Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 17: Benny Binion Speaks and a Metric Ass-Ton of Las Vegas News

It’s our final episode of Season One of the self-acclaimed Vital Vegas Podcast, and we’ve got a cavalcade of fairly useless news, information and WTF for your aural cavities.

For starters, we hear from a Las Vegas legend, Benny Binion. Inspired by the book “Blood Aces, The Wild Ride of Benny Binion,” we slap together a monologue covering Benny Binion’s early days and rise to power.

Blood Aces

We’re fairly sure our depiction of Benny Binion is going to result in a lawsuit, which would be just awful were it not for the fact we have a bailiff fetish.

We also cover all the latest Las Vegas news, including the Monte Carlo rebrand, the start of paid parking at MGM Resorts, the asshats who defaced the Seven Magic Mountains sculpture, Sheldon Adelson’s move to complete the stalled St. Regis tower, plus a slew of Las Vegas drama surrounding David Copperfield, Jan Rouven, Gregory Popovich, comedian Vinnie Favorito and “Chumlee” of “Pawn Stars.”

This week’s listicle is a keeper, literally: 10 Cheapskate Las Vegas Keepsakes. And, no, we’re not entirely sure people still use the word “cheapskate.”

It’s everything you want in a Las Vegas podcast and much, much less, so take a listen.

5 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 17: Benny Binion Speaks and a Metric Ass-Ton of Las Vegas News

  1. Bouldersteve

    Met Benny Binion once on my first trip to Las Vegas..I was at the Horseshoe late seventies and the casino was being picketed by the culinary workers so business was slow. He walked up to me and others while we were playing and gave us each $100 saying thanks for your business

  2. ElectricGypsy

    I’ve read half of Blood Aces. It’s a slow read. Lots of detail about his years in Texas. I put the book on hold, not by design, about halfway through it. When I pick it back up I’ll finally be learning about how he built his Vegas empire. At this point I don’t recommend the book.

  3. Troy Swezey

    Gee, why do they tell you it takes half an hour to process the million dollar picture if it only takes ten? I just can not understand why they would want you wandering around the casino while you waited for your picture. Hmmm…
    Anyway, I enjoyed you having Mr. Binion on your show reading from his new book. Doesn’t seem like a fellow I would hang out with. Seems like a shady and raskelly character. Anyway, he did a fine job reading.

  4. Troy Swezey

    I wonder if your old MGM room keys will be able to get you free parking on return visits? I guess not as guests still have to pay for parking huh?


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