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Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 112: Bizarro Vegas and Derek Stevens Tells All About Circa

Don your flashiest Vegas-themed earbuds, it’s another rambly installment of the Vital Vegas Podcast.

In this episode, we badger casino owner Derek Stevens into sharing some amazing stories about his new downtown resort, Circa.

This is easily the most in-depth interview Stevens has ever given about Circa Las Vegas, which opens Oct. 28, 2020.

Stevens, who also owns The D and Golden Gate, talks about challenges his team faced during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as some first-in-Vegas innovations coming to the new casino resort.

Circa Las Vegas

They were originally going to name this new resort “Badass,” but that’s already a nickname of a certain Las Vegas blog.

Fun fact: One of Circa’s restaurants (8 East) won’t open along with the others, because on Oct. 28, Stevens says there will still be a construction crane going through it.

We’ve also got our perfunctory round-up of Las Vegas news, including the latest about Cirque’s bankruptcy, how Vegas botched being an NHL hub city, what’s going on with the four Station Casinos that haven’t reopened yet and the official debut of Resort World’s 100,000-square-foot video screen.

You’ll also get the latest about the reopenings of Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Delano, Aria and Waldorf Astoria, a Las Vegas hotel with a fancy name but no casino, so meh.

We’ll also tease two new venues downtown, Discopussy and Lucky Day.


Discopussy has destination restrooms.

You know we’ve got a spectacularly slapped-together listicle, too, inspired by news Las Vegas could be the site of the first video game-themed Atari Hotel.

All that and less, so listen up and Vegas a little.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 111: Vegas is Open-ish

Las Vegas casinos are open again, and we’ve got all the scoop about this surreal chapter in Sin City history.

We check out a number of newly-reopened casinos to see what’s changed temporarily and what may be here to stay. From temperature checks to Plexiglas dividers at table games, you’ll get the inside skinny on how new protocols are altering the Las Vegas experience.

Masks Las Vegas casinos

Masks have been banned in casinos forever. Now, not so much.

This episode features an interview with Jonathan Jossel, CEO of Plaza Las Vegas.

Plaza is one of our favorite places to play downtown, and we highly recommend a podcast Jossel and his team put out, On the Corner of Main Street.

Jonathan Jossel deftly takes on our annoying questions and provides insights into what it’s like to reopen a Las Vegas casino following a lockdown, and also shares what’s next for the Plaza.

Plaza Las Vegas

You know the place, now, meet the guy.

We also speak with the co-host of Tipping the Odds Las Vegas podcast, epidemiologist Dr. Kevin Maki.

Maki has participated in more than 250 clinical trials and observational studies as an investigator, consultant or statistician, and he’s our go-to for translating data into plain English.

There’s also the usual pointless crap we slapped together at the last minute, so gird your loins and take a listen.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 110: Let’s Vegas Again

Let’s talk about the reopening of Vegas, finally!

There’s so much good news, we’re going to have our podcast let out. What does that even mean? Who the hell knows? The bottom line: We get to gamble again!

In this episode, we chat with Derek Stevens, owner of The D and Golden Gate, about giving away 2,000 free flights to Las Vegas.

Derek Stevens

Thanks to Derek Stevens for being on our podcast and sorry about the parts where we talk.

We also get a sneak preview of plans for Ahern Hotel, formerly the Lucky Dragon.

Chef Marc Sgrizzi talks about his new restaurant, Chef Marc’s Italian Steakhouse, and also tells us how to pronounce his name.

Chef Marc's Italian Steakhouse

Ahern Hotel has some sexy stuff in store.

We’ve got all the latest scoop you won’t hear anywhere else, and some scoop we heard elsewhere but changed just enough to avoid getting into too much trouble.

Don’t miss our hastily slapped-together listicle, “11 Things We’re Doing on June 4.” Hint: They all involve gambling and drinking. Shocker.

It’s the podcast your mother would’ve warned you about if she weren’t so busy reading your diary.

Take a listen!

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 109: Las Vegas Escort Shares Shutdown Secrets

It’s time for another slapdash episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast, the podcast your mother would’ve warned you about if she had any clue what a podcast is.

In this episode, we chat with a Las Vegas escort, Holly Davis. Davis shares insights into her business, including some of the challenges facing sex workers during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Vital Vegas Podcast

Shove a little Vegas in your earholes.

We also cover the latest news about the question on everybody’s lips: “When will Las Vegas casinos reopen?”

From who’s in trouble (Palms, Fiesta Henderson, Fiesta Rancho and Texas Station) to who’s in even more trouble (nightclubs, dayclubs and sports venues) and the restaurants that won’t be opening again at all (Santos Guisados Tacos, Ricardo’s Mexican, Hamptons, Brio, Sweet Tomatoes and Miller’s Ale House, among them).

Let’s drink heavily and marvel at how much Vegas isn’t Vegas at the moment. It won’t be easy, but we’ll be back, and sooner than you think.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 108: The Comeback Trail

It’s time to talk about what’s next for Las Vegas, because things pretty much suck at the moment.

Catch our award-worthy interview with international entertainment titan, Ross Mollison, producer of three hit shows on the Las Vegas Strip: “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace, “Opium” at Cosmo and “Atomic Saloon” (see below) at Venetian.

Atomic Saloon

Bawdy and brazen, Ross Mollison’s shows have turned the world of Las Vegas entertainment on its head.

Mollison shares his insights about the impact of the Strip shutdown on shows, as well as scoop about his latest Vegas production currently in the works.

Ross Mollison

They broke the mold before, during and after making producer Ross Mollison.

Plus, we read some mean reviews of our podcast and share the first 10 things we’re doing when Las Vegas gets back online.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 107: Everything is Ruined

It’s the wrong podcast at precisely the wrong time, but you’re not our mom and we’re doing it, anyway.

While coronavirus isn’t the only thing happening in Las Vegas right now, it sure feels like it.

In this episode, we talk about the Las Vegas shut-down, the impact it’s having on the casino industry and what the future of Las Vegas is likely to be once the suck has subsided and the bug  has moved on.

social distancing craps

Craps players rooting against the shooter are playing the “dark side.” They’re also referred to as “don’t” bettors, or “buzzkills.”

We also provide Captain Morgan-fueled answers to tons of questions from Twitter. What could possibly go wrong?

This might not be the most feel-good episode of the podcast, it’s not like you have anything better to do while you’re sheltering-in-place, so take a listen.