Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 67: Hand Pays, Restaurant Scoop and So Many Seats to Fill

In this installment of the 11th best Las Vegas podcast out there, we’ve got a slew of exclusives and insider scoop to help get the most from your next Sin City visit.

From thoughts about MGM Resorts severing ties with celebrity chef Todd English due to sexual harassment accusations to rumors about Barry Manilow’s return to Las Vegas and the location of the Raider’s new training facility, we’re driving P.R. departments crazy and couldn’t be prouder.

Barry Manilow

Rumor has it Barry Manilow will be back for another Las Vegas residency, this time at Westgate, in 2018.

This week’s listicle is a recap of all the biggest sports and entertainment venues in town and their capacities. In fact, here’s the listicle now!

11 Top Las Vegas Sports and Entertainment Venues and Their Seat Counts

  1. Orleans Arena – 9,500
  2. MGM Grand Garden Arena – 16,800
  3. Mandalay Bay Events Center – 12,000
  4. Thomas & Mack Center – 18,000
  5. T-Mobile Arena – 20,000 (see below)
  6. Colosseum Caesars Palace – 4,300
  7. Axis at Planet Hollywood – 7,000
  8. Park Theater – 5,200
  9. Planned All Net Resort and Arena – 22,000
  10. Planned Sands Concert Venue – 18,500
  11. Planned Las Vegas (Raiders) Stadium – 65,000

The point: With all those seats (nearly 200,000), Las Vegas may be looking at a severe shortage of keisters, or whatever the kids are calling them these days.

T-Mobile Arena

Think of this as a sonogram of the T-Mobile Arena, taken back in Oct. 2014.

As always, there’s a slew of Las Vegas news, perfunctory as it may be: Casino Royale has ended its 15-year $1 beer promotion, Pizza Lotto’s calling it quits at El Cortez, Troy Liquor Bar has opened at Golden Nugget, Salute’s set to close at Red Rock (we know its replacement) and more.

We’ve got closings, openings and a metric hell-ton of drunken rambling, so don’t miss out on the only Las Vegas podcast you can afford to miss.

10 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 67: Hand Pays, Restaurant Scoop and So Many Seats to Fill

  1. Funkhouser_1

    Congrats on the hand pay Scott. I can only assume you knew your slots and you were Flippin’ and Dippin. Now go spend some of that sweet money on a great Chicago Style Pizza!

  2. Mike L

    Congrats on the win! The last night I was there, I was staying at El Cortez and sat down at a penny machine and started to max bet. After about the 5th pull, it started to light up and showed a $3,200 jackpot. Kind of a cool feeling, but it DEFINITELY attracts a lot of attention (especially at El Cortez). Take the cash and run!

  3. Manybar Goatfish

    The hand pay recording would’ve been a lot more credible with some drone footage to go along with it. I’m not sure I’m buying it.

    1. Coop

      Could someone at another rumor/news outlet please confirm this rumor? Because Scott cant be right until its confirmed by someone slower on the uptake. LOL

  4. Coop

    Congrats on the hand pay. Great podcast as usual. Lady parts don’t like to wait around. LOL. When listing good breakfast spots on Fremont you did not mention Hash House A Go Go. I really enjoy the food at all 3 locations. But I have never heard you mention it. Is their a reason you can share?


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