Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 104: Front Yard, Solo Bubble Craps and Sheer Kaos

It’s been a minute since our last podcast episode, but we’re making up for it with a non-stop cavalcade of incoherent blathering.

We’ve got the inside scoop on Elon Musk’s tunnel project, the closing on Kaos at Palms, the sales of Rio, Bellagio and Circus Circus and the closure of “Blanc de Blanc” at Sahara, for starters.

The Las Vegas Convention Center is getting drilled. Hey, it’s Vegas.

Then, we blaze through all the Las Vegas news you need to sound like a know-it-all at your local bar.

It’s all the stuff we don’t have time to blog about because we have a life: B.B.D.’s at Palace Station closes, Resorts World’s opening has been pushed back to 2021, China Tang will close at MGM Grand, Carnegie Deli closes at Mirage in February, Red Square closed at Mandalay Bay, Chick-fil-A and Saltgrass are coming to Golden Nugget, Steaks & Alibis will replace Center Cut at Flamingo, Vortex is dead at Linq, Starburst is done at Grand Bazaar Shops, Naked City Pizza closed at El Cortez and more.

We also chat with Christina Ellis about the just-opened Front Yard at Ellis Island, and find out more about the new solo “bubble craps” game from Joseph Friedman of Interblock Gaming.

Front Yard Ellis Island

“Long-awaited” is an understatement when it comes to the Front Yard.

There’s something for everyone on this episode of the podcast, including a listicle, “12 Meh Restaurants in Las Vegas.” Hey, somebody has to say it.

Kick back, hit “play” and be transported to Sin City through the highly overrated magic of podcasting.

16 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 104: Front Yard, Solo Bubble Craps and Sheer Kaos

  1. Father Time

    Long overdue podcast… although you’ve been busier with the keyboard as of late, it appears. It’s as if you have more time on your hands these days.

  2. Tim D.

    You had tunnel vision….nice!

    Kaos news seems like it was months ago. Things move fast in Vegas.

    “Investment in talent.” That’s cute.

    What the hell is Catch 21? Shouldn’t there have been a blog post about that?

    Drama at Channel 8? Weird. I’m intrigued. A personal moment? Wow, you’re st*tcanned by Channel 8? I’m stunned.

    Not everyone plays nice. The Five Hundy podcast is run by an unapologetic outsider. Although who asked him to apologize?

    Of all the scoop you dumped on Channel 8, the tidbit about a dying show at Sahara, a place you shill for on a regular basis, is the reason you are no longer on TV on Monday nights? You can’t make it up.

    So you’ve lost your girl and your weekly TV gig. Is the podcast the next to go?

    “soft opening…” yikes… won’t touch that one.

    You must have had a dozen Captains by the time the Ellis Island interview started.

    This went from an interview to a monologue in a hurry. My sympathy to Xtina.

    Somebody reported the pay tables at Ellis Island are not fine. You shouldn’t have told her they were. Too much Captain.

    You read my mind. Is Xtina single? Time for Scotty to rebound.

    Podcast meet up? I’m there!

    Is black cherry lemon drop martini a panty dropper?

    Is panty a word?

    “bet like an asshole….” that’s outstanding!

    Field testing in Iowa? Farmers are the target market for single-player craps?

    An hour already…. this is what happens when you don’t do regular podcasts…. too much content.

    I haven’t been to any of these “Meh” restaurants you mention.

    Is Robert Irvine really a celebrity chef?

    You went from an Emery reference to a Melissa reference in the same podcast. Did you ever explain why her name changed?

    If you don’t live in Vegas you shouldn’t be doing a Vegas podcast? LIke Faces and Aces?

    What “escort” sent you boob photos?


    Well done Scott!

      1. Coop

        No. Thank You! Thank you for keeping it real. Another great example of you not selling out. This is why we come to you and not Channel 8 or PR people.

  3. mfjugrnt

    Good stuff Scott! lots to digest there, well done, as always.

    A floor a week for Circa? Wow! that’s great. Would love to hear an in-depth update on Circa next outing. Sportsbook details, pools, interior/exterior details, glass etc. Any restaurant details?

  4. Bill in San Diego

    Great to have Vital Vegas podcast back! (P.S. I, too, am re-watching the Sopranos and am also up to Season 5, Episode 1.)

  5. Al in San Diego

    No new podcast this week? I was hoping that we’d see a return of more frequent podcasts.

    Wishful thinking

  6. Ann Moody

    Wow. That is indeed the proverbial metric-a tonnage of info.

    Relevant to once and future Vegas visitor @hollsmom, was not planning to eat at any of those places but good to know Ramsey burgers are better than Flay. Will make the effort to drive over from the Strat where we have 5 nights in a 1000 SF unrenovated classic grand suite, to Ellis for a meal in the yard.

    Regarding resort fees, as I rant on your Twitter feed, terrible but considering we are paying $110/night for that big suite including all taxes and fees, I will refrain from grumbling. Sorry about the breakup. Don’t know why anyone would give you a bad podcast review. Idiots most likely.

  7. Kate

    Thanks for another great podcast. Sorry about you and Emery/Melissa, but the podcast was better without her. I think she’s the one who took a loss, not you. You have far more talent than she could hope to have.

    Hopefully another TV station picks you up… Also, have you covered the Haunted Museum at any point? Is Neonopolis doomed? Back in the day when Star Trek: The Experience was reported to be leaving the LV Hilton, rumor had it it was supposed to move there. I wish it had… I also wish I knew why it (Neonopolis) has failed to be successful since its opening. The karyoke bar you covered in one podcast tried to get us in there the last time we went. They seemed to be hard up for people. I thought they had private rooms, but nope… and they video tape you on stage for people to see. Ugh. Thanks for all your hard work!


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