Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 12: Derek Stevens, Chef Stacey Dougan and a List of the Top Las Vegas Lists

This week’s podcast episode is a highly professional production, brimming with Las Vegas gloriousness, and if you believe that, we’ve got a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge you might be interested in.

In episode 12 of the Vital Vegas Podcast, the last episode of season one (probably) we touch base with downtown casino mogul Derek Stevens, hot on the heels of his purchase of Mermaids, La Bayou (pictured below) and the Glitter Gulch strip club. Read our scoop.

La Bayou Las Vegas

The sale of La Bayou is a reminder the only constant in Las Vegas is, well, you know.

We also pop into the kitchen at Simply Pure, a vegan restaurant inside the Downtown Container Park, to chat with Chef Stacey Dougan about her life-altering vegan lasagna.

Simply Pure lasagna

If society weren’t so judgmental, we would be wedding to this lasagna right about now.

Also on the show, we slap together our top 10 Las Vegas top 10 lists. This blog loves it some meta.

Top 10 Las Vegas Top 10 Lists

1. 10 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas (or 10 Best Free Things to Do in Las Vegas)
2. Top 10 Steakhouses
3. 10 Best Burgers in Las Vegas
4. 10 Best Places to Get Pizza in Las Vegas
5. Top 10 Las Vegas Hotels
6. 10 Best Cocktails in Las Vegas
7. 10 Best Las Vegas Pools
8. 10 Las Vegas Deals
9. Top 10 Hottest Las Vegas Nightclubs
10. Top 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

Have other ideas? Comment accordingly.

We also answer listener questions, several of which we didn’t fabricate to make it sound like we know everything.

Oh, and we also drop some fun Las Vegas facts during the show. For example, did you know Excalibur was almost called “Castle Castle”? It’s true! One of the owners of Circus Circus in 1974, William Bennett, wanted to follow the lead of Circus Circus in naming Excalibur. Cooler heads prevailed, thankfully, and the rest is Las Vegas history. And don’t laugh, naming things is hard!

Listen in and join in the fun, especially if you define “fun” very, very loosely.


11 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 12: Derek Stevens, Chef Stacey Dougan and a List of the Top Las Vegas Lists

  1. Funkhouser

    I am disappointed in the lack of nudity in Season 1 of the Vital Vegas podcast. I mean its not like its on one of the major networks. At least on HBO we get ample amounts. So disappointed, especially considering the content of Episode 11. Instead you wrap up the season with yet another Derek Stevens snoozefest. 🙂 Everything else I like though Scott. Keep on Trucking.

  2. xmarksx

    Yes, you do have fans of your podcast! How about 10 best insiders tips? For example, a cheap tour of the strip is picking up The Duce at BTC downtown and snagging one of the top-front seats. Or, buying sweatshirts and other souvenirs at the UNLV bookstore. I do like Oscar’s 10 best places to score idea too.

  3. Bouldersteve

    Good interview with Derek Stevens. I have no good memories of Burnstines properties..never been to La Bayou or the Glitter Girls strip club. Went into Mermaids once bought a beer and used the restroom…I say good riddance. What ever Stevens does it cannot be worse that what exists now.

      1. Bouldersteve

        Short term pain for long term gain.I believe Derek said he would leave the neon lit up at least until construction starts so it will at least appear that those places are open.


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