Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 88: Luckiest Episode, Ever

It’s time for another episode of the podcast guaranteed to be more pleasant than an intestinal parasite infection, but just barely.

In this installment, we take full advantage of 88, a number considered one of the luckiest in Chinese culture. We also talk about other numbers that are considered lucky and unlucky, and sometimes both.

There’s a metric hell-ton of updates about the latest news in Las Vegas, from Britney Spears’ new residency at Park MGM to the renovations at SLS and so much exclusive scoop you’ll have trouble fitting it all into your earholes.

We also give the inside skinny on a new lobby lounge at Bally’s, mainly as an excuse to chastise overzealous security guards who have it in for people with big cameras. Don’t get us started.

Bally's lobby lounge

Due to strict rules against photography at Bally’s, we are unable to share this photo of the new lounge.

Man, alive, is there a lot of Vegas news to catch up on.

Red Plate restaurant and Ghost Donkey opened at Cosmo, “Legends” is moving from Flamingo to Tropicana, Celine Dion announced her final shows, Sphere at Venetian broke ground, “Friends The Musical Parody” opened at The D, Downtown Project rebranded to DTP Companies, Mob Museum welcomed its two millionth visitor, Rehab closed for good, Harrah’s is de-theming, “Bat Out of Hell The Musical” is coming to Venetian, “Marilyn” isn’t coming anywhere, Donny and Marie are done at Flamingo next year, Rio’s getting a new venue (DB172), Don’t Tell Mama is moving to Neonopolis, Catch opened at Aria, Zoe escape room opened at Bally’s, Plaza is building a permanent outdoor equestrian center and TI is about to open a new sports bar.

Donny Marie feud

Donny and Marie were supposed to be at Flamingo for six weeks. When they’re done, it’ll be 11 years.

Are you not entertained?

Don’t attempt to do Las Vegas without stuffing your gullet full of WTF. Take a listen.

10 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 88: Luckiest Episode, Ever

  1. Kevzilla

    I enjoyed the story of how Emre began her long suffering. “)

    I also wanted to thank you for your time on the 18th. Suddenly appearing next to you in a Vital Vegas T-shirt was a little stalker-ish, but you handled it with grace and good humor,

  2. Bethat Guy

    Thx for all the Vegas news Scott! keeps me going between far too distant visits.

    Tell Derek the unwashed masses need to know the name of 18 Fremont!!

  3. Funkhouser

    My whole problem with the drink monitoring system, is the eventual creeping in of on demand pricing for comps. It will only be a matter of time before the Casinos adjust play requirements during high demand periods for comp drinks. Its interesting that none of them (or at least when I ask) have provided answers around the level of play to get a comp drink. Which tells me places plan to ease into it, but raise the “play requirements” for comping. As a higher tier player with another club that rhymes withe SMEEZARS, I still like the fact I can tip a waitress five bucks (first round) on the floor and get the pour and drinks I want, at the frequency I want.

  4. William Wingo

    So Donny & Marie have been at the Flamingo 10 years going on 11. I remember about the time they opened there I was staying off strip at a place with a good view of the Flamingo. I looked out the window and saw their faces on the building over mile away. Has it really been that long?
    The last time I was actually in the Flamingo myself was a year or two before that, to see “Bottoms Up” with a coupon.

    1. MrSnarkyPants

      I always expected Donny & Marie to be more of a temporary show, given that it had to replace Toni Braxton in a hurry (between suing your manager and going to the hospital for chest pain, that show was toast) but they’ve had a good run.

      I’m in my late 40s, and Donny & Marie were big back when I was 3. It’s time for some Gen-X nostalgia, CET.


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