Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 89: Reckless Speculation and “Winner Takes All”

It’s time for the podcast your mother would’ve warned you about were she not so busy trying to delete your browser history.

In this installment, we chat with someone who’s actually interesting: Christina Binkley, author of “Winner Takes All.”

“Winner Takes All” is a must-read, and Binkley indulges our inane questions about three titans of Las Vegas: Kirk Kerkorian, Gary Loveman and Steve Wynn. But mostly that last guy.

Winner Takes All

A book so good, we read it twice, and we haven’t read a book since 1992.

Christina Binkley is an award-winning journalist who’s been at The Wall Street Journal for more than two decades. A hefty portion of that was spent covering Las Vegas and its larger-than-life personalities.

We chat about the current state of Las Vegas, some of the people who made it what it is and what may be next for disgraced visionary Steve Wynn.

Naturally, we balance our our fascinating interview with an award-winning journalist by rambling incoherently about Wynn Plaza, being kicked out of SLS Las Vegas and how some Vegas resorts are bailing on resort fees.

Wynn Plaza

Wynn Plaza, being all “Grammable” and whatnot.

Mix in some rumors, speculation and hastily-slapped-together news updates, and you’ve got a solid way to kill an hour you might otherwise foolishly spend feeding the poor or helping elderly people across busy streets.

Take a listen and prove you don’t always do the smart thing, as if your brood of illegitimate children wasn’t already proof enough.

4 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 89: Reckless Speculation and “Winner Takes All”

  1. Mike Winger

    Scott – Thanks for the podcast. Informative and entertaining as usual. I just wanted to say that I bought Ms. Binkley’s book as soon as I heard the interview. It’s amazing. Thanks again for everything that you do for us.

    BTW, I believe the incident at SLS was the second time that you’ve been ejected for ignoring a ‘no photos allowed’ sign. (Remember the gondola gift shop at the Venetian). Let us know if we need to start searching Groupon for bail coupons.

  2. Andy

    Got the book. Man, Steve Wynn is such a freak I would probably feel unconfortable just asking him what time it is. The white casket for the baby dolphin is just some arabic megalomaniac sick crap. Good riddance..

  3. Annette Purchase

    Scott , I bought this book for my hubby for Christmas .. He is a big fan of Vegas and everything to do with Vegas .
    We both listen to your podcast .. Love it … It’s like catching up with a friend .. Great job and always entertaining . Would be very cool to meet you …
    Happy New Year to you and your girlfriend 🙂
    From Kamsack , Saskatchewan , Canada


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