Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 112: Bizarro Vegas and Derek Stevens Tells All About Circa

Don your flashiest Vegas-themed earbuds, it’s another rambly installment of the Vital Vegas Podcast.

In this episode, we badger casino owner Derek Stevens into sharing some amazing stories about his new downtown resort, Circa.

This is easily the most in-depth interview Stevens has ever given about Circa Las Vegas, which opens Oct. 28, 2020.

Stevens, who also owns The D and Golden Gate, talks about challenges his team faced during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as some first-in-Vegas innovations coming to the new casino resort.

Circa Las Vegas

They were originally going to name this new resort “Badass,” but that’s already a nickname of a certain Las Vegas blog.

Fun fact: One of Circa’s restaurants (8 East) won’t open along with the others, because on Oct. 28, Stevens says there will still be a construction crane going through it.

We’ve also got our perfunctory round-up of Las Vegas news, including the latest about Cirque’s bankruptcy, how Vegas botched being an NHL hub city, what’s going on with the four Station Casinos that haven’t reopened yet and the official debut of Resort World’s 100,000-square-foot video screen.

You’ll also get the latest about the reopenings of Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Delano, Aria and Waldorf Astoria, a Las Vegas hotel with a fancy name but no casino, so meh.

We’ll also tease two new venues downtown, Discopussy and Lucky Day.


Discopussy has destination restrooms.

You know we’ve got a spectacularly slapped-together listicle, too, inspired by news Las Vegas could be the site of the first video game-themed Atari Hotel.

All that and less, so listen up and Vegas a little.

7 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 112: Bizarro Vegas and Derek Stevens Tells All About Circa

  1. Wayne Bailey Jr

    Hey Scott I have a question for you…has there been talk of Luxor’s structural problems before this rumor of demolition ? I have always been told it was an example of successful architectural design. I wonder if really the issue is it’s too expensive to operate vs the return. Anyways, great podcast with Mr Stevens ! Keep up the great work !

  2. Brandon Outfall

    I’ll get a look on Thursday when I take my customary first day, early morning walk from Westgate to Downtown. Haven’t been there since March. Man, so much has happened since then.

    I don’t see dropping a Strip – speced facility into downtown as being much of a match, but I was wrong that the Resorts World project at this point would still be two workers de-rusting rebar in a half-built parking garage.

  3. Brie

    Hey Scott:
    I found your pod a few months ago. I have been searching for a solid Vegas vibe’ news-entertainment podcast for some time. I think yours is the best of this category and would like to request you do more! I used to have a place in Henderson because I worked three days weekly in Vegas for six years (lived mostly in LA). I finished my MBA but used to work marketing for dozens of companies/brands in Vegas. Great times. Anywho, love you and your girlfriend’s banter. She has a great voice and personality so, big middle to anyone saying otherwise. Trust. I am a very discerning itchb.
    Btw: You should link your pod to shops in Amazon so people shopping, can shop while supporting the pod. Cheers

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Thanks for finding the podcast and hope to do them more frequently now that I’m doing Vital Vegas full-time. Appreciate the kind words, and I’ll let Melissa know as well.


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