Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 55: Tipsy Robot, Resorts World, Ellis Island and Pointless Rambling Galore

Rambling, it’s what we do.

In this week’s podcast, we chat up Rino Armeni, owner of Tipsy Robot. Tipsy Robot recently opened at Miracle Mile Shops, with two robotic bartenders.

Tipsy Robot Las Vegas

Don’t think of them as robot bartenders. Think of them as buzz delivery systems.

We’ve also got the latest scoop about all things Las Vegas, including activity at Resorts World, the pop-up casinos at Las Vegas Club and Mermaids, openings and closings and everything in between.

There’s a metric hell-ton of Sin City news, including stories about Smooth Eats and 7th & Carson opening downtown, Bally’s getting minigolf and a new convention center, the new Downtown Loop shuttle (route below), Level Up’s virtual reality attraction, a pipe leak at Planet Hollywood and the weed shortage in Las Vegas.

Downtown Loop Las Vegas

The free Downtown Loop shuttle travels in a route inspired by the Mob Museum’s faux electric chair. Probably.

You won’t want to miss our “Listicle of the Week,” featuring “10 Surprising Things About Las Vegas Strippers.”

Podcasts are the new reading books, so shove us in your earholes, already.

7 thoughts on “Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 55: Tipsy Robot, Resorts World, Ellis Island and Pointless Rambling Galore

  1. RustyHammer

    I’ll find out tomorrow, but given what I’ve read already, both here and the blog and elsewhere, there doesn’t sound to be much in the podcast that is fresh, new and exciting.

      1. RustyHammer

        Because commenting is what your blog is for, and what you crave. You love the feedback and clicks/downloads — worship them, even.

        I’m sure you have readers who have no clue what a podcast is, and podcast listeners who can’t read past the second grade level. It stands to reason that some will listen and have no clue that silly robots are pouring drinks somewhere on the strip. (I’ve already forgotten, that’s how unimportant it is.) But as a regular reader of your stuff (and other sources, but often yours), most of this isn’t new to me.

        I’m also expecting to be surprised by something I don’t expect to hear, but you wouldn’t have guessed that from above. I was looking forward to returning to comment today about what it is that surprised me. Instead I’ll stick to what the people want, endless rants about how casserole is godly or garbage, depending upon the direction of the wind.

  2. Manybar Goatfish

    I listened to the podcast twice (since I dozed off in the middle the first round). Good stuff! All of it! Now I know there is an arts district downtown. Features on some of the personalities from that scene would be interesting, I think. Also, I can’t stop wondering what the penalty is for a lap dancer having both feet off the floor.


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