Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 69: Lyft Skinny, “Magic Mike” Moistness, Roulette Gems and a Metric Ass-Ton of News

Welcome to the only Las Vegas podcast that’s in the Gaming Control Board’s “Black Book.” It’s also the podcast not particularly invested in “facts” or “reality,” obviously.

This week’s “Listicle of the Week” is “12 Weird, Wonderful Facts About Roulette.” Learn about “mucking,” left and right-hand roulette tables, dealer “signatures,” “section shooting” and why you can’t cash roulette chips at the cage.

Bonus fun fact: That little silver bump is called a “canoe.” It helps ensure roulette spins stay random.

In this week’s episode, we chat up an official from Lyft Las Vegas, one of the rideshare services that’s made Sin City a better, more affordable and convenient place to make poor life decisions.

In this episode, you’ll get all the latest scoop about your favorite vacation destination.

There’s news about Wynn Resorts purchasing the Alon site, Lotus of Siam’s new location, Barry Manilow’s residency at Westgate, McGregor vs. Pacquaio, virtual reality coming to the roller coaster at New York-New York, Diablo’s Cantina (past tense), Hell’s Kitchen (future tense), SpeedVegas’ bankruptcy and more.

Diablo's Cantina

Let’s just say Diablo’s Cantina at Monte Carlo has changed a little since your last visit.

We’ve also got a tipsy review of “Magic Mike” at Hard Rock.

The Vital Vegas Podcast is the most fun you can have without a casino VIP host, so take a listen and get your Las Vegas fix!

9 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 69: Lyft Skinny, “Magic Mike” Moistness, Roulette Gems and a Metric Ass-Ton of News

  1. Kevin Rackley

    On 12/8, the last day of a five-day Vegas trip, I left my phone in a Lyft. It took a little while to get a human at Lyft, but two hours after I lost it, the driver reappeared and handed me the phone. Love those guys.

    The long-suffering Emory should start her own podcast. Mandatory Males?

  2. Manybar Goatfish

    Roulette Gems was a real jewel! I didn’t know any of that stuff. I wonder how many dumb clucks have found themselves in handcuffs for attempting to reintroducing their $1 chips as $5 chips? Jail would be a rude awakening for doing something you considered a clever idea.

  3. Sal Sagev

    Sigh … episode 69 … You act as though you have never had a girl friend before and you seem to be shouting from a mountain top that you are finally having sex on a regular basis. Stop doing that on your podcast, weirdo.

    1. Manybar Goatfish

      SR is a well-known celebrity in Las Vegas as well as a comedic genius. Add it up. You can get a calculator at Walgreen’s.

    2. Coop

      Love the weirdness. The fact that a Boozer that looks like a “human toe” and cannot keep a secret (LMAO) has a hot girlfriend is hope for all of us.


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