Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 95: Las Vegas Calories Don’t Count

It’s time for another blowzy, cloying, yeasty installment of what many consider to be the 11th best Las Vegas podcast!

In this episode, we review some Las Vegas restaurants: Oscar’s Steakhouse at Plaza, Oakville Steakhouse at Tropicana, Carlos ‘n Charlie’s at Flamingo and the new Uno Mas at SLS Las Vegas.

Oakville Steakhouse Tropicana

The Barely There cocktail at Tropicana’s Oakville Steakhouse is our featured drink of the month and we don’t really even do those. Yeah, it was that good.

You’ll also get a cerebrum full of the latest Las Vegas scoop, including news about the MGM 2020 initiative, the fifth birthday of the High Roller observation wheel, Binion’s on “Ghost Adventures” and rumors about Hyde at Bellagio closing for a rebrand.

We’ll also give you all the reasons why an announced resort, Astral, won’t be happening on a parcel across from Mandalay Bay.

Astral resort Las Vegas

“Astral” is Latin for “Yeah, that’s not happening.”

We’ll top this episode off with one of our beloved (translation: reviled) listicles. Oh, if you insist, here it is.

11 Las Vegas Restaurants for When You Decide to Splurge

1. Joe’s Seafood and Prime Steak at Forum Shops
2. STK at Cosmopolitan
3. Carbone at Aria
4. Vic & Anthony’s at Golden Nugget
5. Old Homestead at Caesars Palace
6. Top of the World at The Strat
7. Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris
8. The Steakhouse at Circus Circus
9. Andiamo at The D
10. Delmonico at Venetian
11. Cleo at SLS

Note: These places are even particularly extravagant (by Las Vegas standards), but they’re some of our favorites and we just like making lists.

We hope you enjoy our podcast as much as we enjoy procrastinating in an effort to avoid recording it.

Listen and learn! Or at least listen. Learning is highly overrated.

7 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 95: Las Vegas Calories Don’t Count

  1. Rusty Hammer

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy, you’re going to talk about food! Will you discuss how you don’t like deep dish pizza, and therefore it’s not pizza, but is instead some sort of casserole? Please, favor us with more of that idiocy, which you’ve carefully avoided for some time now.

    1. T. Ira DaVieux

      Somewhere, in the back alleys of the internet, there’s a mangy cat that nobody likes, not even the other alley cats. This cat lurks in the dark just waiting to pounce on what it thinks is prey, but is too feral to realize the rest of the world has passed this cat by.


    2. Coop

      It not deep dish pizza that caught our fury. But rather the cheese casserole they serve in Chicago and at Giordano’s.

      1. FOMO Nomo

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I rarely see a restaurant serve casserole. Chicken pot pie, occasionally. Meat loaf, sure. But good old casserole, or hot dish, as people like to call it in the midwest, damn hard to find. Not sure I’ve ever seen casserole served at a restaurant. The tater tot “hot dish” is one of the best, if you’re taking a survey.

        I guess lasagna is a casserole, but I wouldn’t have thought of it as such. You can look up a list on Wikipedia. I’ll try to post it below. I fear that posting links in these comments will get the comment flagged.

        Beyond that, what kind of low-rent restaurants do you people patronize? You really find restaurants that serve casserole? No thanks.

        Now that I’m hungry, it’s time to find out what all the hype is about regarding this ep. of VV. I’m having FOMO. I thought I could live without an episode, but I’m wrong.

  2. EnuffBull

    Did someone say “Steak?” I will be listening not only with my earholes but with tastebuds, too!

  3. William Wingo

    Here’s a link to some more information on the Astral. They paid $7.4 million for the closed 25-room motel–which had terrible online reviews when it was open–on one acre of land. Groundbreaking is set for 2020 for an opening in 2022. It is the sixth in the chain, and most or all the others are in Israel.
    Wikimapia shows it about a hundred meters South of the Skyview observation wheel site, where nothing remains but the uprights.
    I’m the one that’s supposed to be cynical about the future of Las Vegas, but I didn’t hear many reasons in the podcast why this project will not go forward. It very well may not; and, if it does, it could certainly wind up like Skyview, Fontainebleau, or Lucky Dragon–but let’s give them a chance.


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