Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 18: Skinny Pours, Silver Palace and We B.S. Our Way Through Listener Questions

In this, the final episode of the first season of the Vital Vegas Podcast, we barrel recklessly into the world of skinny casino pours and more.

Vital Vegas Podcast

We just blew by 26,000 downloads, and we’re pretty sure those weren’t all by our mom. Just saying.

We also mine podcast gold with an homage to the Silver Palace, a casino you’ve probably never heard of, that opened on June 8, 1956. The Silver Palace once stood on the site now occupied by Mermaid’s, the deep fried Oreo-centric grind joint that closes on June 27, 2016.

Silver Palace was the first casino in Las Vegas to boast “motor stairs,” also known as escalators.

From the Las Vegas Sun in 1956: “The new Silver Palace will be casting an even brighter glow at the First and Fremont location tonight for the grand opening of the ultra modern, million and a half dollar club.” A million-and-a-half dollars? These days, that’s about what it costs for a casino to replace the felt on its table games!

Also on the show, we answer a metric hell-ton of listener questions. We even answer a couple of them correctly. Miracles happen.

You also won’t want to miss the “Listicle of the Week,” a segment we were going to trademark until we came up with 10 reasons not to.

Plaza pool

This week’s listicle is all about pools. Not the one in this photo. We just think the one in this photo is awesome. Now, it’s Oscar’s restaurant at the Plaza.

There’s also our take on all the latest Las Vegas news: Eggslut has opened at Cosmopolitan (lower your expectations), Frankie Moreno’s show is in trouble at Planet Hollywood, 3535 Bar at Linq has a new party pit, “Jersey Boys” closes Sep. 18, 2016 and an NHL expansion team is a done deal in Las Vegas.

Think of this episode as an escape from all the crappy things going on in the world. The Vital Vegas Podcast is like rum, but in podcast form.

2 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 18: Skinny Pours, Silver Palace and We B.S. Our Way Through Listener Questions

  1. Chuck in Richmond

    While staying at the Cosmo the second week in May, I asked a floor manager what was going on in the former high limit area. He said they had moved the slots into their own high limit area and were now going to redo the high limit area (that I guess also had slots before) for just table games. I’ve heard elsewhere that the high limit table players don’t like to hear slots in the background while they’re playing.

  2. Bouldersteve

    Interesting discussion about skinny pours. MGM says that 1.25 oz. is the industry standard. Is that true? Also is that just for comped drinks or do paying customers get the same crappy drink. Maybe Scott you could let us know which casinos that still pour 1.5 oz or better drinks…thanks


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