s time to eat some art.

The show is bursting with perfunctory stories about all the latest things going on in Sin City, of course, from the death of “The Voice, Neon Dreams” to the delay of “A Mob Story” at Plaza and “Menopause the Musical” celebrating its 5,000th hot flash at Harrah’s.

Get your fill of all the WTF you’ve come to expect from the 11th best Las Vegas podcast! Your results may vary.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 82: We Don’t Listen to This Podcast, Either

It’s time for another disappointing episode of the only Las Vegas “podcast” that deserves to be in quotation marks.

This week, we dive headlong into the best fine dining deal you’re going to find in Las Vegas, the prix fixe menu at Golden Nugget. You won’t actually find it on the menu, but here’s a .pdf that will come in handy.

Vic & Anthony's dessert

You won’t have room for the creme brulee, but that’s no reason not to have it. You’re in Las Vegas.

That’s just the beginning of the fun. Or possibly all of it. You’ll have to listen to find out.

You’ll also hear us entertain ourself with stories of a string of slot machine jackpots in recent weeks. We’ll tell you exactly where we got ours so you can grab one of your own.

We chat about Park MGM and the end of free drinks in Las Vegas. Sort of.

There’s a slew of exclusive news you won’t hear anywhere else. Which is basically the definition of “exclusive,” but whatever.

Learn more than you could ever want to know about the return of the Smith & Wollensky steakhouse, “Baz” closing at Palazzo, a $3.2 million jackpot at the Silverton and more.

Smith & Wollensky

Say adios to the former Smith & Wollensky.

We’ve got rumors up the wazoo (not an actual body part) about Marquee at Cosmopolitan, a possible suitor for Hooters, what’s going into the Grand Wok & Sushi space at MGM Grand and why the folks at the 18 Fremont casino project are calling their new parking structure the “Garage Majal.”

Of course, there’s a hastily slapped-together “Listicle of the Week” and an overview of the main causes of upset. Yeah, it’s as random as it sounds.

Join in the fun for our final episode of Season One of the Vital Vegas Podcast.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 81: Hell’s Kitchen, Orgy Recap and Baseless Rumors Galore

It’s the podcast that moves at the speed of Vegas.

We should totally copyright that.

Anyway, we’re back with another installment of the 11th best Las Vegas podcast!

In this week’s inexcusably feeble attempt at entertainment, we share our thoughts about a forgettable dining experience at one of the hottest restaurants in Las Vegas, Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas

In a town with amazing meatballs, the ones at Hell’s Kitchen we’re really those.

We’ve also got exclusive scoop about the world’s largest orgy attempt, the winner of a $1.4 million jackpot at Golden Gate, top secret restaurants and bars planned for the Linq hotel, chatter about investors moving to bring Major League Baseball to Las Vegas and more.

There’s also juicy news about the future of Hard Rock casino as it transitions into Virgin Hotel. Among other things, we hear Mr. Lucky’s and Pink Taco are out, and it’s the last hurrah for Rehab, the hotel’s decadent pool party.

Word is the Hard Rock’s pool will be made over taking inspiration from Richard Branson’s private island, Makepeace Island.

Makepeace Island

Richard Branson is bringing a bit of his private island to his Virgin Hotel Las Vegas.

Get the latest about “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” taping in Las Vegas and Wynn Resorts rolling back paid parking, two things we honestly never imagined we be typing in the same sentence.

Sqeeze the most from your next Vegas visit by letting us give it to you in the earholes. Which isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds, sadly.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 80: World’s Largest Orgy, Burlesque Hall of Fame and More

It’s the all-sex episode of the podcast you can definitely live without!

First up, we’ve got an exclusive interview with Kristy Auli of Menage Life, the organization hosting a record attempt for the world’s largest orgy. The event takes place June 2, 2018 at the Erotic Heritage Museum here in Las Vegas, and more than 1,000 people have already registered to take part.

We also chat with Dustin Wax, Executive Director of the Burlesque Hall of Fame, a popular attraction which recently expanded to a new location. Get the inside scoop on this organization devoted to “preserving burlesque as an artform and cultural phenomenon.”

Burlesque Hall of Fame

The Burlesque Hall of Fame’s address has changed, but the tease remains the same.

Of course, we couldn’t do an all-sex installment without sharing the latest about the upcoming Las Vegas march in honor of International Whores Day. Organizers say the event is a “day to assert collective power and make demands, such as advocating for sex work to be decriminalized. Read more.

Our “Listicle of the Week” is “10 Sexy Things in Las Vegas,” including the Green Door swingers club, dancing dealers at The D and Golden Gate, the Love Store, Sheri’s Ranch brothel, “Chippendales” at Rio and “Fantasy” at Luxor and more.

Hey, there’s a reason they call it Sin City. Take a listen and we promise a happy ending!

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 79: Tom Green, Palms Rebirth, News and More

It’s the podcast you can’t Vegas without!

In this week’s episode, we chat with comedian Tom Green. Yes, that Tom Green.

Tom Green is best known for his offbeat “The Tom Green Show” on MTV and movies like “Road Trip,” “Freddy Got Fingered” and “Charlie’s Angels.” Green currently has a residency at Harrah’s Las Vegas, and now he joins the pantheon of performers who have had to endure our annoying questions.

Also on this show, we share our thoughts about four new venues making their debut at Palms Las Vegas, Apex nightclub, Unknown casino bar, Scotch 80 Prime steakhouse and Camden Cocktail Lounge.

Unknown bar Palms

The new Unknown bar at Palms is hard to miss.

The off-Strip Palms is investing $620 million in a dramatic overhaul, with more venues on the way, including restaurants from celebrity chefs Marc Vetri, Michael Symon and Bobby Flay.

We’ve got our usual cavalcade of news, including Mandarin Oriental becoming Waldorf Astoria, the end of Monte Carlo, a big decision about legal sports gambling, restaurant openings and closings and more.

We’ve also got the latest on a proposed “gateway” officials hope will draw visitors to downtown Las Vegas. As if cheap hooch and slot machines with actual coins weren’t enough.

Downtown Las Vegas gateway

Downtown lost its last welcome sign in 2016 when some asshat crashed into it with his truck. He is so not invited to the unveiling of this one.

Naturally, we talk up the Vegas Golden Knights, because it’s the law.

The Vital Vegas Podcast. Helping Las Vegas visitors overcome insomnia since sometime in early 2016. Take a listen.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 78: 18 Fremont Project Details, Cosmo and Mandarin Oriental Rumors and More

Step away from the puckball playoffs, it’s time to shove some Vegas in your ears.

In this week’s episode, we’ve got an exclusive interview with Derek Stevens, owner of The D and Golden Gate, about his new resort at 18 Fremont.

Stevens helps clear up lots of questions about the project, shares his thoughts about what the new casino will bring to Las Vegas and hints at some surprises to come.

18 Fremont resort rendering

We’re already antsy for the new casino at 18 Fremont, and it’s two years away. We’re looking into purchasing a cryosleep chamber.

The show is also teeming with unsubstantiated rumors and speculation, including some juicy ones about a potential sale of Cosmopolitan to Hard Rock International, plus who might be buying Mandarin Oriental.

You’ll also want to hear the latest about what’s next for the Flamingo’s Margaritaville Casino and 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar. Hint: We hope you’re not emotionally attached.

You know, all the stuff you’ve already read in this blog!

5 O'Clock Somewhere bar

The sun’s going down on the 5 O’Clock Somewhere bar at Flamingo.

There’s a boatload of Las Vegas news, of course, and a listicle slapped together at the last possible moment, as is our way. It’s something about what casinos to do keep you gambling, although the specifics are muddy because Captain Morgan spiced rum.

There might be better Las Vegas podcasts, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one with a more inflamed liver.