Two Miller’s Ale House Locations to Close

We hate having to report bad news, but lately, much of the news seems to fall into that category.

We’ve learned a couple of popular local restaurants won’t be back following the COVID-19 shutdown, Miller’s Ale House in Town Square and Henderson.

The messaging on the Miller’s Ale House Facebook page was sadly too optimistic given the current crisis.

Miller's Ale House Las Vegas closed

Miller’s apparently couldn’t overcome what aled it.

When we shared the scoop on Twitter, several longtime customers chimed in about the closures.

“This really sucks. I was a regular at the Henderson location. Great people…food and drinks.” ~@SkylarJameson1

“This place had great specials during football Sunday. I’m going to miss that mountain melt.” ~@JeremyandZimmer

“Great big game parties.” ~@Lewisromanowich

“Damn. Their drink specials were underrated.” ~@SirDreDeux

“Those wings were the bomb!” ~@chelseafanSTL

“I loved their food and UFC/fight parties.” ~@msmelibby

We enjoyed our visits to Miller’s Ale House a lot, and we wish the laid off employees (notified May 18, 2020) the best with job-hunting during a particularly challenging time.

10 thoughts on “Two Miller’s Ale House Locations to Close

  1. Kurt A.

    A lot of restaurants will be closing until we stop overreacting to a flu-like virus that isn’t killing nearly enough people to warrant sacrificing our economy. Many more restaurants you know and love are going to bite the dust. It’s true. It’s true.

    1. Open up

      Correct Kurt! But some people around here don’t care about their selfishness to control others. Freedom and liberty are overvalued to them. One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their consequences.

  2. Ashley

    So I’m confused to see this. As I am a server at the Henderson location and they just asked about my returning schedule.

  3. John Delibos

    I ate at the one in Town Square three times, always because friends selected it. It was okay, but as someone with Celiac disease, I didn’t find much on their menu that I could order. They also didn’t offer gluten-free beers like others in The Arts District do.

  4. Jane Vollmer

    There is no need for casinos and shows to shut down or do distancing. They need to require all customers and employees to require masks. That protects those people not wearing masks from the virus. Those not wearing masks are the ones who can spread the virus. SHAME ON THOSE NOT WEARING MASKS, UNTIL THE TIME IS SAFE TO REMOVE THEM.

    1. John Delibos

      Well, Dee, I don’t know about you but just because I live in Las Vegas doesn’t mean I want to gamble with my life…or yours, for that matter. When I see someone who isn’t wearing a mask, I keep my distance. Life is to short to be around people who don’t care about me.

  5. Leslie

    Miller’s at the Henderson location was our “local”. We enjoyed knowing the staff. We are so disappointed in this news.. we actually talked (10 min ago) about getting takeout food there tomorrow.. ;(

  6. Boulder Steve

    I’ll miss the Monday Ribs Special and the Thursday night Prime rib along with the smiling faces.

  7. Dee

    All over this coronavirus bullshit. There was no need to do this. It’s a virus. We get them every year.


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