Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 4: Talking the Talk

Shockingly, there’s a fourth episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast. We did not see that coming.

In this week’s episode, we cover a lot of ground.

There’s an interview with comedian and juggler Jeff Civillico. The Flamingo headliner has a new TV show about Las Vegas, and the show is produced in a shipping container that sits on a water fountain at Linq promenade.

Las Vegas Good News

“Las Vegas Good News” host Jeff Civillico interviews a Brooklyn Bowl performer whose name we would convey if we were a note-taking type person.

Visit the Las Vegas Good News Web site, watch for the show in your hotel room or on Channel 13 (the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas) and make sure to keep an eye on Chelsea Phillips-Reid, one of Civillico’s bevy of co-hosts. Her pre-taped, “Daily Show”-style interview (back when “Daily Show” was funny) with a Gilley’s chef was a stand-out on the episode we attended.

We also chat with Seth Debowy, an entrepreneur whose company, Vegas Felt Co., makes clothing from salvaged casino table felt. Debowy provides an insider’s look into the process of developing his line of collectible clothing, and shares a few felt secrets, too.

For example, the vast majority of casino tables don’t actually use felt. We also learned if a high roller requests it, casinos will give them the table felt after their play. And also possibly cocktail servers.

Vegas Felt Co.

Take little piece of your favorite casino table game home with you.

The clothing company has come a long way since we first checked in. Check out the company’s official Vegas Felt site for more information.

Also on the show, we give our imbicilic take on the latest Las Vegas news, share some Las Vegas history (Barbary Coast closed this week back in 2007, now it’s the Cromwell) and drop the usual exclusives, including the fact Cosmopolitan resort is on the precipice of rolling out a drink voucher system at all its casino bars.

Barbary Coast security

Like many classic Vegas casinos, Barbary Coast had catwalks where security could peer down on tables to watch for cheats. This rare pic shows the peep holes.

Don’t miss some great listener questions: What’s the most trouble we’ve gotten into for a security breach? What’s a recommended panty-dropper cocktail? What are our five favorite video poker bars? All that and much, much less.

Oh, in the spirit of Jimmy Kimmel’s popular “Mean Tweets” segment, we read mean reviews of our podcast. Out loud. Somebody’s got to do it.

This iTunes review is a definite highlight: “End this abortion of a show before you lose all credibility.” Honestly, that’s an insult to abortions.

Take a listen. You can find all the episodes hereSubscribe at iTunes, and leave a review. Drop us a line to ask a question or tell us to STFU. You can also Tweet to @VitalVegas.

The Vital Vegas Podcast. It’s all the things you’ve come to loathe about this Las Vegas blog, but with more annoying ice-clinking.

12 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 4: Talking the Talk

    1. Scott Roeben

      No dissing intended. It’s just time to find other folks people can associate with Vegas, I think. I don’t know if I have any better ideas, but he and his legacy are getting a little long in the tooth. All due respect. “)

  1. Lewmoore

    I must say, had to agree with you on the Elvis Presley Boulevard or whatever. Living in Tennessee I’ve wondered before why we make such a fuss because, as you said, he did die in 1977!

      1. Bouldersteve

        Elvis was a amazing talent but people who fans when he was in his prime are getting up there in age and probably not visiting Vegas much anymore. So who is the new Mr. Las Vegas?..Any nominations?

  2. Funkhouser_1

    Hey Scott, I just noticed at the tail end of the podcast you kinda sound like Dennis Miller kinda funny. Another pretty good podcast, but I have to turn on some background noise to listen to you. Okay, now on to my complaint. You have been standing under the FSE too long?! The FSE bulbs have started cooking your brain. How can you rag on poor Elvis?! Vegas is steeped in Elvis lore, nostalgia, and branding. You mention Elvis and people immediately think of Vegas (okay those of us over 40). I think we still have at least two more decades before he becomes irrelevant. Hell we just got rid of Liberace and his museum in the last 5 years, but his stuff still keeps popping up. Besides Elvis is no less relevant then say that stupid KISS show they run at FSE IMHO. Cmon KISS had like two good songs and they built a freaking 10 minute show around them? Also Zummanity is awesome, love the show since they retooled it. Lastly I kinda threw up in my mouth when you mentioned The D as one of your favorite poker bars (insert DS butt kiss sound effect here). Sorry good pay tables does not make a great VP bar. I do agree on your other selections.

    1. Bouldersteve

      Agree with the your take on the VUE bar upstairs. Yes good paytables but the vibe is depressing. For one thing install some decent speakers.The music sounds like a bad AM radio and although i like classic rock maybe its time to move beyond the the sixties and seventies. The lighting could use some adjustment..its a casino..not a library.I was at the Plaza recently and while its not my favorite casino downtown they play great music on a good sound system.

      1. Scott Roeben

        Not sure where you’re talking about, but I like the vibe at all the places I mentioned. I don’t really notice the music at Vue bar, but the music is supposed to be old-school, since that’s the vintage floor of the casino. Thanks for your comment, as always.

    2. Scott Roeben

      I’ll take Dennis Miller any time! Background noise? Should I use that on the show itself? Yeah, Elvis. Until he puts out some new music, I think Vegas needs to move on! “Zumanity” is about the worst Cirque show in Vegas, although Zarkana beats it. As I mentioned, I was answering a question about my favorite video poker, and I answered honestly. Everyone’s going to have a different answer. Thanks for your comments, appreciate your thoughts.

  3. Gerry Pena

    Greetings everyone. Loved the article about Great idea on the shirts, hat and towels. Finally somebody thought about how to recycle casino felt. I saw some of these shirts at the Tuscany casino gift shop.
    Nice article and good luck on your awesome business.

  4. Troy Swezey

    The Vegas felt tshirts are cool though maybe a little pricey yet at $35 they are still less expensive than a tshirt people stood in line for hours to get at the Iron Maiden concert.

  5. Stephen B

    Elvis has been and always will be the King. Those annoying, pampered Millenials won’t change that. Unfortunately for them, the power rangers will never get recognition in Vegas.

    Scott, we can still hear the ice and slurping. We’ll assume you’re drinking while you podcast, although the slurping could be D related. Try the pause button for your beverage.


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