Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 102: Stratification, Inside Hard Rock Skinny and More

Let us satiate your insatiable hunger for Vegas with the only Las Vegas podcast recommended by habitual self-flagellators.

In this episode, we interview the Vice President of Table Games at The Strat, Brian Stanton.

Among other things, Stanton is the driving force behind the casino’s new policy embracing photography in the casino, a move we’re hoping will catch on, well, everywhere.

Strat selfie

Taking photos is part of the casino experience, or should be. The Strat gets it.

We’ve also got some inside skinny from Hard Rock. Hard Rock recently announced it will close for eight months in 2020 as it transitions to Virgin Hotels, and we’ve got some top secret audio which isn’t really all that top secret but it sounds a lot sexier when we describe it that way.

We also review Ada’s restaurant at Tivoli Village, and share some self-serving media appearances, because we like attention.

The “Listicle of the Week” is “10 Misconceptions About Las Vegas,” at least one of which probably should’ve been “this is a good Las Vegas podcast.”

Think the house always wins? (It doesn’t.) Or that counting cards is illegal? (It’s not.) Or maybe you think casino dealers are rooting for you to lose? (They aren’t.) Do you believe penny slots cost the least to play? (Nope.) Do you think prostitution is legal in Las Vegas? (Really, really nope.) Do you hate being asked lots of questions accompanied by parenthetical answers? We’ve got this!

Take a listen and make your earholes earn their keep, the freeloaders.

7 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 102: Stratification, Inside Hard Rock Skinny and More

  1. Vegas Insight

    Recording a podcast on a Tuesday? You’re really dedicated to this third season! So glad you didn’t shut it down after two seasons.

  2. El Marko

    Scott, your Strat, Brian Stanton interview sold me for a couple night stay next month. Just booked a Boulevard Suite.


  3. Daniel A Vazquez

    Hi Scott just finished listening to your latest episode and want to say kudos on the interview. Always a pleasur to listen to the latest scopes thanks.

  4. Kevzilla

    Perhaps there is something more entertaining than ‘white girl wasted’ but I sure can’t think of it right now. ‘)


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