Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 82: We Don’t Listen to This Podcast, Either

It’s time for another disappointing episode of the only Las Vegas “podcast” that deserves to be in quotation marks.

This week, we dive headlong into the best fine dining deal you’re going to find in Las Vegas, the prix fixe menu at Golden Nugget. You won’t actually find it on the menu, but here’s a .pdf that will come in handy.

Vic & Anthony's dessert

You won’t have room for the creme brulee, but that’s no reason not to have it. You’re in Las Vegas.

That’s just the beginning of the fun. Or possibly all of it. You’ll have to listen to find out.

You’ll also hear us entertain ourself with stories of a string of slot machine jackpots in recent weeks. We’ll tell you exactly where we got ours so you can grab one of your own.

We chat about Park MGM and the end of free drinks in Las Vegas. Sort of.

There’s a slew of exclusive news you won’t hear anywhere else. Which is basically the definition of “exclusive,” but whatever.

Learn more than you could ever want to know about the return of the Smith & Wollensky steakhouse, “Baz” closing at Palazzo, a $3.2 million jackpot at the Silverton and more.

Smith & Wollensky

Say adios to the former Smith & Wollensky.

We’ve got rumors up the wazoo (not an actual body part) about Marquee at Cosmopolitan, a possible suitor for Hooters, what’s going into the Grand Wok & Sushi space at MGM Grand and why the folks at the 18 Fremont casino project are calling their new parking structure the “Garage Majal.”

Of course, there’s a hastily slapped-together “Listicle of the Week” and an overview of the main causes of upset. Yeah, it’s as random as it sounds.

Join in the fun for our final episode of Season One of the Vital Vegas Podcast.

4 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 82: We Don’t Listen to This Podcast, Either

  1. John

    Hm, Old Navy and Burlington on the Strip. Says enough about the downfall of Vegas.

    By the way. I love your blog and though I should take some time to listen to your podcast! Sorry to say man, you suck at it!

    1. Jeff

      What the hell is your problem, John? What kind of loser goes on a guy’s site and insults his podcasts. And you talk about the “downfall” of Vegas? I’d like to hear about your downfall from a tall building.

      I love what you do, Scott!

  2. EnuffBull

    Scott, I love, love, LOVE all things downtown Vegas that you go out of your way to promote! And this website is written proof of that love, and your podcast demonstrates the enthusiasm too. Please continue to keep up the good work, and hope your employer and the area businesses see what an asset you are to the community.

    And to be critical, a little Pappy goes a long way, so it’s nice to see Pappy has been kept on a short leash.

    Cheers from someone who envies your job!


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