Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 21: Good Vibrations, EasyPlay App and Howard Hughes

It’s time for another excruciating episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast!

This is episode 21, which means the podcast is finally old enough to gamble. What could possibly go wrong? (Don’t bother asking about the “Good Vibrations” thing. It’s better left unsaid.)

In this installment, we chat about the new real money slot tournament app from MGM Resorts, EasyPlay, and hear an exclusive interview with Michael Jabara, President & CEO of OneLive, Inc., the company that developed this new Web-based app.

EasyPlay app

The EasyPlay app from MGM Resorts lets players enter real money slot, bingo and video poker tournaments.

We also dive into the state of downtown Las Vegas and its future, and round up some of the Las Vegas news you know and love (mainly because you read this blog).

Rounding out the episode, we explore one of the colorful characters that made what Las Vegas is today, Howard Hughes.

It’s all that and so much less on this episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast, so take a listen, already.

5 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 21: Good Vibrations, EasyPlay App and Howard Hughes

  1. Troy Swezey

    Oh goodie. Another podcast. Can’t wait to listen… right after I get back from my colonoscopy.
    I hope you got Howard Hughes to call in and tell stories or read from his new book. That would be neat-o.

  2. Bouldersteve

    Agree with your comments Scott about the weather. The city planners are in denial about the extreme heat in the summer. I love the desert but cannot hang outside when it’s triple digits. Just want to get from one air conditioned place to the next ASAP. Interesting segment on Howard Hughes.I knew he owned the Desert Inn but not all those other hotels


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