Uno Mas is a Step in the Right Direction for SLS Las Vegas

SLS has opened a new Mexican restaurant, Uno Mas, a step in the right direction for the casino likely to be rebranded as Grand Sahara Resort.

Uno Mas

If you don’t think of “Shanghai Noon” when you hear “uno mas,” we can’t be friends.

Uno Mas takes up residence in the space formerly occupied by Ku Noodle, near the resort’s Northside Cafe.

Uno Mas has a modest menu, but the tacos hit all the right notes, despite their being a tad on the pricey side. Three for $18 isn’t outrageous, though, for The Strip.

Uno Mas menu

It must be good if we cheated on Cleo.

We had the Pork al Pastor, Carne Asada and Vegetarian tacos.

You are so gullible! We had the Crispy Pollo.

Uno Mas SLS

A trifecta of tempting, titillating tastes. Alliteration not included.

The tacos are scrumptious, at the risk of sounding like we’re writing this blog post in 1830.

The tacos are served on fresh corn tortillas and the pastor is spit-roasted.

Beyond the tacos, there’s a healthy selection of specialty cocktails ($13). We tried the El Fuego, Spanish for, “Ah, so that’s what Jalapeno tequila tastes like.”

The El Fuego has Dulce Vida Pineapple Jalapeno tequila, banana liqueur, mango and ginger beer. The garnish is a pineapple kissed with Tajin.

Uno Mas SLS cocktail

This one’s like a brisk slap to the jowl.

The menu says there’s Tajin on the rim, but no such luck. If you’d like to try and make this cocktail at home, make sure to get a Tajin rimmer, which we didn’t know was a thing until just now.

Everyone who visits Las Vegas should make sure to get a rimmer!

Yeah, we should probably work for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Uno Mas has apparently done well since it opened March 23, 2019. The official opening date is April 12.

Uno Mas SLS

Solo-friendly counter seating gives guests a view of the open kitchen.

Expect more changes in the dining options at SLS Las Vegas as the resort transitions to Grand Sahara. (The new name hasn’t officially been announced, but all signs point in that direction.)

Another SLS restaurant, Katsuya, closed in March to make way for a relocated high limit room.

It’s expected Umami Burger and Cleo may also be replaced, as they are leftovers from an earlier era when the former owners of SLS partnered with SBE Entertainment. Now, these SBE licensing deals are just cutting into potential SLS profits, so out they go.

SLS Las Vegas

SLS isn’t looking much like SLS anymore, and that’s a good thing.

Word is Bazaar Meat will survive the resort’s evolution, and will even get an expansion.

One more juicy tidbit from SLS: We hear the former Foxtail nightclub space will be split up and part will be a lounge called Casbah, a throwback to the resort’s Sahara roots.

(Update 5/22/19): The new lounge is open, and it’s named Casbar, a clever nod to Sahara’s past with a twist that plays up “bar.” We approve!

SLS Las Vegas

We love this snazzy new SLS tagline, and we hate everything.

Uno Mas represents a solid move toward more accessible, crowd-pleasing dining options at SLS, and we look forward to tasting what’s next.

Uno Mas at SLS Las Vegas

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13 thoughts on “Uno Mas is a Step in the Right Direction for SLS Las Vegas

  1. Boulder Steve

    Tacos look good. Definitely a improvement over tasteless noodles. A little pricey for Mexican but your paying not to stand in line at El Gordo down the street

  2. Peter

    I will never go down there. Last time we went to SLS our car was stolen from the parking garage and security didnt give a crap at all. After investigating, it appears that cars get stolen there all the time and have for years.

  3. Tom

    I notice you adjunct a lot of your reviews with “its pricey, but not bad for the Strip” Let’s just call a spade a spade and say it’s a total rip-off keeping in line with the entire Vegas experience. $18 for three tacos? They could taste like heaven or like dirt, I’d never know because I’d starve before paying that. The same with the ornate cocktails at the new bar at the Tropicana or anywhere else on the Strip at $16-$20 apiece. Quit enabling these parasitic losers and tell it like it is.

    1. Daryl

      I agree. I am not sure why people justify prices by saying because it’s on the strip. If someone wants to pay that it’s their business by from experience you are paying high prices for mediocrity

    2. Doug E Fresh

      As a local there is no reason to pay $18 for tacos and another $10 for the privilege of parking. Oh well I suppose Taco Y Taco it is!

    3. Scott Roeben Post author

      I hear you, but it’s all relative. It’s hard to know where profitability ends and gouging starts. This isn’t out of line with many restaurants on The Strip.

  4. Tijuana Steve

    $18 for three tacos? No gracias!

    But if young money wants to piss away its dinero on fancy tacos, go for it. If old money pisses away its dinero on those tacos, that’s embarrassing.

  5. James

    I totally agree with Tom, 100% after going to Vegas for almost 30 years and 5 to 8 times a year, it sucks now. A total ripoff glad for them there are fools willing to pay their prices, and not me. At times I feel sorry for people who never knew the way Vegas used to be. It wont be long and the owners will be wishing for their old loyal players back.

    1. William Wingo

      I agree too. Fifty years in my case, four or five times per year with a few hiatuses (hiati? hiatii?) whatever.
      Anyway, I have long predicted that these short-sighted revenue enhancement policies will turn around and bite them someday; and I stand by that prediction.
      Best wishes to all, including Mr. Murren et al.


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