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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 117: Circa Movers and Shakers, Vegas Gets Weirder and More

You’ll be thrilled and mortified to hear we’ve changed our “every few months” podcasting schedule to “whenever we feel like it,” so get ready for our latest cochleafest.

Related: How is there not a Cochleafest? Seriously.

This marks the second episode where we get all up inside Circa, the newest Las Vegas casino that opened Oct. 28, 2020.

This time, we get interviews from a slew of the people responsible for making Circa a reality, including Jeff Victor, Vice President of Operations for the new resort. Victor was instrumental in the return of Vegas Vickie to Circa, and was the former President of Fremont Street Experience. As an added bonus, David Rosborough, who also holds the title of Vice President of Operations, pops in for a quick word about Circa’s unique culture.

Jeff Victor Circa

Fun fact: While he was President of Fremont Street Experience President, Jeff Victor presided over a renewal ceremony for Vegas Vic and Vegas Vickie.

But wait, there’s more. We also have exclusive interviews with all the players involved in Circa’s five restaurants.

That’s right, we’ve got the teams behind 8 East, Barry’s Downtown Prime, Saginaw’s Deli, Victory Burger & Wings and Project BBQ.

8 East Circa

We were never a pork belly person, but we bao before 8 East at Circa, the best new Las Vegas restaurant of 2020.

Damn right, you’ll get our takes on all these new offerings, because we are physically incapable of not opining. Get used to it.

We’ll also do a check-in with Ross Mollison, producer of “Absinthe,” as the show navigates these challenging times.

Speaking of challenges, we’ve got the latest on the recent mandates from Governor Steve Sisolak, including venues (including casinos) being restricted to 25% occupancy.

Heads up: For the next three weeks, reservations are required at Las Vegas restaurants. Hey, who needs a vaccine when we’ve got Open Table?

Naturally, we’ve got a metric ass-ton of Las Vegas news, including the skinny about the opening of Tailgate Social at Palace Station, Lucky’s departure from O’Sheas, Donny Osmond’s solo residency at Harrah’s, the cancellation of New Year’s Eve fireworks on The Strip, Shakira’s new light show at Fremont Street Experience and more.

To round out our ode to Circa, our “Listicle of the Week” is “11 Things You Have to Do at Circa,” at least six of which involve Vegas Vickie.

Vegas Vickie

Not just a photo op at Circa, the photo op at Circa.

While you don’t have to listen to our podcast, we promise if you do, 1) you’ll never experience male pattern baldness, 2) an angel will get its wings, 3) guaranteed handpay the next time you visit Las Vegas, even if you don’t play a slot machine.

Actual results may vary.

Here’s the latest drivel, so have at it.

Vital Vegas Podcast Ep. 116: Circa Owners, Vegas Vickie’s Enhancements and More

It’s a celebratory installment of the podcast you probably didn’t even know exists!

In this episode, we continue our victory lap for the walloping we gave Sahara and its baseless lawsuit. We’re pretty sure the gloating will subside by episode 200, should that ever be a thing.

The big “get” in this episode, though, is a pair of interviews with the co-owners of the shiny new Circa Las Vegas.

Derek and Greg Stevens generously share exclusive details about their new downtown Las Vegas casino that’s generated lots of buzz since it opened Oct. 28, 2020.

Derek Stevens slot machine

Circa owner Derek Stevens got to play on his video poker machines during the casino’s employee play dates.

While we’ve had Derek Stevens on the podcast frequently, this is the first in-depth interview we’ve done with his brother Greg Stevens.

Greg Stevens takes us behind-the-scenes with insights into Circa’s innovative ventilation system, beer delivery technology and even the “science of water” used to amp up Circa’s pools.

Fun fact: Circa pumps CO2 into its pools. It helps make the water a little bluer and sparkly. It also aids in maintaining the pH balance.

Circa Greg Stevens

Co-owner Greg Stevens got the star treatment on opening night of Circa.

But wait, there’s more!

This first part of a Circa two-parter has an enlightening conversation with Rick Juleen, V.P. of Business Development for YESCO, the Las Vegas sign company tasked with restoring the iconic Vegas Vickie.

Vegas Vickie is the attention-grabbing centerpiece of Circa, and Juleen talks about how she was overhauled for her return to Fremont Street.

Vegas Vickie

Welcome back, you tall glass of noble gas, you.

We even got some serious scoop, confirmation of Vickie’s rumored “enhancements,” so check it out.

Our next episode will feature conversations with all the folks involved with Circa’s restaurants, as well as a chat with Jeff Victor and David Rosborough, two Vice Presidents of Circa, each of whom have been key figures in the development of this new downtown destination.

In an upcoming episode, we’ll also chat with Alice Little, the sex worker who is suing Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak for refusing to reopen Nevada’s brothels.

Yes, we understand you care more about hearing from a sex worker than Circa executives, but patience is a virtue, freak.

Here’s the latest episode of the Vital Vegas podcast!

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 115: Scoop, Sports and Superabundant Suckery

What the hell is happening in Las Vegas?

First, please watch the language.

Second, we’ve got this!

It’s another installment of the podcast guaranteed to satisfy your insatiable cravings for all things WTF.

For starters, we’ve got some incisive (your results may vary) commentary about Area 15 and Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse at Flamingo. Spoiler alert: Love them.

Oddwood Area 15

Oddwood Lounge is at the heart of Area 15, a new mall we haven’t figured out how to describe yet, but we quite enjoyed it, anyway.

In this show, we chat with Howard Barish, Managing Editor and General Manager of Gaming Today magazine. Gaming Today has been around 45 years, so they sort of have the sports betting thing down.

That’s right, it’s a sports thing. On our podcast. You know what they say: If you can’t beat ’em, let a sports guy talk about sports so we don’t have to! Barish shares his thoughts on “music, sex and sports,” but mostly that last thing.

Naturally, we give our two 0.0000017 Bitcoin (yes, that’s two cents as we write this) about Bizarro Vegas. You know, the one where Cosmopolitan and Wynn and The D and others are increasing security because of a spike in boneheads visiting Las Vegas recently.


On the bright side, irksome security measures at Cosmo only make it five percent less awesome.

Our “Listicle of the Week” features some sadness, specifically, “Nine Las Vegas Casinos That Are Still Closed.” In case you have a podcast allergy, and we wouldn’t blame you, here’s the list.

The Las Vegas casinos still closed are: Cromwell, Palms, Rio, Main Street Station (Downtown), Fiesta Rancho (North Las Vegas), Texas Station (North Las Vegas), Fiesta Henderson (Henderson), Eldorado Casino (Henderson) and Eastside Cannery (Boulder Highway).

Otherwise, it’s the usual rambling drivel you’ve come to know and avoid.

Gird your eustachian tube and take a listen.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 114: Kamu Karaoke, Pinball Hall of Fame and an Ass-Ton of Yammer

Podcasting is extremely difficult to do well, and this episode is a great example.

As usual, our incredible guests take up the slack.

In this installment, we chat with the owner of Kamu Ultra Karaoke Lounge at Venetian, Jeff Kim.

Kamu Ultra Karaoke is unlike any karaoke you’ve ever experienced in Las Vegas. We loved it, and we hate everything.

Kamu neon room

Our favorite room at Kamu Ultra Karaoke, unless we can have 40 favorites.

Also up is Tim Arnold, owner of the Pinball Hall of Fame.

We met up with Arnold on the site of a brand new Pinball Hall of Fame on the Las Vegas Strip to get all the skinny about this massive new attraction opening in January 2021, three times the size of the original Pinball Hall of Fame.

New Pinball Hall of Fame

The new home of the Pinball Hall of Fame is so sharp, it could put an eye out.

We also talk about recent visits to Heritage Steak at Mirage, Mon Ami Gabi at Paris, Marche Bacchus in Desert Shores and Carlos’n Charlie’s at Flamingo.

Heritage at Mirage

That time Heritage Steak missed a huge marketing opportunity by one dollar.

There’s the requisite Las Vegas news, of course, with a smattering of exclusive scoop you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll also want to imbibe in our list of “10 Planes We’re Going When We Get Video Poker Bars Back.”

Podcasts can’t take the place of Las Vegas, of course, but they might help kill some time until your next visit.

Take a listen and apologies in advance.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 113: Virgin Update, Discopussy, Lucky Day and More

It’s been a minute since our last podcast episode, but we’re making it up to you with another action-packed installment we can’t really recommend because we have taste.

While we may be unlistenable, our guests are always awesome!

In this episode, we chat with Richard Bosworth, CEO of JC Hospitality and head honcho at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas (formerly Hard Rock casino).

Bosworth and his team are in the throes of trying to open a new casino resort in the middle of a metric ass-ton of uncertainty. While Virgin’s renovation and rebrand are on schedule, questions remain about the timing of the new hotel’s debut.

Richard Bosworth

Richard Bosworth shares the inside scoop about Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. Yes, there’s just one. Don’t get us started.

We’ve also got an illuminating chat with someone we’ve dubbed the Mayor of East Fremont, Ryan Doherty.

Doherty, the driving force behind the popular Commonwealth and Park on Fremont, gives us a tour of two new venues, Discopussy and Lucky Day.

Get all the inside scoop on these two new spots on Fremont East (in the spaces previously occupied by Red and Vanguard Lounge), as well as what’s in store across the street, including a new entertainment space, Cheap Shot, and bar-slash-ice-cream-shop, We All Scream.


We were going to show you Discopussy’s octopus, but we opted for the restroom because it’s awesome.

You can also catch Ryan Doherty on the Plaza’s podcast, “On the Corner of Main Street,” where he’s given the time and professionalism he so richly deserves.

As always, we’ve got a cavalcade of Las Vegas news, some of it not depressing.

Fill your earholes with the latest about Caesars Entertainment keeping the change, Cheetah’s strip club being stripped of its signage, the downtown welcome arch, reopening dates for Mirage, Trop and Cromwell, Circa’s bars, the Stardust app, MSG Sphere’s construction, the closure of Vickie’s Diner, LVCVA’s eyeballing of the monorail and a lucky bastard’s $3.9 million jackpot at Bellagio.

It’s all the Vegas you can handle, with an extra dose of awkward related to that thing we aren’t at liberty to talk about at the moment.

Take a listen!

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 112: Bizarro Vegas and Derek Stevens Tells All About Circa

Don your flashiest Vegas-themed earbuds, it’s another rambly installment of the Vital Vegas Podcast.

In this episode, we badger casino owner Derek Stevens into sharing some amazing stories about his new downtown resort, Circa.

This is easily the most in-depth interview Stevens has ever given about Circa Las Vegas, which opens Oct. 28, 2020.

Stevens, who also owns The D and Golden Gate, talks about challenges his team faced during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as some first-in-Vegas innovations coming to the new casino resort.

Circa Las Vegas

They were originally going to name this new resort “Badass,” but that’s already a nickname of a certain Las Vegas blog.

Fun fact: One of Circa’s restaurants (8 East) won’t open along with the others, because on Oct. 28, Stevens says there will still be a construction crane going through it.

We’ve also got our perfunctory round-up of Las Vegas news, including the latest about Cirque’s bankruptcy, how Vegas botched being an NHL hub city, what’s going on with the four Station Casinos that haven’t reopened yet and the official debut of Resort World’s 100,000-square-foot video screen.

You’ll also get the latest about the reopenings of Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Delano, Aria and Waldorf Astoria, a Las Vegas hotel with a fancy name but no casino, so meh.

We’ll also tease two new venues downtown, Discopussy and Lucky Day.


Discopussy has destination restrooms.

You know we’ve got a spectacularly slapped-together listicle, too, inspired by news Las Vegas could be the site of the first video game-themed Atari Hotel.

All that and less, so listen up and Vegas a little.