Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 44: Axe Monkeys, Escapology, Pop-Up BBQ and More

This week’s installment of the Vital Vegas podcast has so much Vegas, you may have to loosen your belt.

For starters, we chat with one of the co-owners of Axe Monkeys, Barry Tell. Axe Monkeys is something new to do in Las Vegas, involving tossing sharp objects at targets.

Axe Monkeys Las Vegas

Curious where this photo was taken? We thought you’d never axe.

We also take listeners inside another Las Vegas diversion, Escapology. Escapology hosts a collection of escape rooms. Guests must solve a series of puzzles to escape their room in less than 60 minutes.


This is about the only photo we could take at Escapology without ruining the surprises in store.

We also chat up Rex Bernales, the chef behind a new BBQ food truck in a unique location on Fremont Street, downtown. The new pop-up barbecue joint is in a demolition site, cleverly wedged between the former Mermaids and Glitter Gulch strip club.

Project BBQ

Time to give your drunchies a smack-down. With just three sandwiches to choose from, you won’t be overwhelmed with options.

Rest assured this episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast is loaded. Specifically, with tons of Las Vegas news and history. In case you thought we meant the other kind of loaded. Which is also entirely possible.

Dive headlong into our girthiest show yet, with exclusive interviews and insider scoop, all with a metric ass-ton of snark, just for good measure.

5 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 44: Axe Monkeys, Escapology, Pop-Up BBQ and More

  1. RustyHammer

    Do people really want to do an “escape room” when in Vegas? I suppose if you come from Podunk, Mississippi, you’ve never seen one. But if you come from the big metropolitan areas, chances are you have more than a few of these trendy new gimmicks to choose from. Is that what you really want to do with your Vegas time? I suppose, maybe once, if you’re really into it. Or if you’re with a group that has gathered from multiple regions and this is your once chance for a big social orgy.

    Remember when your single friends loved speed dating? It was so fun! And every other bar was hosting a speed dating night each week. Try finding a speed dating gig now.

    There are other examples of social gimmicks that wear out their welcome, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head, as I’m drunk right now. Point being: More than half of these “escape rooms” will be history in five years, if not sooner. Bet on it!

    1. RustyHammer

      Cameo in Vegas didn’t sell? No!

      Paul Lynde: Not sure what his acting credentials were, I do recall he had a recurring character on “Bewitched.”

      Considering he has been dead for what, 25 years, I’m puzzled as to why somebody has decided now is the time to celebrate his memory. Strike when the iron is hot. Or something.


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