Vegas Sin Lingerie Football Team a Bust in Sin City

The Legends Football League has pulled the plug on its Las Vegas team, Vegas Sin, at least for now.

The Legends Football League (LFL), of course, is the former Lingerie Football League. The league rebranded itself in 2013, presumably to shift public perception of the LFL away from “attractive, scantily-clad women playing football” to “athleticism exhibited by women who also happen to be attractive and scantily-clad.”

Vegas Sin

In 2013, the LFL’s lingerie was replaced by “performance wear,” which looks a lot like lingerie to the untrained eye. Thanks to Vegas Sin for the pics.

Unfortunately, the Vegas Sin won’t be part of the Legends Football League during its 2016 season. Thanks to our eagle-eyed pal Marc at EdgeVegas for putting us on to this gaping chasm in the LFL’s schedule.

An inquiry with Legends Football League confirmed Vegas Sin will be “suspended” for the 2016 season. The suspension is, in the words of the LFL rep, “due to poor financial model options with prospective host arenas.” Sounds like some drama going on there, but we didn’t get into it.

During the 2015 season, Vegas Sin played its home games in Ontario, California. Fan turnout was “terrible” according to the LFL, although that’s expected given the three-hour-plus drive from Las Vegas.

Vegas Sin football team

In lingerie football, there are no field goals, whatever those might actually be.

The Vegas Sin previously played at the Thomas & Mack Center. The Thomas & Mack is undergoing a $47 million renovation, so that could be part of the dilemma for the Vegas Sin.

It may also be that lingerie football (sorry, performance wear football) faces some interesting challenges in a town where being scantily-clad isn’t an especially unique marketing gimmick.

That said, the LFL holds out hope Vegas Sin will be back, saying, “The Sin are expected to return once an ideal host arena is identified.”

Our thoughts quickly turned to the new Las Vegas Arena, but only time will tell. It’s telling the league has brought back another team, the Dallas Desire, to fill out its roster.


These uniforms are so unlike lingerie, it’s not even funny.

We wish the players of the Vegas Sin all the best. Sadly, the prospects of gainful employment for young, attractive women in Las Vegas is bleak. If by “bleak,” one means, “it should take them about 14 minutes to find new gigs.”

The LFL rep says, “Many of the star players in Vegas will be competing for roster spots on other 2016 teams.”

Diversification, by the way, may help these women avoid what some claim are LFL’s unfair working conditions.

At the moment, the Vegas Sin’s social media channels like Facebook and Twitter continue to crank out upbeat posts. It’s possible the team hasn’t been informed of the league’s decision yet, which would make this blog post truly awkward, sorry.

While we’ve never attended a Vegas Sin game, we’d probably so if these gorgeous gridiron gladiators return to Las Vegas at some point—to support the athletes, to support the Las Vegas economy and to support our community. We’re civic-minded like that.

11 thoughts on “Vegas Sin Lingerie Football Team a Bust in Sin City

  1. Jonathan M Bell

    “to support the athletes, to support the Las Vegas economy and to support our community.”

    Because, remember, if you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.

  2. Troy Swezey

    I have been to several games. Here are some things to note… They will not be able to afford the new area on the strip. the place is gonna be too big. Orleans is a better option. These events are far from max capacity. Also, this is a fun game to go to. I thought it was gonna be all dainty and stuff but once I was sitting on the boards and one of the players got knocked out cold right in front of me! Some of these girls are serious athletes. They are, uh, not always aspiring fashion models. They pictures you posted, like those hooker cards on the strip, are probably not even the actual participants.

    1. Scott Roeben

      Agreed on the Las Vegas Arena! I don’t get this whole thing–if it’s a sport, suit up and be serious. If it’s prancing around in lingerie, do that. The combination is just weird, and it’d definitely not sexy.

  3. Dean

    I enjoyed their games, but knew the history of the franchise wasn’t going to last much longer when they played their home games in Ontario, CA this past season. Just like many other teams that have called Vegas home, they had great possibilities but poo managment decisions led to their demise.

  4. Rooster

    They had one of these in Dallas, where we really like our scantily clad hot chicks. It failed miserably. I don’t expect the second go-round to be any more successful.

  5. Bouldersteve

    No worries..the players can make more money at one of the many strip..I mean gentlemans clubs..I know there not that kind of girl.


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