Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 78: 18 Fremont Project Details, Cosmo and Mandarin Oriental Rumors and More

Step away from the puckball playoffs, it’s time to shove some Vegas in your ears.

In this week’s episode, we’ve got an exclusive interview with Derek Stevens, owner of The D and Golden Gate, about his new resort at 18 Fremont.

Stevens helps clear up lots of questions about the project, shares his thoughts about what the new casino will bring to Las Vegas and hints at some surprises to come.

18 Fremont resort rendering

We’re already antsy for the new casino at 18 Fremont, and it’s two years away. We’re looking into purchasing a cryosleep chamber.

The show is also teeming with unsubstantiated rumors and speculation, including some juicy ones about a potential sale of Cosmopolitan to Hard Rock International, plus who might be buying Mandarin Oriental.

You’ll also want to hear the latest about what’s next for the Flamingo’s Margaritaville Casino and 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar. Hint: We hope you’re not emotionally attached.

You know, all the stuff you’ve already read in this blog!

5 O'Clock Somewhere bar

The sun’s going down on the 5 O’Clock Somewhere bar at Flamingo.

There’s a boatload of Las Vegas news, of course, and a listicle slapped together at the last possible moment, as is our way. It’s something about what casinos to do keep you gambling, although the specifics are muddy because Captain Morgan spiced rum.

There might be better Las Vegas podcasts, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one with a more inflamed liver.

3 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 78: 18 Fremont Project Details, Cosmo and Mandarin Oriental Rumors and More

  1. Toolpusher

    Looking forward to 18 Freemont (hopefully they break the trend with Vegas recently and pick a decent a name). One question: are they going to focus on Freemont Street noise that can be a nuisance in rooms at other properties (instead of just giving guests ear plugs) like making rooms more sound proof. I really like staying downtown but the noise inside the room is a huge turn-off.

    Also, never really got the superstitious numbers thing: 4, silly, 13, if it’s good enough for our flag and T.S. then it’s good enough for me.

  2. William Wingo

    I wonder if they will have resort fees, parking fees, “add-on fees” in the restaurants, comped-drink meters on the machines, 6-5 Blackjack, and triple-zero roulette.
    Actually, these are probably rhetorical questions, and the answer is “yes to all the above.”
    How did I get so cynical? probably Watergate…

    1. Dan Yost

      Based on the other 2 Stevens properties…

      Resort Fees – Yes
      Parking Fee – Probably, but with ability to have parking validated
      Drink monitors – No
      6:5 Blackjack – No
      Trip 0 Roulette – No


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