Virgin Hotels Las Vegas May Delay Opening (Again)

Damn it. It looks like Virgin Hotels Las Vegas will delay its opening, again.

The resort, formerly Hard Rock Las Vegas, was set to open Jan. 15, 2021, but Richard Bosworth, President and CEO of the casino’s owner, JC Hospitality, has informed employees they may have to push that date back due to concerning predictions by health agencies and recent directives from Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak.

Virgin Hotel Las Vegas pool

We are currently experiencing an epic level of bummed about another delay in the opening of Virgin Las Vegas.

In an internal memo, Bosworth said, “While the current restrictions put forth by the Governor are only scheduled for three weeks, there could be an extension if there is no improvement in the COVID-19 crisis. Either way, a slowdown in county services and the inability to have gatherings with over 50 attendees will likely impact many of our pre-opening activities.

The missive continues a wee more ominously, “Additionally, we have learned today through both the CDC and John Hopkins University that the next surge is projected to occur in early January, right in the middle of our scheduled launch. It is very difficult to know if this prediction is accurate, but it could be extremely disruptive to our opening.”

In his communication, Bosworth touches upon some harsh realities of opening in mid-January.

“We are closely following hotel bookings for January,” the memo says. “With unprecedented low occupancy projections for Las Vegas, it is unclear that if we did open as scheduled, there would be enough business to support scheduling even 50% of our staff.”

Richard Bosworth

Our heart goes out to you and the team, Boz. Yes, he said we can call him that.

Bosworth says the final decision has yet to be made, but given the circumstances, it seems prudent to wait a bit rather than opening and being crushed by capacity limits and ongoing travel restrictions.

No new potential opening date for Virgin Las Vegas has been shared.

Bosworth says to staffers, “Making the decision to delay is very painful for all of us. As I have stated before, we want to start ringing our cash registers and for all of you to start earning a great living. While I am not able to determine a new opening date at this time, it could be three weeks or more beyond the original date of January 15th.”

It appears our collective suck won’t end with the end of 2020.

Bar at Commons Club

We really, really wanted to have a drink here in January.

This new casino resort is shaping up to be a sweet new offering (including an enticing collection of bars and restaurants), and while it’s disappointing to hear we probably won’t be able to get inside this Virgin in mid-January, it’s something to look forward to, and we could all use more things to look forward to.

Update: Our sources say Virgin Hotels Las Vegas will open no later than April 7, 2021, although it could open sooner.

5 thoughts on “Virgin Hotels Las Vegas May Delay Opening (Again)

  1. Ron Nasty

    “…and while it’s disappointing to hear we probably won’t be able to get inside this Virgin in mid-January, it’s something to look forward to, and we could all use more things to look forward to.”

    I’ve never been in a Virgin, so I hope it’s still a Virgin by my next visit to Las Vegas.

  2. Mike Alexakis

    Very prudent decision by Virgin,, not only are there scary and ominous signs and trends, there is also the possibility and promise of the vaccine introduction. I sure want to be in on the first wave, I am old and have myriad conditions that could facilitate a terrible result if I get the virus. The mask mandates will continue for a long time past the initial vaccine introductions, but people and older people in particular certainly might be more willing to travel to Las Vegas, we sure miss going to our favorite city… A lot of uncertainty exists, coupled with some very certain misery, if the country continues to have over 200,000 cases a day, we are screwed…

  3. TheMultiplex

    “the next surge is projected to occur in early January”

    Translation: People will continue to be ignorant selfish twats and gather for Christmas, so it’ll start peaking 2-3 weeks after again.

    1. Rodin's Thinker

      Right, Multiplex, and what a shame that flavorless gluesticks have taken the place of delicious white paste, paring down future scientists’ snack menagerie to crayons and playdough. Humanity is so screwed.

  4. Jason Ghiselin

    If I were running VLV, I’d schedule opening for April 1 (in time for Easter…do people go to Las Vegas for Easter?!?), then “steal” Circa’s gimmick and a few weeks before say: “April Fools” you can actually check in as early as March 30. Although, if people gather for St. Patrick’s Day that would be just about 14 days later, in time for another “spike.” F–K! This isn’t easy!


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