Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 60: So Much Vegas, You May Rupture Your Lap Band

It’s the podcast your mother warned you about, just before she sexted us!

In this week’s hastily slapped-together episode, we make it rain exclusives like we’re at the Cromwell.

We’ve got the latest on the Fontainebleau sale, the end of Vegas Seven’s print edition and augmented reality on the way to the Big Apple coaster at New York-New York.

We chat up an epic human who also happens to be the Director of Hooch (sorry, “Beverage”) at The D and Golden Gate and Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, David Rosborough.

David Rosborough Golden Gate

David Rosborough is one of our favorite casino executives, ever, and not entirely because he holds the key to all the liquor. Primarily, but not entirely.

Get the inside scoop about the monster excavator, nicknamed Bronto (for brontosaurus), that will take down the hotel towers at Las Vegas Club.

We pulled Greg Goscenski, General Superintendent for North American Dismantling Corp., off the demolition site to give you the skinny you won’t get anywhere else.

Las Vegas Club demolition

That yellow thing is the base of the bigass excavator (also known as “Bronto”). The orange thing is the crane being used to assemble it.

Naturally, we round up the latest Las Vegas news, and crank out an obligatory “Listicle of the Week.” This time around, we rattle off “12 Places to Satisfy Your Munchies (or Drunchies) in Las Vegas.”

We cap off our 60th episode with a conversation with Markham Anderson. Anderson is the voice actor behind Pappy and Zoltar, the characters inside those ubiquitous fortune-telling and penny-crushing machines around Las Vegas and the country.

With more than 212,000 downloads, we’re feeling pretty feisty, so listen in and revel in the unlistenability of the ninth best podcast in Las Vegas, the Vital Vegas Podcast.

5 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 60: So Much Vegas, You May Rupture Your Lap Band

  1. VegasSlushy

    An interview with Pappy and Zoltar? Outstanding. I know what I’m doing instead of working after lunch tomorrow.

  2. Manybar Goatfish

    The beer chilling room has come a long way since the last pic posted a few days ago. It looks fantastic! I’d bet whoever manages the kegs was working hard to appear sober when the boss walked thru. (I know I would’ve been.) More importantly, the photographer captured one of the most amazing compositions in the history of fine art. Every line converges at the same point; a level of technical mastery that is next to impossible to pull off. Leonardo would be impressed!

  3. Manybar Goatfish

    One other thing – Turn the “beer chilling room” pic upside-down, and you’ll understand what Scott and David were getting at when discussing how the physics of a gravity-fed delivery positively affects the suds stream. Plus, it’s always cool when someone walks on the ceiling!


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