Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 15: Topgolf, MGM Resorts Parking Lowdown and More

Against all odds, it’s time for another unsatisfying episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast!

This time around, we talk Steve Wynn doing a downtown zipline, Topgolf’s smashing debut, Fremont casino’s 60th birthday and whatever else happened to spillĀ from our mouth during ourĀ drunken stupor.

Topgolf Las Vegas

You’ll be hearing a lot more about Topgolf Las Vegas. We loved it, and we’re not even a golf person.

We also tip our hat to the 360 Vegas Podcast. The show recently hosted its 360 Vegas Vacation in Las Vegas, and thanks to the poor judgment of its organizer, we were invited.

Also in this episode, the final show of our first season, we dive face-first into the details of the new paid parking program at MGM Resorts hotels in Las Vegas. Paid parking begins at a number of MGM Resorts hotels on the Las Vegas Strip on June 6, 2016.

We also shamelessly recycle a recent blog post about the recent birthday of the cheese-filled classic, “Viva Las Vegas.”

Join the Las Vegas fun and take a listen. It’s a wonderful excuse to avoid spending more time with your family!

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  • Bouldersteve

    The water damage at the Plaza is not just due to the rain. Remember they recently remodeled the pool area which is above the casino where the water is leaking. Looks like a construction issue. Got a feeling the contractor may be on the hook for the damages.

    • Very possible. The plastic sheeting is the kind used to deal with hazardous materials, but hard to know the extent of the damage. Hear they’ll be opening that section soon, so maybe it wasn’t too bad. Still, stuff coming down from ceilings in those old buildings can’t be good.

  • Misslaydj

    I love top golf and not only have i not been to this one i haven’t been to one at all HA! I love seeing new things being built in Vegas and this is my fav by far. Can’t wait to try. Thanks for the view from the top.

    • It’s amazing. This week’s podcast is pretty much ALL about Topgolf. Love it.