Two Games You Should Flee in Las Vegas Casinos

Gambling is fun. We even know people who think gambling is more fun than a lap dance. These people are what’s known as either “gambling addicts” or “people who don’t particularly have a clue.”

As much as gambling is, there are two games in Las Vegas casinos that should trigger an immediate flight response, keno and the Big Six wheel. Here’s why.

Keno comes from a French word, “quine” (pronounced “keen”), which means “five winning numbers.” An alternate definition of “quine” might also be “What in the hell are you thinking?”

That’s because keno has the worst odds in the casino, with a house edge of 25%. That’s spectacularly awful, even to the math-challenged, like this blog.


An anagram for “play keno” is “yank pole.” We are not kidding.

So, unless you are looking for a way to rid yourself of all that pesky currency in your pockets, avoid keno at all costs.

Big Six wheels, also called the “Wheel of Fortune,” are often placed at the front door of a casino, out where the newbie gamblers can see them. That’s because the house edge is huge, and casinos (the aforementioned “house”) tend to love when that happens.

Depending upon the number you’re betting on, the house edge on the Big Six wheel can range from a terrible 11% to an appalling 24%.

Big Six wheel

If you insist upon playing the Big Six wheel, ask the pit boss if the casino will comp you some lube. You’ll need it. And not in a good way.

Just do yourself a favor and walk right by any Big Six wheel, even if a scantily-clad woman with lots of cleavage is serving as a dealer. It’s a trap. Or, should we say, they’re a trap.

Find yourself a game with better odds, like blackjack, craps or baccarat, and make your money last. You’ll need it for that lap dance.

6 thoughts on “Two Games You Should Flee in Las Vegas Casinos


    This is funny. I know Keno is crap odds but the one big win I’ve had in all my Vegas trips has been video Keno, I hit all 6 numbers on a max bet and won $1600. And it was exactly what you mentioned…I was about an hour from my flight on my last morning in town on a MB trip and literally was just throwing my loose bills into the machine to get rid of them, and boom.

    So despite the odds I’ll always have a soft spot for Keno.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Yeah, we were talking about live keno. The machines might be better! We miss the days when the casinos would send keno girls through the restaurants. Not sure any do now.

  2. wanker751

    Meh I know it is shit odds, but sometimes I will play 5 live games of Keno at 4Q sit and relax, have a few beers while betting 2 or 3 numbers…or maybe play a special game. Will I win probably not but it is only a few bucks and goes a lot slower than in a slot machine…

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      You’re right. Keno is mostly a harmless way to kill some time. Often, you can sit in a keno area and get drinks, even if you’ve only bet a few bucks. Much less expensive way to get drinks than most!

  3. Adam Wishne

    The bad odds are indisputable – but when it comes to the big six wheel, it is fun to throw a buck or two down on a high number and go for broke. I have actually hit in the few times I have played. Plus it is a big wheel, who can’t have fun with that! Of course anyone who pulls a chair up to one is a fool – but for the occasional walk by, you cannot gamble a buck or two anywhere else in the casino these days!

  4. Steven Brown

    I always play the Big 6 wheel at least once a trip knowing full well that the odds suck. I might buy in for $5-10 and occasionally for $20. In recent years, I’ve actually had some decent wins playing it. I tend to stick to betting on the 2, the 5 and the 10. I’ve never seen the 40-1 hit and only seen the 20-1 hit maybe twice. I’ve even played the electronic version that many casinos are rolling out and walked away ahead $15. Sometimes you just got to play a silly game like the Big Six or Casino War.


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