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It’s the podcast someone should’ve warned you about, with exclusive insider scoop, inept interviews and drunken rambling galore.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 132: The One Where We Sports

It may sound crazy, but this episode of our podcast contains actual sports competition attendance!

That’s right, we went to the Raiders season opener at Allegiant Stadium and returned with the inside scoop to enthrall you and your tympanic membrane.


We couldn’t not go, it says Las Vegas right on the field. Actual results may vary.

Our new stadium is amazing, and our team won, so what’s not to love? (We cover that, too.)

We also ramble aimlessly about the new Olive Garden on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s a beauty, the values are tremendous for The Strip and haters are invited to don their finest attire and STFU.

Also in this week’s episode, the Neon Museum, Life is Beautiful, a sad end to the Mt. Charleston Lodge, a tiki bar planned for Mirage, Cosmo and Planet Hollywood sale rumors, the Dotty’s data breach, a million-dollar win at Cannery and more.

Stardust Neon Museum

You’ll never guess our favorite sign at the Neon Museum. Unless, you know, you look at this photo.

You know you’ll get a metric butt-ton of Las Vegas news, and this week’s listicle is our “Top 10 Favorite Casino Sounds.” Shout-out to fans of Buffalo and Heidi’s Beer Haus.

It’s all the Vegas news and reviews you could possibly want, all consensually inserted into your ears via your preferred speakers or buds.

Scratch your Vegas itch (there’s also a salve for that) and quench your Vegas FOMO, take a listen.

Podcast, Ep. 131: Wynn’s Overlook Lounge, Main Street Reopens, Vegas Best and Worst

Just when you thought it was safe to own earbuds, it’s another disappointing episode of the Vital Vegas podcast!

Vital Vegas Podcast

It’s like terrestrial radio, except people actually listen.

One of the few saving graces of this week’s dog and pony show is an in-depth interview with Wynn Resorts master mixologist and alchemist Mariena Mercer Boarini.

Boarini talks about Overlook Lounge (formerly Parasol Up) and how she invented the most famous cocktail in Las Vegas, Cosmo’s Verbena.

Cocktail wizardess Mariena Mercer Boarini made buzz buttons (used in Cosmo’s Verbena and her new Overlook cocktail, the Cleo) shelf-stable. ‘Nuff said.

Also in this episode, we chat about the ongoing—and surprisingly controversial—conversation around tipping (or the lack thereof) and some big jackpots, including a million-dollar wins at Golden Nugget, Cosmo and the Cannery, which you’ve never been to, but still.

Naturally, we’ve got a metric butt-load of exclusive insider scoop about all things Vegas, as well as some perfunctory news everyone’s talking about at the moment.

The news includes the Raiders being the least-liked sports team in America, a new movie about Dennis Rodman’s 48-hour bender in Sin City, PBR World Finals bailing on Las Vegas, the return of “Ka” to MGM Grand, the first “Game of Thrones” convention coming to Vegas and a gaggle of restaurant openings and closings.

PBR Rock Bar

Sort of expresses our feelings about PBR World Finals choosing Texas over Vegas.

We also deliver a double dose of our beloved (by us, anyway) “Listicle of the Week.”

First, it’s “12 Areas Where Las Vegas Has Room for Improvement,” and then we keep it upbeat with “12 Ways Las Vegas Has Gotten Better Since Your Last Visit.”

On the “Vegas has gotten better” list, we’ve got Circa and Resorts World, all Donny and no Marie, fewer people getting shot by the police, the seedy Grayhound station is out at Plaza and new Olive Garden breadsticks on The Strip, for starters.

Donny Las Vegas

Solo Donny is the best form of Donny.

Join us for some aural gratification, and soon you’ll be able to pretend you’re a Las Vegas expert, just like we do!

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 130: Superfrico, Banachek, Pleasure Orb and More

In this installment of the Vital Vegas Podcast, we’re so far up into the business of Las Vegas, we
may need the Jaws of Life to extricate ourself.

Vital Vegas Podcast

It’s like a spoken word festival, but without all the yawning.

For starters, we chat with Banachek, star of a new mentalism show at The Strat.

Fair warning: Just reading Banachek’s name, he knows your phone number, date of birth and bra size.

Banachek is a psychic who doesn’t believe in psychics. Our kind of people.

Next up, it’s an in-depth interview with Ross Mollison, the demented genius behind “Absinthe,”
“Atomic Saloon,” “Opium” and a new restaurant at Cosmopolitan, Superfrico.

Mollison wastes no time letting is know we need to stop referring to this new dining offering as a “supper club,” and provides insights into what guests can expect at this replacement for the
former Rose.Rabbit.Lie.

Ross Mollison

It’s Ross Mollison’s world, we just live in it.

Of course, we’re your boots on the ground for all things Vegas, and share a cavalcade of exclusive news, including the name of a new Cirque show being developed for New York-New York (“Mad Apple”), the tentative opening timeline for Palms (early 2021), what’s new at Fontainebleau (contractor named), how much Thunder From Under dancers make ($150 a show) and how many times the Shelby Mustang has been won at Four Queens (three).

Parentheticals are such jerks, what with the surprise-ruining.

Palms San Manuel

Expect the sale to close in November 2021.

As usual, there’s a metric ass-ton of Las Vegas news, including items about the Vegas Knight Hawks, the Luxor buffet reopening (Sep. 1), a $1.1 million progressive win at Golden Nugget, the end of our reign as the town with the tallest observation wheel, events requiring vaccinations to attend, the Tix4Tonight bankruptcy, Lada Gaga’s return and other goodies to keep you in the Vegas loop. Which is actually a thing now, Elonwise.

The “Listicle of the Week” is “12 Things You Didn’t Know About the MSG Sphere,” the new entertainment venue we loving refer to as the Pleasure Orb.

MSG Sphere

You knew we’d get around to a Sphere listicle.

We drink. We ramble. We pontificate. We mainsplain. Or as we like to call it, Monday.

It’s all the Vegas you need to escape the banality of everyday life and avoid spending time with your in-laws.

Stuff some Vegas in your earholes!

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 129: Just the Tips

You could enjoy Las Vegas without our podcast, but why would you want to?

This episode has so much Vegas in it, you’ll need to service your temperature/pressure relief valve, whatever that might actually be.

Vital Vegas Podcast

Two words: Aural. Gratification.

We’ll bring you up to speed on the mask mandate and how it has, or mostly hasn’t, affected visitors.

Then we dive into a surprisingly explosive topic: Tipping. Our recent Tweets about crappy tippers broke the Internet, so we dive headlong into tipping culture and do our best to provide clues to the clueless.

As is our way, we also deliver tons of scoop about everything Las Vegas.

We cover casino staffing challenges, Allegiant’s cashless system crash, the upcoming reopening of Main Street Station (Sep. 8), a new COVID fee at Giordano’s, Fontainebleau progress, fake dispensaries on Fremont Street, Heart Attack Grill’s broken record, the restaurant shake-up at Bally’s, the departure of Carl “Safe Sax” Ferris from Fremont, plans for a new tower at Venetian, the closure of Aria’s buffet and Cirque rumors.

Berlin Wall Main Street Station

Main Street Station’s reopening marks the return of your opportunity to urinate on Communism.

Just like Vegas, we’re here to overwhelm your senses and give you a happy ending!

We blow through all the perfunctory Las Vegas news, of course, including the latest about Vici buying MGM Growth, the expansion of Joe’s at Forum Shops, Superfrico (a new dinner club at Cosmo), Evel Knievel’s museum moving to Vegas, Rise Bar at Area 15, the return of Chippendales (Sep. 1), Miracle Mile’s new paid parking policies and more.

Joe's Seafood Las Vegas

Yes, that Joe’s.

Naturally, we also slide into your earholes with a “Listicle of the Week,” with “Top 10 Excuses for Not Tipping.” Sadly, we are not making most of these up, so prepare your face for some serious palming.

You can listen to the podcast via the fancy interface below, or go the civilized route and subscribe on iTunes or any platform where podcasts Netflix and chill. Assuming that’s still a thing.

Listen up, listen in and stuff some Vegas in your basal forebrain, already.

Podcast, Ep. 127: Hagar, Posto, Pinball, Legends, Plaza, Mas

What an incredibly disappointing collection of cochlea-bending electrical impulses we’ve slapped together for you in episode 127 of the Vital Vegas Podcast.

In this episode we dive headlong into all the latest Las Vegas scoop so the next time you’re at a bar you can impress that hottie you’re pretending is “just a friend.” You’re welcome.

Vital Vegas Podcast

You just got your recommended daily allowance of Googie star.

Get the latest about the Sammy Hagar residency at Strat, surveyor problems at Pinball Hall of Fame, a Resorts World update, tons of exclusive Plaza news, a data breach at Dotty’s, our successful thwarting of a nuisance “process fee” at America restaurant and the usual buttload of industry chatter and rum-fueled speculation.

Hear from Steve Young, the new executive chef of one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Las Vegas, Al Solito Posto.

Al Solito Posto chicken parm

This chicken parm may not cure what ails you, but it’ll give it a good kick to the knards.

We also chat with Gina Adams, Vice President of the excellent tribute show, “Legends in Concert.”

“Legends” has been a Vegas fixture for decades, and has landed at Tropicana after stints at Imperial Palace, Harrah’s and Flamingo.

Legends in Concert

“Legends” delivers the superstar experience without sticker shock ticket prices.

Here’s a peek at the current talent featured in “Legends in Concert,” now with 80% more showgirls. We’d show you more, but video is strictly forbidden. (Do you know this blog at all?)

You’ll also get some perfunctory news, including the sale of Aria and Vdara, plus a “Listicle of the Week” you won’t soon remember.

Drop whatever you’re doing, unless it’s a Faberge egg, and take a listen to the podcast enjoyed by dozens around the globe. Shout-out to the one guy in Iceland and the other guy in Uganda, by the way. We appreciate you!

Podcast, Ep. 126: Resorts World, Mac King and a Buttload of Vegas News

It’s time for another installment of the Vital Vegas Podcast and we couldn’t be sorrier!

Las Vegas has a shiny new casino resort, so we got all up inside its business for this week’s yawn-packed episode.

Resorts World opened June 24, 2021, and we’ve got all the skinny you can possibly stuff into your earholes, including the good, the bad and the “How can we just live here, already?”

Resorts World

Resorts World is going to give you diabetes with all the eye candy.

Resorts World is the first fully cashless casino resort in Las Vegas (technically, cashless optional), so we chat with Jonathan Michaels, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development and Government Affairs at Sightline, the company involved with making that happen.

The only thing that could rival the opening of a new Las Vegas casino resort would be an interview with the one and only Mac King!

Mac King’s show opened June 22 at Excalibur, in the Thunderland Showroom (make some room, Thunder Down Under), and we spend some quality time talking with the beloved performer about his shocking decision to relocate after two decades at Harrah’s.

King shares the story of where he’s been, where he’s going and how his suit caught fire that one time.

Mac King

Mac King’s show is fire.

But wait, there’s more.

As always, we bring you a cavalcade of scoop you won’t hear anywhere else.

Bazaar Meat is coming to Caesars Palace (Old Homestead looks like it’s done), there’s a bidding war for a Garth Brooks residency, Sammy Hagar is getting a residency at Strat and Toby Keith’s restaurant at Harrah’s is closed for good and much more.

The listicle of the week features ways “Vegas You” is different than regular you. What the hell, let’s just share the list here for posterity, complete with a gratuitous hashtag. Because if it doesn’t have a hashtag, does it even exist?

12 Ways #VegasYou Is Different From Regular You

  1. #VegasYou doesn’t ask for forgiveness or permission.
  2. #VegasYou understands risk is the reward.
  3. #VegasYou knows those stains will wash out.
  4. #VegasYou knows mojo is more important than math.
  5. #VegasYou knows the walk of shame is just a walk.
  6. #VegasYou doesn’t double up to catch up because #VegasYou DGAF if you’re winning or losing.
  7. #VegasYou thinks “responsible gaming” means not spilling beer on the felt.
  8. #VegasYou thinks no matter how little your black dress might be, it could be littler.
  9. #VegasYou doesn’t need a synthetic lubricant.
  10. #VegasYou knows the guy your guy knows.
  11. #VegasYou knows it’s not $400 for a bottle of Gray Goose, it’s $400 for a story that will make you interesting for the rest of your life.
  12. #VegasYou doesn’t dance like nobody’s watching. #VegasYou dances like everybody is.

How are we not the agency of record for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority?

Anyhoo, even if this episode isn’t your favorite of all time, it’s certainly the most recent, so feel free to dive right in, ears first.