Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 77: Neon Brilliance, Mob Museum Moonshine and More

It’s all the Las Vegas you can fit into your tympanic cavity!

In this week’s episode, we review the new show at Neon Museum, “Brilliant.”

“Brilliant” brings 40 defunct signs back to life through the miracle of projection mapping. Yes, it’s a miracle, and this 30-minute show will make you fall in love with Las Vegas all over again.

Neon Museum Brilliant show

Amazingly, not a single bulb on these signs actually works. “Brilliant” is right!

Next up, we dive headlong into a new offering at Mob Museum, The Underground.

The Underground is a Prohibition-inspired speakeasy and features a working distillery.

On the show, we chat up a master moonshiner about turning corn mash into hooch, then we make our way to a new exhibit at Mob Museum, the “Use of Force Training Experience.”

Mob Museum distillery

Yes, moonshine’s made from corn, which sounds healthy, but still.

The rest of the show is an inebriated blur of Las Vegas rumors, news, a list of our favorite neon signs and self-serving drivel. What’s not to love?

Take a listen and learn why our podcast was named the 11th best podcast in Las Vegas, and that was probably being generous.

7 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 77: Neon Brilliance, Mob Museum Moonshine and More

    1. Coop

      Sure did. Cant Like others posts. I am growing worried the corporate overlords are slowly pulling Scott in. Resistance is futile

        1. Coop

          Mike L that’s hilarious! Reinventing “Disqus” seems like Scott is putting up an Esports arena to attract millennials that have no interest in gambling…or blogging with us old foggies. Good day to all.

  1. Kevzilla

    The Underground sounds like something I would really enjoy…if I were to run out of gambling money. So not likely, but possible.


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