Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 107: Everything is Ruined

It’s the wrong podcast at precisely the wrong time, but you’re not our mom and we’re doing it, anyway.

While coronavirus isn’t the only thing happening in Las Vegas right now, it sure feels like it.

In this episode, we talk about the Las Vegas shut-down, the impact it’s having on the casino industry and what the future of Las Vegas is likely to be once the suck has subsided and the bug  has moved on.

social distancing craps

Craps players rooting against the shooter are playing the “dark side.” They’re also referred to as “don’t” bettors, or “buzzkills.”

We also provide Captain Morgan-fueled answers to tons of questions from Twitter. What could possibly go wrong?

This might not be the most feel-good episode of the podcast, it’s not like you have anything better to do while you’re sheltering-in-place, so take a listen.

4 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 107: Everything is Ruined

  1. Vegas Insight

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I wish this had been available on Monday, like most episodes, because I’m an essential employee who is chained to a desk in the office for several hours on Mondays, and a new episode always makes Monday less painful. I mean it. Six hours of design work every Monday is a major buzzkill.

    But I’ll find a way to enjoy the dulcet tones of Scott Roeben on Tuesday. It’s my half-ass day after the sprint to my weekly finish on Mondays.

  2. DerbyCityDoug

    Great to hear the triumphant return of Melissa Vegas to VV Podcast, it was akin to Celine returning for her
    second residency at the Colosseum. Good Podcast, could have been a great podcast if questions were used, but whatever. In the spirit of bringing couples together in this stressful time, might I suggest a compromise such as Healthy LIfe Whole Grain White Bread, all the benefits of whole grain and it tastes like White Bread. Scott will never know the difference, not to mention it will save $$ on therapy.

  3. EnuffBull

    Dear “The Truth”: I’m sure you are talking to a mirror right now.

    Scott, you are great. Thanks for the articles and podcasts on our frivolous lifestyles!


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