Ventriloquist Terry Fator’s Show to Close at Mirage

Longtime Strip headliner Terry Fator is having the plug pulled on his Las Vegas show by July 2020.

Fator and his company, Puppet Boy Entertainment, got a six-month notice of termination via old-school letter from the Mirage on Jan. 30, 2020. That means his show is done by July 30, 2020, although we trust he can bail sooner if he chooses.

Terry Fator

Props to Terry Fator for succeeding in a pursuit we’re pretty sure peaked in 1950.

The letter from Mirage said it’s exercising its right to end the show as the “average occupancy of the show is less than 75 percent of the seating capacity of the theater during any consecutive 12 month period.”

Harsh, bro.

Ventriloquist and “America’s Got Talent” winner Terry Fator started his run at Mirage in 2009.

Not surprisingly, at least to us, we were the first to share news Fator’s residency was in trouble and would soon come to an end. Although, honestly, we didn’t expect it to end with an unceremonious kick to the nads by Mirage. Oh, well, that’s show business.

Terry Fator Mirage

We don’t know everything, it just seems like it on the Internet.

Mirage is owned by MGM Resorts, at least for now. Rumor has it the casino is being shopped for a potential sale.

Fun Terry Fator facts: Terry Fator married his first wife Melinda in 1991. Melinda filed for divorce in 2009, it was finalized in 2010. One day after the divorce from Melinda was finalized, Fator married his assistant, Taylor. Fator proposed to his next wife, Angie, onstage in front of his then-wife, Taylor. He and Taylor divorced in 2015. He married Angie a few days later.

Terry Fator’s stint at Mirage surprised a lot of folks who expected a ventriloquist show on The Strip would be short-lived. Fator proved the skeptics wrong, but like a gambler’s lucky streak and wedded bliss, all good things must come to an end.

We totally typed that without moving our lips, by the way.

50 thoughts on “Ventriloquist Terry Fator’s Show to Close at Mirage

  1. Tour Bus

    Guys like Gator are great for children’s parties and 5-minute sets on talk shows. Impressive he did 10 years on the strip. Looks like it’s 50 weeks on the road next year.

    1. Jane Vollmer

      This is a shame. Terry is a terrific talent and entertainer. I hope more people will be able to see him in person before The Mirage closes his show in July. I’m so glad I got to see him in person this last week. Good luck Terry. I know another smart venue will show up for you.

  2. Troy

    Really classy Mirage. I will be finding a new place to stay. All of the comments from idiots who talk smack haven’t see Terry Fator. He put on one hell of a show for many years and I’m sure is ok with being done so he can spend time doing whatever he wants with his sack of cash!

  3. Sharon

    Thats how MGM treats people. Its all about monte. A few years ago, the company got rid of 1000-s of workers. Some head been with MGM for 30 yrs. Given a 2 wk severance pay and thrown out the door. But, murren collected his 6 million dollar bonus.

    1. Spencer Welch II

      There was a clause in his contract that specifically said if your show doesn’t have a 75% sell-out for 12 consecutive months then you can be dropped, he should have seen the writing on the wall six (even 9) months ago and done something to goose up his attendance numbers…like maybe up his Locals discount? A two-for-one Sun-Thurs?

      1. Bob

        He knew he got rid of is live band several months ago to save money. I’m sure he did not treat them any better than how the Mirage treated him. He certaintly did not treat his wives with respect.

  4. Candy

    Jeff Dunham coming in with his act (funnier, IMO) was bound to thin Terry’s following. But there was certainly room for both. Who’d have thought ventriloquism would go over at all in Las Vegas.

    1. Keny Stewart

      Ventriloquism has always been a staple in Las Vegas. Years ago, most of the production shows all had a ventriloquist.

    2. Jim

      Jeff is not in the same league with Terry. Never heard him sing like Terry does. Plus you see Jeff’s throat moving a lot not so with Terry

  5. Kevin burke

    Six mintgs notice gives Terry a LOT of time to move his show to another venue, or full his calendar with road gigs.

    While it’s sad to see him leave The Mirage, it’s nice to see he has plenty of time to plan his next adventure

    Rock in, Terry!

    -Kevin Burke

  6. Chris

    Have seen Terry three times over the years, and have always been thoroughly impressed. Truly a unique talent who combines superior ventriloquism, singing and comedic skills to satisfy all ages. A genuine patriot, as well. We’ll miss him!

  7. Grady Lloyd

    As brilliantly talented as terry Fator is a fool would turn down an asset and a crowd pleaser like Terry. keep it up brother

  8. Jim

    This has been confirmed to be completely FALSE by reliable sources close to Terry Fator. Not sure how this started but is not true in any way.

    1. MrSnarkyPants

      From the R-J: “Neither he and MGM Resorts have pinpointed a closing date, but it will be before August. On Jan. 30, the hotel issued a letter to Fator that he was to vacate the theater within six months, enacting an option to close the show if its average occupancy dipped below 900 paid tickets in the 1,200-seat venue (or, 75 percent). Fator’s management has confirmed it received that letter, which was first reported in the Vital Vegas blog.”

      Well how about that? The R-J actually cited Scott for the scoop. This may be a first!

  9. BJ

    Lol!! This is hilarious, great article. I was there the night he proposed to Angie in front of his then-wife, Taylor. What a downgrade. Angie won’t quit her extravagant shopping so Terry better find a new venue fast! What a joke.

  10. Udo

    Hopefully this gives Mirage a reason to replace the most uncomfortable seats anywhere on the strip! You go to Terry Fator Theater, you break your @ss!

  11. Rebecca J Brooks

    Not surprised……first few years his show was great….not so great lately. Was really disappointed in his Holiday Show…totally crappy.

  12. Lee

    I know Terry and several close contacts. I’ve been told this story is not true by several others who have spoken to him directly.

      1. Real Deal Holyfield

        Both of you chuckleheads claim to be in the know, without any substantiation. If you published a blog that was known for scooping the local media, I’d give you some credit. But one of you is dead wrong, so neither of you is worth the time of day, given your lack of credentials.

  13. Michael W.

    Been to 3 of his shows in Vegas. Year 2, 9 & 10. He’ll find a new place, maybe Atlantic City. He is a fabulous entertainer. Hope he can do a traveling show like Dunham.

  14. Donnie Castleman

    Worked for Terry for almost 12 years, good guy, exceptional talent, if this story is indeed true he will weather the storm and come out just fine, we wouldn’t have missed it.

  15. Roger

    There’s the public and then there’s the Ventriloquist community…..The Ventriloquist community…those who are friends with Terry ,have been told by Terry that this story is not true.

  16. Darth Vader

    Fake news! I meet up with Terry almost daily when we walk our dogs in the neighborhood. Today we met at the corner and walked our dogs to the dog park. We both have small dogs and they play well together. So on the way to the dog park Terry never mentioned about this, he is actually working on a new act. Terry told me he is working on a new act, what he calls, throwing his voice which makes it sound his voice and actions are coming from a different direction.
    Not sure I can tell you this but he can make it sound as his little doggy is making farting noises and showed me how he does it. Even the doggy thought he was making that sound and stopped and sniffed his butt. It was the funniest thing!
    So there.

  17. Donald T.

    I’ll put my money on the established blog over all these chuckleheads claiming to have some sort of personal connection to Terry. Has he announced his engagement to his fourth wife yet?

    1. Roger

      Donald. T.
      Time will tell, but if you want valid information from established sites, check out the Ventriloquist community World Ventriloquist Page on Facebook ….post there from close friends of Terry’s and those who know him well, state this is fake news.

    2. Scott Roeben Post author

      I don’t typically like name-calling, but “chucklehead” is acceptable, and thanks. This one wasn’t a rumor, and I trust everyone will swing back around to apologize.

  18. Jim Crabtree

    We have seen Terry 8 times and always enjoyed his show. The last time we saw him was Dec 2019 and must admit he looked tired, struggled at times during the show. Did a Q and A during the show which was nice. Was asked why the Trump puppet was taken out of the show and said Mirage management requested it. My wife and I wondered if the comedians that also appear in the same theatre are told they cannot use Trump comments in their shows. He performed for 10 years nice work. Good luck to him. Hope his opening act Ben goes with him he always did a nice kick off

  19. Jeff

    Saw his show twice over the past 10 years. Both were very good and topical. I don’t think anything was repeated between the two shows I saw. Considering all the America’s Got Talent winners are promised a show in Vegas, he’s the only one who made it work. 11 years it’s a pretty good Vegas run. I think only Donny and Marie was longer, but not by much. I did notice the Terry seems to be hitting the road more often. I’m in SoCal and he had 2 gig’s lined up down here with local theaters not including a few Indian casino’s.

    Also, one has to wonder if parking fee’s deterred people from attending any show on the Strip. Whatever the Mirage does, please don’t rename theater the “Boyz II Men” theater.

  20. Jane Vollmer

    I only hope that another theater will pick Terry up. He Is a true unique talent that everyone should have the opportunity to see in person. I saw him on AGT 10 years ago, we only saw a glimpse of his talent on that show. Seeing him at The Mirage, Terry Fator Theater, shows that wider range of his talent. I wish you luck, Terry.

  21. Stanistani

    He got political in 2016, became a real dyed-in-the-wool Trump fan. I’d admired his work, but he got mean, real mean.

    Too bad. He had talent. But you can’t tick off half your fans and make it.

    Gotta fill the seats.

  22. Jane Bollmer

    What a shame. I know there are so many people that would have loved to see him at the Mirage. I was at the show March 4. The theater is set up perfectly for him with large screens on each side of the stage. No matter where you sit, you have a good view of Terry and his puppets.


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