Venue Fees: The Newest Ways Las Vegas Nightclubs Are Screwing You

We’ve long railed against insidious, often deceptive, CNF charges (or “concession fees”) at Las Vegas restaurants.

It seems Las Vegas nightclubs are getting in on the customer screwing action with a snaky new revenue-generating surcharge we haven’t seen before: Venue fees.

An alert tipster informed us about a 7% “venue fee” tacked onto all bills at XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas.

XS Nightclub venue fee

By the way, those numbers on the right are in U.S. dollars. The mind reels.

One of the reasons we haven’t seen this fee before, and why we can’t definitively say it’s new, is we would rather dive headlong into a pool full of piranha while wearing bacon manties than set foot in a Las Vegas nightclub.

So, what’s a “venue fee”?

We’d say it’s a resort fee for nightclubs, but with resort fees, hotels at least pretend you’re getting something in return for your money.

Venue fees, like CNF charges, get you absolutely nothing as far as we can tell. Nightclubs charge it because they can, plain and simple.

The 7% venue fee at XS Nightclub may not sound like a lot until you see the prices at the club, then it really starts to sting.

A 7% venue fee on an $8,000 table is $560. For nothing, as far as we can tell. Even for a lower tier table (the closer you are to the dance floor, the higher the cost), the venue fee for a $4,000 table is $280.

XS Nightclub

Las Vegas has a never-ending supply of WTF.

We tried computing the venue fee on the cost of table and a $300,000 bottle of Ace of Spades Champagne, but our calculator melted.

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The great news, of course, is nightclubs are still free for groups of attractive young women. So, there’s that. Do expect to be asked by a club promoter for photos of you and your girls before you get your comped table, and expect you’ll be joined later by male customers with deep pockets.

Chances are you visit nightclubs a lot more often than we do, so we’d love to hear if you’ve seen this new venue fee elsewhere. We suspect XS isn’t the only offender.

XS Nightclub

Somebody has to pay for all the untz.

We’ve seen mentions of venue fees in reference to Tao, Hakkasan and Omnia.

Club-goers don’t seem deterred by the price of tables or venue fees, so we’ll add it to our list of “Things We Don’t Get About Las Vegas.”

You know, like Criss Angel, eSports and the ban on lotteries.

18 thoughts on “Venue Fees: The Newest Ways Las Vegas Nightclubs Are Screwing You

  1. VegasSlushy

    It’s a nice scam, I’ll give ‘em that.

    If you can afford a table fee of $8,000, does an extra $560 really matter at that point?

    On the other hand, is there not enough profit in an $8,000 table fee or a six-figure bottle of champagne? Does a club that gets that kind of cash for allowing you the privilege of being there need to be deceptive? Why not just raise the rates on crap a bit? Who’s going to say, “At $8,000 that table was a bargain. They want $8,600 now? Too rich for me!”

  2. Mike L

    No different than resort fees or any other ‘hidden’ charges. It would be awesome if Vegas returned to its roots of providing people perceived value instead of trying to charge more for everything, while providing no additional goods or services.

  3. Doug Bergman

    I for one am all in favor of venue fees. In fact, I propose raising them to 14 percent. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of being soaked than Hakkasan clientele. I’ve never actually been inside but I once accidentally found myself in the Hakkasan line when trying to exit the MGM sports book and that was all I needed to see, as I can stereotype as well as the next guy.

  4. Vegasbymonday

    $8,000 for a table and $15,000 for 6l of Moët, sounds like a great investment opportunity. Its no wonder why millennials still live with their parents

  5. George Dixon

    it’s a supply/demand free market – if people won’t pay and attendance drops, so do the prices


    Who ARE these kids that can afford 10K for a TABLE at a club and Jeebus knows how much for drinks on top of that? Does daddy just hand them the Black card and say “hey, have fun, try to keep it under 300K this time!” I can’t even imagine living in that world.

  7. Bouldersteve

    Even if I hit the Powerball I won’t pay those prices. I hate getting ripped off regardless of how much money I have.

  8. Vegas Todd

    Back in the day, for a 2 drink minimum, you could spend all day if you wanted in the Glitter Gulch and be ”entertained” for as long as your dollars dictated.
    Ahhh….Simpler times indeed.


    To me this whole strategy is meant to intentionally deceive the customer. 1) Many will just assume it’s some state/city mandated ‘tax’; 2) with prices as artificial as these, what’s the point of any add on fee if you could just charge any all-inclusive price that you wanted without any pushback; and 3) 7%…isn’t that ‘coincidentally’ the sales tax rate in Las Vegas?…they are intending people to equate the fee as the tax, and then when it’s too late they find out there were two fees.

  10. IndyJeffrey

    So, why not raise the prices 7% and eliminate the fee? This seems to be a scam to avoid paying sales tax, which of course, sounds illegal

  11. Jeff

    Encore beach club has a $125 or $150 fee. It was on my bill and the waitress couldn’t give me a good enough answer. Yes I paid it anyways. You’re pretty much buying that table for the night. It’s like the hotel BS resort fees.

  12. Las Vegas Nightclubs

    Some of these clubs require a 2 bottle minimum as well as tax, gratuity, host fee, and a table fee which comes to about 35% to 45% which means you are spending 350 to 450 for ever $1000 spent. If money ain’t a thing than you shouldn’t be too concerned with the pricing. Vegas is not a good spot for budget traveling.

  13. Las Vegas Nightclubs

    I guess you really do have to link up with a host in order to find some sort of discounts in the industry. Industry nights are known for offering 2 for 1 on bottles. You really can not go into a Las Vegas Nightclub and not spend at least 1000 on bottle service at any of the clubs when you tie i the taxes, fee, and tip. It just makes sense to divide up the cost with in your group of friends if you want to save $.

  14. Clark

    It’s not big deal if the services are good and accommodating, what is important is the “Party! Party!!!”


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