Virgin Hotel Las Vegas Busts Out More Sweet Renderings

Virgin Hotel Las Vegas (technically, Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, but there’s just the one so far) has shared some sweet renderings.

Hard Rock will transition into Virgin starting in February 2020, and here’s a peek at what’s in store.

Virgin Las Vegas

If we ever have Richard Branson money, this will be our living room.

The renderings were shared as Virgin Vegas announced its design and construction partners.

We aren’t entirely sure who some of these companies are, but we thought we’d list them here to prevent the renderings from slapping together.

Virgin Vegas

Let’s drink, already.

Virgin’s design and construction partners include Rockwell Group, Klai Juba Wald Architecture + Interiors, Studio Collective, Taylor International Corporation and McCarthy Building Companies.

Virgin hotel Las Vegas

Virgin will have a whole new groove.

Rockwell Group is probably the most recognizable of the partners, as they’ve done a number of projects in Las Vegas, including Greene St. Kitchen and Kaos at Palms, as well as Omnia nightclub and Nobu at Caesars Palace.

Fun fact: Rockwell Group also did the set designs for the movie “Tootsie.” Yes, we knew that off the top of our head, not because it was in the news release.

Virgin Las Vegas

Let’s play, already.

Here’s another fleek rendering from the upcoming Virgin hotel in Las Vegas. And, yes, we’re using “fleek” ironically. We are not a complete idiot.

Virgin Las Vegas

We love the art inspired by our ex.

When we shared these renderings on our wildly popular Twitter account, there was universally positive feedback, and Twitter tends to hate everything.

That bodes well for Virgin, and we’ll keep you in the loop with all the latest developments. Read more about the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas renovation timeline. Virgin Hotel Las Vegas is expected to open in Nov. 2020.

10 thoughts on “Virgin Hotel Las Vegas Busts Out More Sweet Renderings

  1. Andre

    I like it. Looks like some sort of 1950’s/La Concha’s style. Finally something different than the usual Aria-M-Palms 2.0..

  2. Duane

    I doubt that the property will have any value and will become an elitist club of non gambling snobs. Just my thoughts. They are firing all the employees and closing the property so that they can kill the unions and get rid of all the unionized employees so that they can hire and operate without any union representation, plus it allows them to get rid of the “old” employees and replace them with young, trainable kids.

    1. Rick j

      Duane, you have no clue what is going on. All the employees have been given generous packages to STAY with the property thru it’s closure including bonuses to resign when the property re-opens.

      1. Marc

        I hAve been brought the closing of a property, a major property. We were promised to be the first one rehired, we were promised the world. A week before the property closed, we were told those promises meant nothing and we would have to apply like everyone else. I call it bs

        1. alex

          I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Just because that happened to you doesn’t mean it will happen here.

          I got hired as a Night Manager at a hotel that closed for a full renovation. Former employees were rehired when the hotel reopened. The employees that returned had their former hourly salaries matched and were given credit for the years/months worked in terms of seniority over newly hired people.

          Just because you worked for unethical owners doesn’t mean the rest of the industry is unethical.


    We stayed at Hard Rock once years ago. Glass, black marble, silver-on-black Rorshach-inspired wallpaper, giant photos of rock stars, and collages of guitars everywhere; one of those “pick-it-up-and you’ve-bought-it” snack trays on the counter; and not a single decent Blackjack or Video Poker game in the house, but lots of “Super-Fun-21.” On a positive note, the food was pretty good.
    The room was several floors up, and every now and then an airplane would go by almost at eye level on approach into McCarran. The neighborhood was a bit run down, with several closed motels nearby–including the old Key Largo, now demolished. Terrible’s (now Silver Sevens) and Club Paradise were a pretty good hike in one direction, and the Hofbrauhaus about the same in the other. Nothing else in walking distance. It had the old “aircraft carrier” feeling of the Strip in the 1970s.
    From the pictures, it looks like the new Virgin visual impression will be lighter and more upbeat; but I doubt much else will change.

  4. Lookie Loo

    Yeah, that is some sweet action. I don’t belong there, but it looks cool… no argument here. One day, when I fall ass backwards into money, I’ll lose Virgin virginity…but not likely any time soon.

  5. Boulder Steve

    Tootsie..Now that”s a blast from the past. Rockwell has been around the block so at we know they have experience. Unfortunatly this is the future of Vegas hotels. Elegant but boring. No different than other cities. I remember when Vegas hotels were unique and had a theme for every taste and budget


    I half expect to see Deano waltzing through these renderings with a scotch in one hand and a model’s arm in the other, humming “Everybody Loves Somebody…”.

    The record player listening station is a hoot.

  7. john d.

    God bless Las Vegas…its our go to place to chill..we don’t spend a ton, my wife and I love to people watch and scoop up hard to find breakfast, lunch and supper deals, we take UBER around town, also LYFT, use the best deal…parking is an expense if you have a car, that is avoided by Ubering around the strip. Sounds like fun checking out these changes…soon we will walk across the street from Luxor and eat good wings at Hooters when and if they come to the Tropicana.?


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